Nokia 3.1 in for review

22 July 2018
Affordable Android phones usually means skinned Android phones. Not so with the Nokia 3.1, which runs Android One (currently Oreo, P in the future).

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  • Anonymous

Pure android=iOS

Stop going on about poxy USB c, most of the planet don't have one and a decent one that will last longer than a month will cost a quarter of the price of this Nokia, USB c as used as is at the moment is a botched bodge anyway, mostly released because the morons carrying phones cant use 3 of their billions of brain cells to remember how a one way plug/socket works.
Why even use a USB c on a budget phone, its only got a small battery, has no fast charge capability and folk who buy it will already have access to low output chargers and big standard micro USB, you live in the very priveledged and stupidly fussy northern hemisphere, not everybody else is so lucky !!!

  • Anonymous

Waiting for The whole review

By going for Android One program, Nokia has played a master stroke. It promises timely updates, immaterial if it's a premium, mid range or lower range phone. This is what many of us want.

Only stock lovers will buy this...