LG trademarks the “LG V90” in Mexico

24 July 2018
LG plans to continue the V-series for at least another few years.

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  • Darwin

MY V30 has non of the OLED issues The Verge article claims. I have seen those issues on past LG OLEDS (My GFlex has them) but not on this model. Plus the Plastic OLEDs do not ghost like certain Samsung panels, and does not have the green off angle discoloration of modern Samsung OLEDs. It has a slight blue off angle that is not nearly as bad.

  • Dude

LG its plastic OLED is the worst, plagued by issues and so much less than samoled

  • ZloiYuri

Hope lg will discontinue all of it's mobile busines before they will release one more unsupported and unupdated overpriced crap.

We're barely about to reach V40 this year & LG is concerned about their flagship in the year 2023. lol

Back in January, LG announced that it would no longer stick to a yearly schedule to launch a new smartphone. Instead they will launch 3-4 variants of current phones

  • Anonymous

v50,v60,v80,v90 confirmt for next year

  • Anonymous

It does, reminds me..!! jump scare..!!! kind of LG..


And th3 varians will also come out as v91 etc v71 etc v51 etc