LG Q2 reports show record profit, phones still struggling

26 July 2018
All non-mobile divisions increased revenue, while high-end and mid-range flagships underperformed in key markets.

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  • Pranees

How foolish is LG to think people are going to buy an LG mobile again when it still doesnt update my LG G6 to Oreo in India...Keep Dying LG

  • Anonymous

They should just release one flagship (cancel Gserie and only sell Vserie) each year. It will reduce costs and use those costs for better marketing and hardware/software upgrades/updates.

Well LG in past were a great company now its a great story to tell to children in present LG is like no more just a story to tell.
Nothing normal to pick bad pricing almost no updates what LG is thinking???

  • Understandable

If they made a good phone and marketed it well it'd change things, but as things stand it's looking like they are trying to resuscitate a rotten corpse.