Counterclockwise: the history of Siemens phones and their many innovations

29 July 2018
The Siemens SL45i from 2001 ran apps, had a ROM modding community, could play MP3s. Siemens had many impressive phones like that.

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  • bill lee

ME45 basically can receive fax, that's something you don't see nowadays.

  • Anonymous

In case that Nokia 8110 really had an active slider just because of the microphone, that should be active also for Sony CMD-X1000, which is internally Siemens S4 with a slightly different housing. So Siemens was still the first, just with the Sony logo on the body ;-)

  • Anonymous

What about about the pre release SL91 ? Tasty phone

ME45 was way better than anything Nokia had available at that time. And my beloved tank M65, too bad battery is dead nowadays.

Oh I remember Siemens. It was my first dolor phone Siemens C65 and later Siemens CX65. Both was much cheaper and offer much better screens and functionality when it's similar priced Nokia phones :) still remember CX65 and it massive screen for its time :) Siemens SX1 was really some badass smartphone though it's popularity was dreaded by its unusual keyboard but it was very capable device at it's time :) too bad those phones lacked Nokia quality and ussualy didint last a year do to low quality printboards. That is the main reason I think it division died, lack of quality

  • Anonymous

These were well-made cell phones. I have an old ME45 that still works.

  • Kangal

I once had Siemen on my phone... thank goodness it was waterproof ; )

  • S6 User

Yeah, SL45 was my 1st phone, friends loved the DJ tunes & I remember recording a phone conversation when somebody owed me some money (I got back most of it).

  • Anonymous

Siemens does some of the world's best engineering. It's a shame they dropped out of the mobile industry, and the same goes for Ericsson.

i loved my me45 still my favorite phone pound for pound

vlad_mne, 29 Jul 2018anyone who know where to find batery for siemens sx1???Could not find it on ebay, but simple google searches (surprisingly) gives several sellers
in the range £ 5-15

  • carcoon

My first Siemens phone was the C35. Then I bought M35i which I loved so much for it's shape and great handling; also rubberized buttons and port cover so it became sort of water resistant. Give me peace of mind when riding my bike in heavy rain with the phone in my pocket.

Then I found S35i which I kept but didn't used much. Afterwards came the M55 which for me looks stunning, epecially the orange. I couldn't afford a new one, so I bought used. Couple of days later I left the phone on my postbox and it's gone forever. Gave my wife C62 as a birthday gift, which we still kept until now. Honestly, that phone and M55 keypads are rubbish with pointy buttons and hurt my thumbs when used extensively. Later my brother bought the BenQ-Siemens S88 phone which I think looks handsome and proper.

Anyway I always applauded Siemens for their fresh and unique styling/ideas.


i love siemens mobiles, i still have s25, c35, s35, s55, sl55, m65, & s65
thank u

  • Anonymous

Please make such an article for Sony Ericsson.


i also liked benq-siemens very much...


I had Siemens CX 65 and after that i had CX 70.
I still remember the green fat creature that appeared in my screen
carrying the income messages.A lot of fun and a funny sound also with
every income message.

I really miss Siemens...
Now i use only Nokia phones.
Anyway we all went back in time for a while thanks to Gsm arena
and of course Siemens!

These phone do bring back memories

  • Henriette

I also liked the phones from Siemens but also Ericsson. They were solid, simple, practical and durable.

  • Anonymous

Brings me back to my first phone, Siemens A35. Loved that phone when I was 8 years old.

I bet that the quality signal of the antennas on a couple of these old Siemens, Motorola, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson are stil better than many nowadays cell phones...