BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the name of the upcoming Lite version of the phone

27 July 2018
It is expected to be unveiled at IFA in Berlin at the end of next month.

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This is a great idea.
Will be interesting to see what they can get the price down to.

This thing is already using a SD 6xx. How much lighter can they get? remove the OS? lol

  • Kenii

Could KEY2 be more lighter? Sigh..

tomo100brt, 28 Jul 2018The plan is to make horrible phone from currently bad phone... moreSummed up everything i was thinking about.

  • lolsomany

Rotkaeqpchen, 28 Jul 2018TCL is recycling the same original BlackBerry KEYone hardwa... moreBB only did software, for hardware, they just let TCL to do it

  • Rotkaeqpchen

TCL is recycling the same original BlackBerry KEYone hardware design over and over again. It's a shame. I loved BlackBerry, especially the PRIV, but this is not a BlackBerry anymore.

The plan is to make horrible phone from currently bad phone. Or, how to make bad camera even worse.

  • WowGreatNews

Keeping the SD 660 AND loweing the price ?!

Excellent strategy BB ! This will gain you more customers. And then you can upsell them on Key3.

Keeping the SD660? Where the cost cutting? The body must be cheap plastic then. Downgrade the camera maybe? Well, the original camera actually quite terrible anyway. Idk how BB can make this phone even worse.

I don't mind an all plastic blackberry. The old ones stood to the test of time and emerged as champs. And hopefully it will be lighter.
I only wish it would be rounder than the current squarish metal frame if the Key2. And I say "wish" instead of "hope" as I am pretty whoever calls the shot has pretty squared dreams :)

  • Anonymous

The key 2 is a huge priced flop and now this???