Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL is now being updated to Android 8.1 Oreo

30 July 2018
The phone launched in 2016 with Marshmallow on board, so it's good to see it hasn't been forgotten.

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Anonymous, 01 Aug 2018and they released a lot more phones, versions last time, ... moreThey weren't this clever before!
Back then they only used to release like 4 to 5 devices at max every year, each of which are from different lineups starting from super budget to super high end, and all of them are probably one of the best, if not the best, devices in their own class, with a price tag that's considerably lower than all of their competitors. Not even Samsung could match them in budget segment.
Now they already have around 6 devices and we're just 2 months after the second half of the year!

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    • 01 Aug 2018

    Shanti Dope, 31 Jul 2018I know for a fact that MIUI isn't exactly something so terr... moreand they released a lot more phones, versions last time,
    so don't count with better support!

    That is simple impossible, to care up to date so many phones.

    and google publish buggy versions or fixes as well :((

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      • 01 Aug 2018

      Asus > xiaomi. Android update is better than ui update

        nik.007, 31 Jul 2018See I cannot deny the issues that you might be facing, but ... moreI know for a fact that MIUI isn't exactly something so terrible to use, however, I just don't like how long it takes them to update but still end up messing something up after software updates get released.
        I mean, why do they have beta testers for? Aren't they supposed to help the MIUI development team to polish their upcoming software update before officially releasing it globally?
        And this isn't just exactly for Xiaomi but also for any other brand. Samsung is also slow in updates, but I can see that there are far less issues in software department than Xiaomi has on MIUI.
        And I can't forgive the microphone sound quality problem on my Redmi 5 Plus because I'm using this phone as my daily driver and it needs to record decent audio when I take memories using the camera. I just can't take the horrible sound caused by a software issue that Xiaomi could've easily fixed about 4 years ago.

        Regarding the Mi A1, well to each on his/her own, my dad's Mi A1 faces absolutely no issues with the latest OS and firmware that it's running.
        All I can see is that Xiaomi really doesn't treat all their phones fairly square.

          Shanti Dope, 31 Jul 2018Oh yeah?? Then I wonder why I still have no portrait mode ... moreSee I cannot deny the issues that you might be facing, but as far as my experience goes, I have find MIUI great.
          I have had a Redmi 3s (entry level device) and currently a Redmi Note 4 (budget mid ranger) and I have never faced an issue like you said. Yes, there have been bugs (even the Pixel 2 XL had them at launch), but nothing that big, even on Beta. On stable, I don't remember any issue that I faced.
          As for the time taken for updates, they launched MIUI 9 last July (correct me if I am wrong), and stable started coming October-November.
          They launched MIUI 10 in June, ie, in 11 months of last launch. I am sure the stable version will come before a year of MIUI9 stable launch.
          They take a year to launch their next version, which is what every brand does, nothing wrong in that.
          And please believe me, every software has bugs. As I stated earlier, Mi A1 with Android One has been plagued with bugs since the beginning, despite Google directly providing the software.

            AnonD-558092, 31 Jul 2018Well, there was a publication on XDA Developers about fake ... moreThanks for this wonderful info!
            I tried it on my Redmi 5 Plus and happily, I got positive results overall, with absolutely no missed patch.

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              • 31 Jul 2018

              Shanti Dope, 31 Jul 2018Wait, so does that mean that my phone still has those probl... moreWell, there was a publication on XDA Developers about fake security updates. If you want to find out what's the case with your phone get the free SnoopSnitch app on the Play Store.
              But I know for a fact that they gave MIUI9 on a phone but kept it on Oct 2016 security patch

              More info here:

                And yeah, I don't care about long-term software updates if NONE of those updates could fix all the problems regarding software inside the phone.
                I'd rather have no update at all but the phone working in perfect condition and as normal as it should.

                Nope, my dad's Mi A1 faces absolutely no issues in software. It's running the latest 8.1 update that it recently got.
                This is just to certify that Xiaomi doesn't treat their phones equally. I should've traded the bigger battery and larger screen for better software updates, dual camera, and faster updates.

                  nik.007, 31 Jul 2018Lol you won't forget bro! Rather than just changing the "n... moreOh yeah??
                  Then I wonder why I still have no portrait mode on my Redmi 5 Plus, since in theory, it should receive the update earlier for being a much newer device.
                  How about microphone quality issue?? Are they even going to ever fix it or leave it as if it's nothing??
                  Sure, we get some new features for every update. But how about fixing the main sh*t first that everyone will use? Like I've said, they kept on putting new features but not resolving the most common and easiest ones, like they can fix it but don't care about it.
                  Security update is good, and that's about it.

                  As for MIUI 10, Idk why does it have to take so long to be made in stable. Most of the changes are in cosmetic, but functions remain exactly the same as previous MIUI versions.
                  The matter of fact is that they don't want to give early Android OS updates. They can give us MIUI 9 on Android Nougat like they do on Redmi Note 5 Pro and update to MIUI 10 later on after it becomes officially stable, but they keep us waiting forever instead.
                  You simply can't understand how bad it feels that I'm waiting for an update that will fix my only main problem, and so I have to skip LOTS of memories just because of this darn issue that can be fixed within weeks or less. I feel like MIUI developer team is just sleeping and not even giving any cr*p to our complaints, instead they let us s*ck their sh*t for their own good.

                    Shanti Dope, 31 Jul 2018I'd rather have no updates than get some at the time that I... moreLol you won't forget bro!
                    Rather than just changing the "number" in the Android version under settings, Xiaomi actually add more of those features that you would actually use, with MIUI updates.
                    For god's sake, they added freakin portrait mode to their 2 year old phones! Well that's what is "support" in my books.
                    I don't remember any other brand which gives such a marketable feature to their old devices for which it was not promised.
                    I own a Redmi Note 4, they provided portrait mode on the selfie cam, and it is actually better than the one on the Zenfone Max Pro that my dad owns. Also, it is on the July security patch, and never in my over 1 year of use was my security level more than a month old (even when I was on stable MIUI). Even the Zenfone Max Pro, which is on "stock android", is on the May security patch.
                    I don't have any issues with MIUI, till they are providing all the features ovet brands, with timely security uodates.
                    As for the bugs in MIUI 10:
                    1. It is still on Beta, and it's been only a month since launch.
                    2. Mi A1, with support directly coming from Google, has more complaints regarding software than the MIUI phones.

                      Optimization my grASS
                      If it's indeed optimized, then such problems like these shouldn't exist in the first place
                      They took a year to rework all their sh*t and all we get is a never-ending series of bugs and lack of polishing
                      They ask beta testers to test their new software, but they don't seem to be doing their jobs at all

                        Ever heard the word 'optimization'? Tech nerd

                          Vishal, 31 Jul 2018Better than Xiaomi that only cares about updating their MIU... moreAnd despite the very long a*s time they take to release MIUI updates, most of them end up being a massive buggy mess piece of sh*t
                          I'm thinking about changing my custom ROM, but the 15-day wait to unlock bootloader is such a pain in the grASS

                            Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018It is normal for Android. Only half the RAM is free initial... moreForget the available RAM
                            Why do mid rangers always have worse multitasking capabilities despite mostly having an equivalent amount of RAM as some flagships??
                            For example, my Redmi 5 Plus has more RAM than my sister's iPhone 7 Plus, but RAM Management is WAYYYYYYYYY BETTER on her phone, that I don't even think my phone has this much RAM capacity.

                            Seriously, what's the point?? I hope it's not just being said for marketing purposes.

                              AnonD-558092, 31 Jul 2018Not to mention security updates. They gave an old device MI... moreWait, so does that mean that my phone still has those problems despite the June 2018 security update that I'm currently running??
                              Well that's definitely pathetic, considering how late they are to update sh*t

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                                • 31 Jul 2018

                                Better than Xiaomi that only cares about updating their MIUI version but totally forget about updating the Android version also

                                  Luxor, 31 Jul 2018Xiaomi only update MIUI on top of old android version. Its ... moreWhile I received several MIUI updates on my Redmi 5 Plus within a few months, about half of them are buggy and make the device feel worse.
                                  Worse than that, they don't even bother fixing some things that can be easily fixed. Number one for me is the microphone sound quality, which is below worst, it doesn't even sound right. Tons of noise cancellation artifacts ruin the otherwise good-sounding microphones.
                                  And they can't tell me that it's hardware issue, since my dad's Mi A1 also had the same exact issue but was recently fixed after the Oreo update on it

                                    AnonD-558092, 31 Jul 2018Hmm. Maybe that's a memory leak. Which sounds quite likely.... moreMaybe it's caused by Xiaomi's cr*pwares

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                                      • 31 Jul 2018

                                      after update my finger print sensor not working.. and rear camera is blurred..

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                                        Shanti Dope, 31 Jul 2018F*ck MIUI 10, such a resource hungry garbage with lots of b... moreIt is normal for Android. Only half the RAM is free initially no matter how much RAM your device comes with.