Lenovo to be the first one to release 5G ready smartphone?

02 August 2018
As expected, Qualcomm's still unannounced Snapdragon 855 will be the one in charge.

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  • Joe

TearLight, 02 Aug 2018lol lenovo, go bankrupt with your liesWhy so cruel? While I don't mind it if they close their smartphone division, I wouldn't want them to stop making laptops.

  • Ashutosh

Lenovo is indeed hyping up its fans, as Lenovo's VP, Chang Cheng has done in the past stating that Lenovo Z5 will have 4TB storage and 45 days of battery backup.

Zoz, 02 Aug 2018Or it's another lie? Who cares what fake hype they can crea... moreSeeing as how 5G is going to be pushed in 2018 by Verizon in the US, and how 5G will become more common as the Snapdragon 855 has 5G capability, i dont think we’ll have to wait for too long

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2018Enginneer and geeks know motorola the one having capability... moreIndeed, Moto has had their fair share of innovation. Saying that their is little innovation from others is quite incorrect however

Well done to Lenovo in advance then...

who cares, all the bs and hype about 5g is exactly the same c.. p we heard before 4g,in fact some of the recent reports look very familiar,, same reports from 7-8 years ago, just with the number 4 swapped to 5 !!! It was meaningless nonsense then and will be again, 95% of the networks in the world run at nothing like the 4g speeds we were promised and nowhere near what 4g is technically capable of delivering, 5g will be exactly the same, in 10 years time, you'll be lucky if you can get anything better than 25/5 mbs!!!

Lenovo please stop your phone business already and focus your funds on developing motorola. That would be better.

Even if it IS the first phone of 5G, I really doubt anyone will touch Lienovo's devices.
Once trust is broken, it's really hard to mend it

Lienovo claims it'll be 5G, but when it's released it'll probably be 4.5G or 4.25G. lol.

  • Anonymous

Enginneer and geeks know motorola the one having capability bring innovation lol
Innovation from other brand very limited

Eh, fix your poor software support first before making "lies" again. LIENOVO!

Advertise as 5G phone. But when released I bet they will said the truth is that it doesnt work on any network for the first full year. Lol!!!

There's a chance the phone will be called 5G so it's not the first 5G phone but the first phone named 5G.. no lies there ;)

  • chingchong

TearLight, 02 Aug 2018lol lenovo, go bankrupt with your liesHaha Lienovo, once you lied no one will trust you.

matix73, 02 Aug 2018Moto Z4?It turned out the 5G Moto Mod came faster than I expected. Lol


lol lenovo, go bankrupt with your lies

  • AnonD-632062

Chang Cheng misled us regarding the Z5 phone on many fronts. His credibility is shot. He turned Lenovo into Lie-novo. Even "smartphone leakers" are more trustworthy than the musings of Mr. Chang Cheng.

  • .alpha

Another lie from Lenovo

  • Anonymous

What Lenovo are really doing is releasing a phone called 5G to go along with the 5Z phone... easy how people could get confused.. like with there bezels...