iPhone 4S benchmarks and camera sample pop up

11 October, 2011
The iPhone 4S CPU is twice faster than that of the iPhone 4, while the GPU got an 8x boost.

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  • AnonD-25748

Somehow I think that Samsung new about 4S benchmark results, thats why they postponed the Nexus Prime with ICS, they need to do some work in order to be on top in the benchmarks not only the spec.
Besides nice job Apple, offcourse lets wait for the retail unit to see if these are true results.

  • I Love Android

These benchmarks may not necessarily show better hardware (though obviously the Power VR GPU is way ahead of competition), but they definitely do show how optimized the iOS is compared to Android (also, Mac OSX compared to Windows 7). I really hope Google has something special in store with ICS.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-20221, 11 Oct 2011This is why I like iPhones more than their counterparts... They ... moreThis is due the simple fact that apple can optimize their OS to the last bit on the single hardware they build. Android will allays have trouble with optimization due to the many hardware versions it is used on. But this also means you have more variety in phones.

  • Anonymous

very low noise? where is it?! I even can't see the noise!!

  • Anonymous

Im an android user, but i have to say this scores stand for really well optimized programming (on the iphone). Especially as its stated that its at ~800MHz. Well done apple. Im seeing forward to the ICS browser performance.

  • AnonD-16809

uncle bob, 11 Oct 2011Android fanboy here. ofcourse this should be expected, the sa... morebro iphone 4 is older than the first galaxy s it is supposed to compete with galaxy s not galaxy s 2!!but still its almost as fast as galaxy s 2 and iphone 4s OMG DUDE OMG galaxy s 2 is the biggest dual core garbage on earth!!!i mean its 1.2 ghz and iphone 4s is only 1ghz!!still 4s beats the cr** out of s2!!!

  • iphone-rox

Iphone 4s is really good, but those benchmark doesnt mean real time performance. Try using two phones side by side, u will knw which one is better. Synthetic benchmarks are shit. Seriously!

  • AnonD-20221

This is why I like iPhones more than their counterparts... They give more importance to performance rather than raw power... Wonder how many of those Droid-blind boys will respond now...

  • AnonD-16809

HTC fanboy, 11 Oct 2011What what your excuse for the iPhone 4?iphone 4 is a 1.6 year old cell phone with a single core processor and 512mb ram..and galaxy s 2 is 6 months old cell phone with dual core processor and 1gb ram!!

  • AnonD-25858

The only thing that hinders me from buying iPhone is that, it is iTunes dependent... it can't even bluetooth to other devices. File transferring for me is very important. I wont buy this. Android OS is still the best, really customizable, lots of free applications available. I have no problem with iOS if that is all that they can do to their programming, but atleast do something to improve your connection settings. iTunes really sucks! ewwwwwwwwww!

  • Anonymous

I think that it's important we just focus on the tech, enjoy it and minimize the insults to each other. Seriously, I use an iPhone 4, but if my friend showed me an SGS2, I would say Cool! And could probably think of 5 nice things to say easily. This is a reminder to myself as well, not just to others.

  • Anonymous

probably these benchmark apps have been made favour to iphone...otherwise how did they get benchmark over gs2

  • AnonD-16809

iphone 4s just beat the Cr** out of galaxy s 2!!

  • HTC fanboy

uncle bob, 11 Oct 2011Android fanboy here. ofcourse this should be expected, the sa... moreWhat what your excuse for the iPhone 4?

  • jmb

Strange that the 4S appear to have a ~800MHz cpu in the benchmark...
Wonder what the results will be with the 1GHz :-).
Good job Apple!

  • Anonymous

uncle bob, 11 Oct 2011Android fanboy here. ofcourse this should be expected, the sa... moreYet SGS2 insults of iPhone 4 were still in full force even till today, when the iPhone 4 is 1.5 years old.

  • AnonD-16809

OMG iphpne 4s is twice as fast as galaxy s 2 1.2ghz!!!OMG OMG!!galaxy s 2 is just a small upgrade to iphopne 4s!what a rip off!!

  • Anonymous

Something isn't right? Galaxy Tab 8.9 processor is actually ticking slower than the Galaxy S2, why are the results of the 2 so different? Infact, i would expect S2 to outperform the 8.9 Tab. If its entirely due to the OS, then won't the added performance of S2 served with ice cream sandwich outperform the iPhone5? And Nexus Prime with a even more powerful processor, further win both the S2 and iPhone5?

  • uncle bob

Android fanboy here.

ofcourse this should be expected, the samsung is 7 - 8 months old the iphone is just released, by all accounts it should be the fastest phone out.

Will it beat the nexus prime? lets wait and find out.

  • AnonD-977

Australia will be the first to get this phone, we'll have plenty of stock, ready to sell while the rest of the world is still asleep.

Japan will be next.