HTC's Q2 of 2018 results are unsurprisingly bad

08 August 2018
HTC posted an operating loss of NT$3.5m on a revenue of NT$6.8m.

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Usage2Pro, 08 Aug 2018if HTC can still remember HTC one . then must have to make ... moreDon't forget Snapdragon 9xxx. Keep dreaming. HTC has been dying since 2012. It's death is long overdue.

  • Anonymous

It is heartbreaking watching my own country's company fall into the abyss, I loved HTC from the start...
I hold my HTC 10 very dearly, and see the potential in my Sony XZ1
HTC may fall very soon...
Sony may not be popular, but Sony will stand...

  • Misbah

All comments aside
I have one opinion for htc downfall
"Weak and poor Marketing"
People are complaining for no headphone jack. Here are the facts Apple got rid of headphone jack since iphone 7 and Galaxy 8 had no headphone jack. Samsung did outstanding marketing for its Galaxy 8 flagship and did it even better for Galaxy 9

  • Anonymous

naman, 08 Aug 2018does anyone from htc geniuenly reads anything here?I asking the same question...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2018So, why and how long is HTC (or even Sony or LG) gonna last... moreDon't know about HTC and LG but Sony will survive. Yes yes Sony won't die so soon. Don't trust me? Well it is your problem.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2018Can you name one thing that actually worked before apple in... moreSony had face unlock since 2013 dummy, long before your mind controlling favorite company had.
So now, is really apple that inventive? Boohahaha.. Don't make me laugh.

  • Anonymous

Denis Thomas, 08 Aug 2018Apple has many applesheeps. Anything they "invent" will be ... moreCan you name one thing that actually worked before apple introduced it?
Fingerprint was a complete joke prior to iPhone 5s, and dont even get me started on the ridiculous samsung face unlock that could be unlocked with a random photo of a random face from the newspaper. Talking about samsung, the list of features is exactly the same as the list of things that dont work as expected.
You cant give a stoneage man who invented the wheel the credit for the performance of a Formula 1 car. In the case of FaceID vs samsung face unlock the distance is even bigger.

  • Anonymous

The sad thing is that HTC used to be the best, best build by far, back in 2010-11 people who held my HTC Desire Z would always go "Wow, so super premium, this must be so expensive". The contrast to the plastic samsungs and nokias of the days was so big, so what killed HTC? POOR QUALITY killed them, and a complete lack of service, they didnt even honor the warranty, defective phones were stacked in warehouses and sent back to the owners unopened in the same packaging the owners had sent them in.
Not only did they look and feel premium, they enjoyed adventurous sales back in the days, when i visited Moscow i cant remember seeing anyone with other smartphones than HTCs, so WHY wasnt the adventurous profit used to make better mainboards and to honor warranty ? Peter Chou has the full responsibility of HTCs downfall, he chose to put the money into other things and hoped the warranty problems would clear up by themselves.

  • robocopvn

Worth it, really!

What do you expect, HTC? when people paid a lot of money buying your flag-ship device like me, the HTC U11, and we apparently having no support, no update at all from December 2017.

And what's more, HTC still have no clue on if the U11 will be getting Android Pie or not? REALLY ?? Just a reminder, a hardcore fans are the most extreme haters.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2018So, why and how long is HTC (or even Sony or LG) gonna last... moreI wish for them to survive.

  • Anonymous

So, why and how long is HTC (or even Sony or LG) gonna last until they give up the phone business?

  • Anonymous

HTC new mid-range phones spec is even lower than 3-4 years ago model and sell at similar price. Long time user since Desire S... so disappointing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2018Chine copy design no style buy Nokia And Nokia towards Chinese users first.

TBH HTC is really a third rate smartphone vendor. I rate ZTE, Alcatel and even HMD (Nokia) higher than HTC. Really sad story to tell you the truth. My first smartphone was the nexus one. What a shame, this company was run to ground by incompetent owners/CEO.

  • Alan

emailed the CEO when the u11 came out advising them it was a poor design for a 2017 phone and I can see nothing has changed. If a simple observer like me can point out the problems and the CEO ignores the obvious, HTC deserves the failure it is going to achieve.

FinnishInquisition, 08 Aug 2018Oh yeah, because HTC was doing so great before they removed... moreApple has many applesheeps. Anything they "invent" will be purchased by millions because of strong marketing, even if that invention was in android phones prior. Go figure

  • Kriegsherr

Everything is wrong with hTC now a days. From top to bottom. Have used hTC since wildifre. Then evo 3D and htc one m8. Even the naming strategy is utterly stupid. How awesome the names were... Wildfire, sensation, Droid incredible, Evo. How can you get attention of the crowd with a name like U11, U12. Started with one m7 then 8,9 then hTC 10 suddenly it became U11. How dumb is that.
The specs are stupid as well. Something is always missing. Either be it a good display or a top Processor or enough ram. When these are there you would find the battery is worse than mediocre. Hey hTC board, give people a reason to buy your phone. I won't mind paying top dollar if you give me a balanced phone.
The board should fire the CEO and designer team as soon as possible and hire some intelligent people who would take the step to make a good phone. If you think that lacking something would force us to buy another phone from hTC then forget about it.

if HTC can still remember HTC one . then must have to make the handphone with 4 speaker , 4 mic , 3 camera , 5000mah , 5.8" and 6.3" AMOLED , fast charging , tune the best power consumetion in GPS drive , complete with Plantronic Bluetooth headset , flip cover accessories etc.

  • naman

does anyone from htc geniuenly reads anything here?

Considering how their flagship phone looks in 2018, compared to HTC one era, the loss is really low. I don't want a non innovative greedy company to continue, and will prefer to buy any other phones instead. Either be the old HTC or leave the market.