Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 670 as a successor to the Snapdragon 660

08 August 2018
But has more in common with the Snapdragon 710 than its predecessor.

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Kangal, 09 Aug 2018Of all the 2018 phones releasing and getting sold: QSD 625... moreI'm curious to know where you got those numbers from?
If those are to be true, then I'm surprised the SD 617 is still being sold. That's a 3+ year old chipset made on 28nm process.
On your wishlist I'd replace the SD625 with SD450. It's weird the last one doesn't show on any of your lists because it was released earlier this year

    kgbme, 16 Aug 2018Dammit, not cool! OMG. Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) has *just* come... moreCalm down, SD660 is a heck of a nice SoC, even in 2018!
    SD670 in theory only improves on battery life, but processing power and graphics don't look to be notably better.
    Also Mi A2 has a low price, Xiaomi may have struck a nice deal to get those SD660 for cheap. It's a great SoC for the price, while others use the SD636 or even worse, the SD 630

      kgbme, 16 Aug 2018Dammit, not cool! OMG. Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) has *just* come... moreEven though Qualcomm SDM670 is yet to be added; Snapdragon 600 Series Mobile Platform Comparison, https://www.qualcomm.com/products/platforms/snapdragon-600-series-comparison

      *Also, please take note: "Exclusive: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is a re-branded 670, coming to at least 2 Xiaomi devices", as published

      In comparison:
      1) Snapdragon 670 Mobile Platform, https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-670-mobile-platform
      2) SDM670 processor, https://www.qualcomm.com/products/sdm670-processor
      1) Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform, https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-710-mobile-platform
      2) SDM710 Processor, https://www.qualcomm.com/products/sdm710-processor

      ^^ Meaning, I do *not* know whether the XDA Developers article's been correct (or, not. :))

        Dammit, not cool! OMG. Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) has *just* come out and ALREADY Qualcomm SDM660 is being replaced; basically, becoming obsolete: because of *huge* gains, with each new upgrade, gah! Pfft. Unbelievable, I've yet to get that phone. :-/

        EDIT: Not to mention, Qualcomm SDM710

          Sounds interesting. This chip should bring SD660, along with the 636/632, one notch lower on the food chain. But will the SD64x series launch? Let's see.

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            • 09 Aug 2018

            Qualcomm has a point.. SD660 is based on kyro 260 (A73) on 14nm die and SD670 utilizes kyro 360 (A75) on 10nm die. But calling SD670 different design than SD710 is kinda wierd, seeing it even utilizes ISPs, DynamicIQ and AI of new series.

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              • 09 Aug 2018

              Of all the 2018 phones releasing and getting sold:
              QSD 625: ~35%
              QSD 845: ~25%
              QSD 430: ~15%
              QSD 630: ~10%
              QSD 660: ~10%
              QSD 835: ~10%
              QSD 617: ~5%
              QSD 710: ~5%
              QSD 636: ~5%

              Which really isn't a good prospect on things. I would prefer to see figures more akin to:
              QSD 845: ~20% (flagship level, though chipset too expensive for most budgets)
              QSD 710: ~30% (perfect for $400 phones, a sizeable market)
              QSD 636: ~40% (great for $200 phones, the largest phone market)
              QSD 625: ~10% (only for budget $150 phones, no profit margin, should leave it for MTK)
              QSD 617: ~0% (too slow)
              QSD 430: ~0% (too slow)
              QSD 660: ~0% (no need)
              QSD 835: ~0% (no need)

              Now that we have the QSD 670, it should be slower than the QSD 660 for multicore performance by ~10%, however, be ahead in single-core performance by around ~5%. Which is about an even trade. In real-world practical use, it won't have any discernible difference. The GPU's seem to be the same. Battery life looks quite equal footing too. So I'm thinking they "invested" that extra silicon from the 10nm process into adding a third processor (CPU, GPU, AI-PU).

              Me thinks, this is how Qualcomm will differentiate themselves from the likes of AMLogic, Allwinner, RockChip, MediaTek, HiSilicon, Exynos, and Nvidia.... by using Android 9-Pie as the new base, doubling-down on the "AI" aspects like LG's ThinQ marketing, and bringing that to both the high-end AND the midrange chipsets. Not that it will be money well spent, because "AI" is a gimmick, at least in

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                • 09 Aug 2018

                AnonD-558092, 08 Aug 2018Nope the 4xx series is still alive and has received recentl... moreAfter not hearing about anything past 450 I kind of got scared.

                I still own a SD 400 device to this day, they're probably the most underestimated SoCs while in real life while their performance is more than adequate for the average user. Add to that the low price and power consumption and you've got the perfect combination for the masses.

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                  • 09 Aug 2018

                  Inverted snowhuouV, 08 Aug 2018I know that. What I was trying to say is that there's alrea... moreUnfortunately, there are not enough phones with the SD636 or the SD710, SD660 is doing a little better in regard to offerings but it's because it was the first Kryo based mid-range chipset, and i think manufacturers saw that using it yielded some very strong mid-range phones that made people prefer them over some flagships (which is not good for business). They didn't repeat the same mistake with the SD710, and they will probably not with the SD670 as well.

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                    Just like the with the SD710, we are probably only going to see 2-3 devices using this chip since the phone companies are afraid of cannibalizing their own flagships with it. Such a shame.

                      Manhurt, 09 Aug 2018Do you mean software (source code) support from Snapdragon?... moreThanks for the confirmation!

                        Soon there will be 680 ,690 ,700 ,so the gao is filled until 710

                          630, 632, 636, 660, now 670? 645 later this year?

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                            • 09 Aug 2018

                            Say um, Qualcomm... Where's that turbo update you had to leak to the press?

                              Walter C. Dornez, 09 Aug 2018Qualcomm still supports the 636, does it not?Do you mean software (source code) support from Snapdragon? If yes, do not worry cause with Android 8 (Project Treble) we not really need it.

                                Anonym, 09 Aug 2018Sure, but they also still sell the SDM660. The issue is the... moreI don't think so, but I could be wrong. Fingers crossed they bring the 660 down to budget category

                                  Adiyel, 08 Aug 2018So the 670 is a lower bin of the 710? Sounds about right, j... moreYeah...

                                    SD660/SD670/SD710 its just make phone pricer but not on flagship level. Better buy 800 series instead.

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                                      • 09 Aug 2018

                                      Walter C. Dornez, 09 Aug 2018Qualcomm still supports the 636, does it not?Sure, but they also still sell the SDM660. The issue is they'll want to move to the new 10nm node process as fast as possible. Higher tiered parts go first, lower tiered parts only go after. SDM660 is discontinued first (market strategy), but SDM636 will follow as the lower tier parts get moved to the new process.

                                        Anonym, 08 Aug 2018Like the Mi A2? SDM660 will be replaced by SDM670, I don't... moreQualcomm still supports the 636, does it not?