Alleged specs suggest the Sony Xperia XZ3 will use XZ2 Premium's dual camera

09 August 2018
Instead having a single 48MP camera based on the IMX586 sensor that Sony unveiled recently. 

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Geric.770, 09 Aug 2018Best camera hardware, poor marketing sales. Please Sony. A... moreI agree with you and it's what I say Sony doesn't market, advertise or publicise.
Not the PS4 Pro but the wireless ear duo because it will change everything and send a trend like we cut lose the wires and change it with wireless. So the new headphones will wireless bundled in the package. Or design some good wireless headphones who have very excellent sound quality that come free with the phone inside the box.

Sony demise is coming and coming very quickly

  • Anonymous

Or lower the price now that Note9 is out at the same pricemore or less. But I understand this is harder to do due to the XZ2P ricing, so yeah, offer a PS4 like they did when XZ2 was first released in the UK.

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matix73, 09 Aug 2018Why do they present a new flagship every half a year when t... moreWell they can either do that or go the Xiaomi way, releasing 6 or 7 variants of the Mi8

TheGoldenMellifluous, 09 Aug 2018Now , this is confusing which specs is the real deal for XZ... moreTime will tell the answer, right now just be patient

So now this Motion Eye dual cam hopefully also comes to XZ3 or whatever, cause it is just best of the best, even for those nagging about extra Portrait modes.
And oh on that, its unbelievably accurate in keeping multilayered focus on object separation.

  • JJ

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2018Where did all these SONY resurrect from? I know,,, its the... moreNay Sayers.... that is

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Where did all these SONY resurrect from? I know,,, its the competition posting nonsense info on GSM site. Poor people... Hehehe

  • JJ

[deleted post]And what poor pessimism. Hehehe

Tann Hauser, 09 Aug 2018Updated XZ2 Premium camera with Bokeh, BnW: https://marcok... morePardon me, thats Portrait, not Bokeh...but its the same....
And it works just on par with camera quality...
Class leading. ;-)

  • Peewee

1) name is not XZ3
2) the 48MP sensor cannot do 960fps, it is not for Xperia
3) this one is Full HD
4) no dual cam
5) thinner than xz2
6) bigger than xz2
7) 140mAh less than xz2, it has oled
8) it has android 9
9) global sales in late september

  • Anonymous

So wait until xz3 is released and buy xz2 premium with probably the same features and not only the same camera at a lower price

Wonder if they will try to upgrade low light hdr from xz2p tested here, hard to call it best if they lose in that to p20pro.

Now , this is confusing which specs is the real deal for XZ3 ... 48MP IMX586 or Dual-Cams (19+12 MP) from XZ2P ? 3240 mAh or 3060 mAh ? 1080x2160 or 1440x2880 ? 64GB only or both 64/128 GB ? 5.7" or 5.9" ? Android 9 Pie or 8.1 Oreo out of the box ? That's a lot of distortion of specs of XZ3 out there ...

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The phone has :

6" 18:9 WRGB oled
6 or 8GB
64 or 128GB
13MP selfie

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Which one is true? A single 48 MP camera and 3060 mAh battery or the same camera setup with XZ2 Premıum and 3240 mAh battery?

  • AnonD-784123

but no headphone jack..... because reasons.... #fail

Why do they present a new flagship every half a year when they've got nothing interesting to offer...

Woaw, that's so disappointing