Alleged specs suggest the Sony Xperia XZ3 will use XZ2 Premium's dual camera

09 August 2018
Instead having a single 48MP camera based on the IMX586 sensor that Sony unveiled recently. 

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  • Anonymous

Sony never fail to dissapoint :)

Sony Sinking!!!

[deleted post]Lol.
Because they're still stuck on their iconic design?
It's a great phone inside, not outside by the way.

Maybe you'll need to eat more and learn more about Sony's innovations and not just blindly trolling brick phones. Get it?

Sony has a weird habit of putting the best hardware into smaller phones no one wants and low tier hardware into large screen phones. The exact opposite of Samsung. Sony can produce good hardware but just can't seem to do it in one package.

Best camera hardware, poor marketing sales.
Please Sony. At least you can bundle us like a PS4 Pro or something special.