Palm's return to be a 3.3" Android phone

10 August 2018
It has a tiny 800 mAh battery to power it.

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  • Anonymous

This will be the 1st low end phone without the headphone jack. Hope other manufacturers DO NOT go down this route for their low end phones as people with a tight budget would EXPECT the headphone jack on their low end phones.

  • Anonymous

Sadly, Palm has bent towards Apple's cult of "COURAGE" of removing the headphone jack.

  • bijit

Finally one manufacturer who thinks that the compact " 5" smartphones arent' exactly "compact". I would have certainly welcomed the Pepito, except for the fact that the SD435 would be way too outdated by the time Palm decides to launch it.

Wow, reminds me of the old Xperia Mini series.
I'm glad to see a device like this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2018Dropped reading after 16/10 Display. Bro this isn‘t a laptopI choose 16/10 for reasons.
16/9 is rather overkill it would give very narrow display
and 3/2 is not good to watch 16/9 video, your phone will record.
16/10 sits perfectly between 3/2 (15/10) and 16/9 and gives benefit of having wider display in portrait mode with little black bars for videos.

  • Anonymous

Very interesting, i will get one of these. I used to have an Xperia Mini that i bring when i went out to party, it was wildly popular among people i met, and sometimes girls i met asked me why i didnt buy an iPhone or Galaxy instead, little did they know i had at home. Why bring the main phones, the Mini had an ok camera, with led flash (extremely important for a party phone) and i wouldnt care much if i lost it or it got stolen. Those were the days, come to think about it I better get two of these Palms, looking forward to it.

If you want to make a small phone , then use edge to edge technology on a 4 inch FHD screen

it will be the same size of 3 inch phone with huge bezels.

Still remember my first android device, X10 mini by Xperia. That's good enough to convince me to stay with android. Based on today's trends, I bet this small phone still can has its own market if they can put a proper price.

Great news. My only concern is that it will be with small screen in big body such as Nokia 1. But if they make it with 3.3 inch screen and small body I won't buy another phone never.
Maybe TCL is reading not only indian forums where people love 10 inch VGA devices.

  • Motok

Who remembers Motorola Defy? It was a great small phone with 3.7" display. I used it for 5 years and had great experience. Such tiny phones still have potential providing they get enough ram, cores and battery.

Too small a battery, screen needs to be a least 3.8" at a bare minimum.

The SD435 I could see maybe, but that battery is a bad joke. Would tape a small battery bank to the back of it just to get through a day of normal use.

It better be priced below $150 or it will fail badly.

  • dudecool

God, if this was 4-4.5inch bezeless screen with at least 6 series Snapdragon, id buy it.

love small phones...

This would be great to bring back small phone to put more "colors" in size variant. Now, even i can't find a good specced sub 4" or 5" device other than Sony's and Apple's (unfortunately, they're also getting bigger).

3.3" with slideout keyboard would be great but sadly there's none.

  • Anonymous

Palm, what year are you living? 2007?

  • Bayu

Even my old Xperia tipo has 1500 mAh battery 😂

Hope this phone more power efficient than Xperia tipo, as it hasil smaller fab.

  • matt99

This with a acceptable camera and some water proofing would be perfect fr me.

sadh, 11 Aug 2018You do remember touchscreen phone in the past was used to h... moreThe smallest phone I owned was iPhone 4s and I remember typing was hell sure it was pocket-friendly but thats it, the biggest phone I owned Note 3 was much more comfortable in typing, handling, watching movies and everything though its more of a personal preference but it should be 4.5" atleast

Looks nice. Cant demand too much. This is Palm first comeback. The UI is very much remind me of smartwatch interface.

  • Tom

Whackcar, 10 Aug 2018We did ask for COMPACT phones but we didn't mean THIS by th... moreWe're not you, pal.