Samsung CEO: Note9's battery is safe, phone will outsell its predecessor

13 August 2018
Once again, extra steps have been taken to ensure the battery safety.

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There's probably going to be a Note 9 out there with an exploding battery

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 13 Aug 2018Why you mention Sony, Vivo, Oppo here...? Are you trolling? Th... moreWe are talking sales here, so we need to compare sales numbers to other brands. This is called business.

Do you think 19.2 million sales in 6 months of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a bad result ?

What other Flagship Android phone can claim such numbers ?

Why are you talking about R & D and bashing Samsung for advertising ? You must be envious of Samsung’s success.

  • Oooph

If one phone blows up this statement will be so much more hillarious. Hope he didn't jinx himself.

I call BS note 9 sales won’t top note 7, note 7 had the most explosive sales.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018samsung galaxy note 9..dont play games like children ..battery s... moreLest we forget, it was Samsung that was caught paying bloggers to badmouth competing products.

I currently have a Samung S series phone, but there is no way, I will be spending silly money on a S8 or S9. Yes, I can afford them. However, I have lost phones, because I dropped it and the screen cracked. They are fragile things. The curved screen had made phones more fragile.....

Samsung A and J are pointless. They don't support 4K recording.....

I was going to go for a Sony, until they screwed up when they removed the 3.5mm jack, they also need to resolve other tech issues people have been complaining about.

LG have a confusing range of products. I did like the LG Q8 (2017), but they did something odd with 'colour' tint on the screen.

So far there is n't a perfect phone for me (yet)....

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018If the CEO says it will outsell the predecessor, I wish them tha... moreRight. Just because it's samsung right? You can put a stock rom on it. "Odin" is one of the easiest ROM managers I know.

  • S6 User

Kiyasuriin, 13 Aug 2018Hi. Sure, I don't mind explaining why I think Exynos 9810 is "Fa... moreThankyou very much for this comprehensive reply.
Yes I read this article & the part 2:
Improving The Exynos 9810 Galaxy S9: Part 2 - Catching Up With The Snapdragon:­he-exynos-9810-galaxy-s9-part-2
I was hoping that this, particularly the battery efficiency issue would be fixed by now (maybe by software update) & certainly not making it's way onto the Note 9.

I'm still looking @ getting the S9+ or N9 or even waiting for the S10+ & N10.

Hopefully more news & fixes will come regarding this.
Many thanks, much appreciated :)

S6 User, 13 Aug 2018Hi Kiyasuriin, you mention "Since I have experienced already the... moreHi. Sure, I don't mind explaining why I think Exynos 9810 is "Faulty". Anandtech explains it really well. In the link here-­xynos-9810-galaxy-s9-part-1
I believe it's the whole Exynos 9810 rev1 (which is used in the S9/S9+ and Note 9) series (and Yes. I am calling it Rev1 due to the fact I believe that chipset will be fixed)
Now. As for why I think it's faulty:
1. As you know, Geekbench 4.2 states that the peak preformance ranges around 3700 with error range of 100 (3600-3800) however. It is achievable only if you turn off 3 cores! (1+4 config to unleash the true beast...!) While other Chipsets do not need to force inactivity to reach peak prefomance. Yes. I am aware that the comsumption and heat production will be massive if all 8 CPU cores will work simultaneously. But in my opinion. That's a fault
2. The governor (or in simpler english the CFM- Core Frequency Manager) is very conservative while scaling up the frequencies the CPU is ticking in, forcing longer worktime ln the chipset.
3. When the Mongoose M3 DOES achieve the peak preformance. It cannot sustain the load for long. Just 3 seconds. Leading to a massive drop to 30%throttle. As a power user I find this faulty.
The GPU nextwards: I Barely find any complains on the 18 cores of the Mali G72. Except the fact the configuration often takes WAY too much ram into VRAM. On the Exynos variant. When I checked how much ram I had via apps like CPU-Z or Aida64. I realised I had just 3(!!!) GB of ram! (To be exact: 3129MB of RAM dedicated to the apps,out of 4096MB)
Other than that. I honestly recommend just reading Anandtech's review of 9810. It'll sum up everything (no ad intended)

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If the CEO says it will outsell the predecessor, I wish them that it won't outsell its predecessor.

  • Anonymous

Why arguing? We get no profits over arguments that made by fans of brands.

  • S6 User

Kiyasuriin, 13 Aug 2018Yep. And am also a fan DJ and Gamer. For me the best of the best... moreHi Kiyasuriin, you mention "Since I have experienced already the faulty 9810, I will directly buy the S845 variant of note 9".

I saw that you swapped your faulty S9 9810 to your S9 S845.

I don't want to waste any of your time, but please could you tell me if you think the faulty 9810 was:

A) related to that specific handset?

B) Affecting the whole S9 line.

C) A general problem where ever the 9810 is used, be it the S9, S9+, maybe it's too early to tell if the Note 9 is affected, hopefully GSMA can tell us.

Also could you briefly describe the fault & any links would be cool, thanks.

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018Samsung sold 10.2 million Galaxy S9 units in Q1, 2018,,,,9 milli... moreWhy you mention Sony, Vivo, Oppo here...?
Are you trolling?
The subject of the article is Samsung sales...

You sound seriously "Ingenious" like here...
Maybe go help them with their childish disrespectful "Ingenious" advertising if you re used to trolling other OEMs.

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018Huawei is on the rise. Lookout Samsung. Huawei is still miss... moreBut 980 will be a true beast. According to antutu 360k VS 270k of S845...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018Samsung is losing sales though, while huawei is increasingHuawei is on the rise. Lookout Samsung.

Huawei is still missing a few features. e.g., no headphone jack, lower screen resolution, slower Kirin 970.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 13 Aug 2018Who told you that? Samsung CEO? Flagship sales are plummeting a... moreSamsung sold 10.2 million Galaxy S9 units in Q1, 2018,,,,9 million Galaxy S9 in Q2, 2018...
Nearly 20 million S9 sold in 6 months is damm good sales.­-q1-bad-news/­-s9-sales-q2-note-9/

Samsung Galaxy S7 was Samsung's best-selling smartphone ever. It launched in 2016 and sold about 50 million units. So people like you and the media use this as a comparison.

Samsung is still number One sales in Phones….Number One in Android flagship phones.
Huawei is number two.
Apple is now number three.

Newer companies like Vivo, Xiaomi have moved into top 10 brands.
Sony is now ranked number 12 in mobile phone sales. Sony flagship is heaviest in its class, thickest in its class. Ugliest in its class.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018What are you talking about ? Samsung Note 9 isn't even release... moreSamsung is losing sales though, while huawei is increasing

  • I

Ugly phone...

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Note 9, 13 Aug 2018Looks like lots of Apple fans are hurt with this fantastic albei... moreWhy would apple fans be hurt??? Ur sentence just proves why there are haters. Apple users or any other phone users don't normally care what's better or worse as they just happy with their own device. It's only the haters who turn things into playground arguments

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 13 Aug 2018Technically, the first mainstream flagship to break the $1,000 b... moreApple didn't claim anything. Its always the Internet with the claims