Project Fi offering a $200 discount on the Pixel 2 XL, heavy discounts on LG phones

14 August 2018
Sales are now live but will only last through the end of the month.

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  • Asif

RADD, 15 Aug 2018Question: "Why is Vodafone not in the US?" Answer: " V... morehahahahahahahaha what an answer

  • Elias

It's shame only rich people can use all these good deals, where I live(Iran) the average salary is only 120 US$ for a month but in US you can make it in a day or two with simplest job, and still they got the best deal and cheapest price comparing to their income.

  • sumdumguy

RADD, 15 Aug 2018Question: "Why is Vodafone not in the US?" Answer: " V... moreThanks for that (almost accurate) assessment, Cpt. Obvious.

My point was that Google could easily strike a similar deal with some european provider. It's just another virtual operator. With the added benefit that we wouldn't need to use a SIM card. Hopefully, Pixel 4 won't have a SIM slot at all.

  • .alpha

An used mint condition Pixel 2 XL is only $500. That $200 discount should be $400

sumdumguy, 15 Aug 2018Why still no Project Fi in the EU?Question: "Why is Vodafone not in the US?" Answer: " Vodafone is a UK based provider."

Project Fi is US only because it's a deal Google has made with carriers that are US-based only (Sprint + T-Mo US). It is NOT a feature provided by phone manufacturer. DUH.

  • sumdumguy

Why still no Project Fi in the EU?

  • Booger

You are kidding me, right? Pixel 2 will have a bigger discount once pixel 3 comes out! Screw buying $1, 000 phone with a $200 discount when you could buy it at half price! 😠

  • Anonymous

Wow... Getting close to the price that the 2xl should have been in the first place

  • Wenle

Most of Pixel 2 XL users said the phone is lagging. It will takes more time to open an apps.
I will skip this phone although there is a discount going on.