Motorola announces list of devices getting updates to Android 9 Pie

15 August 2018
It contains eight phones.

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  • Shikhar

Motorola company was wrost because in moto g5s plus he did not give android pie

Very--Very bad company
By my mistake because I buy moto phone
Next time I didn't buy this wrost company

  • Anonymous

Nine months later and more failed promises...

  • Bhupendra

Why you give Oreo for motog4 it was to old & now you say no further update for Moto g5 series device
You have to give us 9.0 update
Lenevo is very shamless & unforgivable

  • Adarsh

This is worst that g5s plus is not getting pie update .
Even we got Oreo update 1 year later very bad. They should give us pie update as this phone has launched last year.


When Motorola power one will get the Android P update... ???

  • Anonymous

Had moto z play and loved it but moved to Nokia now and the updates have been great. Phones need bigger batteries and less power hungry systems.

  • Joe

We have not yet received Oreo update for Moto G5plus and G5s plus in India. Its childish for Motorola to talk about Android 9.0!

  • Anonymous

This is worse that Motorola has ignored G5, G5 plus, G5S and G5S plus mobiles.

Having Moto X4 nice to know i get Android Pie.

  • sam

rip moto !!!

  • ArbazKoradiya

These isn't fair with the customer who have kept faith in you. I am Moto G5 Plus user expecting 2 Major Updates at least.I don't know, how should i ask these because you haven't given one in a Year!!!!.
I just wish, these list gets Renewed as soon as possible.

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2018i have a Z2 Force (UK Retail version) and its still stuck o... moreI am having the same issue, and have September 1st 2017 patch. I had tried several times to update but it says your device is up-to-date.. i wish someone could help me with update

  • Anonymous

rip g5s

  • Anonymous

i have a Z2 Force (UK Retail version) and its still stuck on 7.1.1 with security patch from August 2017!!!
the USA i think is on June 2018 security and Oreo already (from forum posts).

Went to their "support" and all you get is them saying to keep checking on your device and updates will come out soon. They wont even tell me if i am on the latest version to check if there is an issue with updates.

now they are saying we will get Pie soon ???

  • Dharmaraj

@Mohan, 16 Aug 2018Bought Moto G5S plus 7 months back and i was a prey for th... moreLOL, Moto G5s Plus got Android 8.1 Oreo update few days ago.. have u rooted your phone??

I have been a happy Motorola customer for many years.
But, NOW, the update situation of my phones is appalling !
G4play and G5 are not updated to OREO.

And they will get the update q4 2019. Moto G5 Plus nearly 1 and half year old didn't get even Oreo.

  • @Mohan

Bought Moto G5S plus 7 months back and i was a prey for their false promise. Do not buy moto phones. Even Oreo update is not rolled out. And no regular security updates too. Moto is loosing it's credibilty all false promises. Xiaomi phones are far better over moto.

The original Moto G, a budget smartphone, launched on Jelly Bean and was updated to Lollipop. This was when Google owned the brand.

Later, I also had a Moto G Turbo Edition. It was launched on Marshmallow, is still on Marshmallow, and right now, is on the September 2017 security patch.

Even the fanboys need to stop defending "Moto" now, because the Motorola that they loved is long gone, it's all Lienovo now. So remember that you are not a "Motorola" fanboy, but a "Lienovo" fanboy, if you defend the Moto devices.

  • maestro

I've read when lenovo took over motorola they've fired 4/5 out of 2500 ROM-developers, only 500 left. that's eventually why nothing's going ahead.