Motorola announces the DROID RAZR, slimmest smartphone yet

18 October, 2011
The Motorola announces its DROID RAZR smartphone, razor-thin and splash-proof.

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  • AnonD-4697

OMG So many choices....This one look awesome too!!!

  • AnonD-16809

Max, 18 Oct 2011Its good that you like this phone and android but if you talk ab... moresure plastics can take more damage than glass but shouldnt it be cheaper???

u wouldnt pay the same price for a glass cup and a plastic cup right???

  • Anonymous

Welcome back moto i'm an se fan but this is awesome razr was a huge hit for moto back then, hope it brings good fortunes and knock that fruit phone off

  • AnonD-810

AnonD-1227, 18 Oct 2011At the thinnest point. funny. it's the thickest point that matte... moreYou took the words right out of my mouth

  • Ashura

[deleted post]Why must you start flame wars...

  • AnonD-1227

At the thinnest point. funny. it's the thickest point that matters when you have it in your pocket or on your palm.
well i guess Nokia 5800 is one of the thinnest phone as it's shape or profile from the side is trapezoidal

  • Bill

Finally Amoled Screen!!!
Thx Google!

  • AnonD-1420

Will it fit into the original Atrix dock? Kinda dumb if it doesn't....

Otherwise, looking good Moto! Not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the nice design.

  • joji.m

WoW the slimmest Droid ,Waiting for more details :)

  • aodxxl

The camera looks totally diffrent from any other motorola phone . It looks allot like iphone 4s camera lens .Could it be using the same lens and sensor from sony? :O:O:O holy shit no way !

  • Max

AnonD-16809, 18 Oct 2011okay ive always hated android for a lot of reasons..but this pho... moreIts good that you like this phone and android but if you talk about cheap plastics then let me let you know that plastics can take more damage and still work good. If you dont believe me..then go to youtube and check out the I phone 4s vs samsung galaxy S2 drop test and then probably you wont says"CHEAP PLASTICS".
PS:- Im not a samsung fan or an i phone fan...Im just and Fandroid.

  • Anonymous

Ashura, 18 Oct 2011I doubt it was JUST Sammy fanboysOf course, we can't prove it. It is quite obvious that Samsung fans are the most vocal and aggressive, and the first to insult others. Also, Samsung have been caught a few times before engaging in astroturfing. So yes, it's unlikely to be Samsung fanboys alone, I forgot that their staff are probably hard at work too lol.

  • Anonymous

Simply WOW !!!!!!!
I guess Apple can't sue them for copying their design.

  • aodxxl

I'm not sure if google is involved yet in the process as this could have been the google phone .And the google phone by the sound of the leaked specs sounds like a total dissapointment

This is an interesting turn of events. Crapple and google bouth fail to deliver and the company that every1 least expected produced one of the hottest devices this year.

Motorola , your on the right path. I wanna wait for a full review on this one be4 i can recommend it to any1.

  • AnonD-16809

okay ive always hated android for a lot of reasons..but this phone is awesome!..this is the only Phone after the iphone to have a really good build quality and looks great!!even tho the specs are same as gs2 i like this better because its not made up of the cheapest plastic made in korea and it doesnt have that dreadful touchwhiz UI...

  • Ashura

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2011Razr page up. As expected Samsung fanboys have started downvotin... moreI doubt it was JUST Sammy fanboys

  • Anonymous

I wish they included NFC capability. I am going to upgrade my phone in a month but I am gonna go with the best phone with NFC capability (whichever it is at that time)

But this phone really impressed me and if it came with NFC, i would get it without looking at any other phones.

  • Anonymous

Razr page up. As expected Samsung fanboys have started downvoting. Wow what a bunch of tossers.

  • Dave

Oh and let me guess its not coming to UK. FFS MOTO get these phones to the UK

  • netblaster

Outstanding piece of work. Welcome to the "Google-Motorola" era. If there wasn't MotoBlur (or whatever Motorola calls its Android shell) it could run the new Ice Cream. It looses points there. New device, old Android version. The hardware is matching the Nexus Prime's one, except the screen.