Google Pixel 3 XL mega leak - live images, camera samples and specs

22 August 2018
This is our best look yet at the Google Pixel 3 XL.

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  • Zak

It really looks how people have just stop thinking and started going apple way of adopting notch shamelessly, Apple once master of symmetry lost their mind after Steve jobs passes away, eating shit with pride

  • D Mc

It's quite hilarious that everyone made fun of Apple for creating a notch and the followed shortly after, I guess the idea was top notch lol, Samsung stuck to their guns however ...

Failure of the year? HTC robbed Google giving some worst engeneers possible :)

they've joined apple and other phone manufacturers. disappointing

  • S6 User

Maybe a Notch this size can do something extra, like you can attach a windscreen wiper blade for when its raining, lol.

WTF!?! This notch is horrendous!
It's bigger than the screen itself!
How can something like this even get out of the drawing board!? Are their design team on drugs?

Please, Google - Delete yourself.

  • gomzi

Droidtard, 23 Aug 2018Its not fake or dummy. I believe that Google designed this. Last... morehey pixels are not ugly.

  • Someone

That giant tooth makes it look even uglier then other iCrap clones. Google should fire complete design division. FAIL!

  • Anonymous

Is it even worth google trying to sell this.. i mean no one will want it one its 6.71 inchs.. up from 6 inchs.. for there last Xl phone.. i mean its more of tablet than a dam phone.. plus the ugly notch.. i mean.. i wish the person who designed this had a big iq as the phone size and notch..

R.I.P google phone bussiness 2018

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2018Because some people don't care about design. Functionality and o... moreI would rather buy a iphone than this.. and keep a cheeper android phone for the freedom side.. i mean i didnt think the lg g7 looked that bad.. considering it has a notch.. but this just looks terrible rather buy a iphone for the updates and a lg g7 for the quad dac

  • Anonymous

Droidtard, 23 Aug 2018Samsung will follow soon. Its gonna be implemented on Android OS... moreHmm , i dont think it will the notch is lightly to die out fast.. i mean the chinese phone companys keep trying to reduce it or change ideas.. i give it 2 years before its completly obsolete design.. and everone ones forgottten it.. and we will either have under the display items or pop up cameras like the nex s

What a ugly notch...
Why don't they make it Essensial PH1-esque pretty shape?
This won't sell well

In a way, it'll be good occasion to let manufacturers notice that "big obnoxious notch is downright hideous and consumer hates it"

Their ignorant marketing department would finally know that iPhone X sells only because of brand, not because of existence of notch

Essential phone introduced "the great notch"

Unfortunately I use my phone as a radio scanner and REQUIRE a headphone jack present.

Google will probably hand out 50k worth of free advertisements and promotions to the top 100 review sites and YouTube reviewers, and they will hail this as the greatest smartphone ever made. And Google will only show these reviews in their search results.

Nevermind the terrible design, disappointing battery, the unforgivable notch, issues with screen and display, and so many other issues with it.

If this phone was made by LG, it wouldn't even sell 100 units, leave alone millions.

  • Dave

That is one of the UGLIEST phones I have ever seen. Wow.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2018Because some people don't care about design. Functionality and o... moretheir optimization is atleast 3 years lagging on any other android phone back on Android Phone

  • Anonymous

Agree with it being ugly. Never liked Pixels but that notch! It's so deep and the chin is huge. Sony called, they want their 2016 bezels back. No doubt it'll be overpriced just like the last Pixels as well. Google, you're not Apple.

The ugliest phone of 2018 award goes to...

Google should hire new designers for next year, otherwise they're a lost cause.

I am sorry, I understand design shouldnt be a major selling point, but for me it is, I cannot ignore it, and every year I hope they hired a decent designer, and every year I get disappointed. I really really would like to buy a pixel, but I really really cannot ever enjoy their design. And they are also very pricey. I just cannot personally like these decisions by google.