Pixel 3 XL review appears - pricing, features, camera samples

23 August 2018
Plus more details about future Google products and some unknown specs.

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  • 23 Aug 2018

This phone will break records again - but is no competition to many other phones. People love buying phones advertised good but are pretty awful. They'll never learn.

    This seems like just a small upgrade compared to the Pixel 2XL though.

      It's funny how we already got a full Pixel 3 XL review 2 MONTHS before it'll be launched XD.

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        • 23 Aug 2018

        Hardware-wise, Google has been terrible. Poor design and lacks important features.

        All three camera's are great. The P20 Pro overdoes the colors and saturation, thanks to it's "AI" that produces unreal photos. The Google Pixel exposes everything pretty well thanks to it's awesome HDR+, but loses a fair bit of contrast and colour. I prefer the Note9, that gives the most balanced, well-rounded image.

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          • 23 Aug 2018


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            • 23 Aug 2018

            what an awful phone

              Small battery = confirmed
              4GB RAM = confirmed
              Huge notch = confirmed

              Failure = confirmed!!!