HTC releases official statement regarding Ice Cream Sandwich

20 October, 2011
Gives no clear indication when their phones will be updated to ICS or if they will be updated at all.

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  • U{8
  • 29 Mar 2012

I am having htc wildfire s it is possible to upgrade ice cream sandwich software ?

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    • wingman
    • p3L
    • 28 Mar 2012

    Hy ,

    I have recently updated my htc sensation xe to android 4.0.3 and i am very disapointed , lots of bugs , after instaling the photo gallery could'n find any photos or videon on my sd card , i had to restart the phone 2 times. And browsing the phone for new features i have found a thing that i thought that was usefull: In Settings -->storage--> SD storage -- make more space i have found a new feature ( Temporary files ) " Temporary files from HTC Apps " what acctualy did , deleted all my music from my device. Since when the music is an temporary file from htc apps ???

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      • haylui
      • Ui}
      • 28 Jan 2012

      My Desire S gets HTC Sense 3.0 update on 26-Jan-2012 in Malaysia.

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        • max
        • q}S
        • 25 Jan 2012

        My HTC incredible s which is locked to bell, is running 2.3.3 and sense 2.1 and I still haven't got an OTA update yet!

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          • Anonymous
          • 3aU
          • 07 Jan 2012

          Will the HTC Desire S get updated or not? it is quite recent so it should!

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            • 9JF
            • 27 Dec 2011

            Sandy, 24 Dec 2011I am also very disappointed from HTC support, I too have de... moreThe Desire HD now can receive officially the update for HTC Sense 3.0 and OP 2.3.5
            it's allready released in egypt for the Desire S and for the Desire HD

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              • Anonymous
              • Ui$
              • 25 Dec 2011

              Root for unofficial updates.. happy holidays :)

                • S
                • Sandy
                • bC2
                • 24 Dec 2011

                I am also very disappointed from HTC support, I too have desire hd but they never release updates....I am also looking for Samsung or sony.

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                  • AnonD-33874
                  • vIq
                  • 12 Dec 2011

                  I bought my htc desire HD just a 8 month ago and now I feel it is very outdated because HTC is not releasing any features updates for this phone.

                  I have invest 29,000 INR which is not small money and now hear that they will not provide update to me? why?

                  Please don't say it is not capable to handle ICS i know it is capable and can be used with ICS.

                  I think I would never suggest any one to buy HTC.

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                    • apoorv
                    • KAj
                    • 09 Dec 2011

                    Blazzy, 06 Nov 2011Dear htc, I made a big mistake wasting my money buying ur ... morehey do u think dat htc is goin to update desire hd or nt..??

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                      • Blazzy
                      • vGV
                      • 06 Nov 2011

                      Dear htc,
                      I made a big mistake wasting my money buying ur phones.. should have went for Sony or Samsung who updates regularly !!! But who cares I got desire hd and guess Wat I don't need ur support anymore.. I'm gonna root it and enjoy even better features.. beat that htc :P the XDa developers are far far better that u guys -.-

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                        • sp33dy_gtx
                        • 0U3
                        • 26 Oct 2011

                        What about desire hd here looks like it will be updated to

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                          • mainamigo
                          • Tr8
                          • 26 Oct 2011

                          danielshorey, 22 Oct 2011htc desire hd will never get ics because of the fact it doe... moreJust because an operating system supports nfc doesn't make it a requirement. Most handsets supporting a 1ghz proccessor will be sufficient.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • fqn
                            • 25 Oct 2011

                            Come on people, I agree HTC drag their feet, and if they don't support the desire s which is only 6months old from release then they are a sinking ship, but do I case, no. I'll simple s-off and root and install which ever rom has it, so whats the real problem for current users?

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                              • ChrisPhones4u
                              • 3Ax
                              • 24 Oct 2011

                              Is it more likely to update on the XE beats version with its faster 1.5ghz chip

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                                • ana
                                • tht
                                • 24 Oct 2011

                                how about my Desire S?

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                                  • sid
                                  • vGX
                                  • 24 Oct 2011

                                  Rohan, 23 Oct 2011would I upgrade my HTC Wildfires S's 2.3 Gingerbread androi... moreits not possible dude :)

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                                    • AnonD-22086
                                    • syY
                                    • 24 Oct 2011

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                                    in an airtight chamber or environment your example you be flawless...

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                                      • fahd
                                      • uWy
                                      • 23 Oct 2011

                                      Ice Coffee, 21 Oct 2011I think you need to check your facts a bit. I've weighed bo... moreand by the way earth pulls all the stuff with the same gravitational pull it dosent matters that a phone is ligter then the other they both will drop with the same rate. 9.81 m/s^2 :-)

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                                        • Rohan
                                        • 2S{
                                        • 23 Oct 2011

                                        would I upgrade my HTC Wildfires S's 2.3 Gingerbread android OS to Icecream sandwich?

                                        Please tell me, waiting your reply.