Samsung’s latest infographic of the evolution of the Note skips over the Note7

24 August 2018
There’s an obvious gap between the Note5 and the Note8.

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  • 25 Aug 2018

Almost got the note edge because the edge is cool and actually useful but wanted to wait for the next generation, and unfortunately, no note edge successor as samsung adopted the infamous useless dual edge.

    Anonymous, 25 Aug 2018I am not gonna part with my Note 7 till I die because it is... moreActually, you'd be surprised. They are ballsy, I'll give em that

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      • 25 Aug 2018

      I am not gonna part with my Note 7 till I die because it is the best Galaxy Note made by Samsung - said no one ever

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        • 24 Aug 2018

        if they couldn't include Note 7 for embarrassment, at least put in Note FE.

          I bought the first one while having an S II. All I can remember is how amazed I was because of the screen. Wow. From 4.3" 480x800 to 5.3" 1280x800. And yes, that thing was so damn huge at the time. Never had another Note though, next thing was an S4 and currently S9+ with no plans on changing it whatsoever. Nowadays I'm afraid that I will never be that impressed again with a screen.

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            • 24 Aug 2018

            Note 3, Note Edge. Now I have Note 8, and I will (probably) change it for Note 9. My mobile operated have nice offer for trade.
            Note Edge was the best!!

              Note 3 demo retail and now Note 8. I love it. Looking forward to Note 10.

                All notes. Except 7. Basically. I am a HUGE fan of note.

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                  • 24 Aug 2018

                  having Note 3 (sons), Note 4 (rescue) and Note 8

                    Note7 owner, 24 Aug 2018What was wrong with the note 7, it accomplish quite a few i... moreUhm, it was a bomb, like literally.

                      What was wrong with the note 7, it accomplish quite a few industries first...

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                        • 24 Aug 2018

                        Don't worry Note7. You will always be alive in my heart! :P

                        Besides the Note FE, they could have also given an honorary mention to the Note 3 Neo as well.

                          used to own Note 2 and Note 4 back in time , they were great devices , never had hard times with them , now i'm using Mate 9 , and it's satisfying me the most , and from my point of view , samsung was right not to mention Note 7 , it was an embarrassment to the Note line , what would they say about it? first device to explode? you could send it as a gift to your ex gf or the people you do hate? 24 hours and it will explode in their faces? lol i agree with them not to mention it ..

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                            • 24 Aug 2018

                            I always had dreamed of having a note series phone but S series was blowing me away until 2 days back i got my Note 9 which is a really awsome phone. Amazing performance and all new features are incredible. Thats the exact thing i was looking for in a phone and i finally got it.

                              "Which of these Galaxy Note devices have you owned or were you considering at some point? Let us know in the comments!"

                              None, too big to handle, big smartphones as no sense.

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                                • 24 Aug 2018

                                Kingslayer, 24 Aug 2018Android Authority mentioned it first on Twitter. It seems b... moreThere is also the sensationalism aspect to consider.

                                What will attract more readers: "Very Few Note 7 units may self ignite", or "Galaxy Note 7 battery exploding"?

                                  BTW, they forgot to write about Note FE (which was basically a Note 7 with a downgraded battery). It was a decent phone and should've made into the list...

                                    The Note 7 was just too hot to handle. :P

                                      Android Authority mentioned it first on Twitter. It seems both sites just copy each other. GSM Arena posted an article a few days ago that AA is just barely mentioning today. Anyhoo, too bad for the Note7. Samsung rushed it but I believe it was blown out of proportion to help Apple sell more iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Affected very little units. Lots of FAKE NEWS out there to manipulate your thought process. There was a mole in the company.

                                      Note 3 was the best Note ever. No emmc failure bug like the Note 4 has.

                                      R.I.P. Note 7