Huawei to introduce two new color variants of the P20 and P20 Pro

29 August 2018
Butterfly Blue and Pearl White?

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  • 30 Aug 2018

Geric.770, 29 Aug 2018Twilight's revival (thanks to Huawei) is the best I've ever... morewell said (Y)

    Twilight's revival (thanks to Huawei) is the best I've ever seen.
    The last time I saw this colour was in a Nissan Skyline GT R before on a drift show.

      The Twilight color version was the best-seller for P20 Pro, so they should launch more color gradients rather than solid colors. How about a black&red gradient? Looks pretty epic in my mind. :D

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        • 29 Aug 2018

        I hope they introduce natural saturation in photos with them as well.

        Photos still look toy-ish. An amazing camera-centered device let down by bad software decision.

        For huawei haters: I'm not saying it's better than other brands. It's just a unique device in its own way.

          Anonymous, 29 Aug 2018I want the color transparent white and Dark BlackDo you mean the internals be dark black and the back glass be white?

            LG Superfan, 29 Aug 2018Pearl white and butterfly blue?Maybe

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              • 29 Aug 2018

              I want the color transparent white and Dark Black

                turquoise is lively, I will choose this colour.

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                  • 29 Aug 2018

                  White colour will be more interesting.

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                    • 29 Aug 2018

                    The more good colour choices, the better for the user. just hope they don't charge extra for the colour.

                      Pearl white and butterfly blue?