Stable MIUI 10 is currently rolling out for Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Mi Mix 2

30 August 2018
But it's only for the Chinese market.

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  • Bailey

LG Superfan, 30 Aug 2018Why dont Xiaomi just release it with their flagships Simply answer it wasn't ready to be released.

  • theStick

It's out for mi5 as well, Chinese ROM of course

  • Kangal

LG Superfan, 30 Aug 2018Why dont Xiaomi just release it with their flagships Its because Xiaomi already worked on the Mi8 series before MIUI v10 was finalised.
Same goes for the PocoF1 and BlackShark. The idea is to finish the phone as fast as possible, to either match competitors or flat-out beat them to market.

Because the tech moves in a fast-pace. If you want a QSD 845 phone, you get the Samsung S9+ in February 2018... or wait for competitors in June. There's very few people who wait till November to get a QSD 845 phone. And by that time, there's more options so lower chance that a consumer would choose your product over another. And even the threat of the iPhone and perhaps unveiling/rumours of next-year's devices (Faster SoC, Better Camera, Fingerprint scanner, Form-factor).

Xiaomi also has departments/teams that both work on the Mainline MIUI ROM (nightlies), than they have teams that work on porting, testing and making stables. Not to mention their Global ROM teams (translation, bugs, GApps, porting) and Stock Android on the Mi A1/A2.

PS Xiaomi has said the Mi 8SE is not international, its China ONLY. However, on the Miui forums someone managed to port the official Mi8 Global ROM to it. Geekbuying is selling the Mi 8 SE "English Version" with this port. People are also complaining that they're having difficulty unlocking the bootloader on the latest devices, not getting the keys in the typical 30min time but instead waiting for ~48hours or no response at all.

Why dont Xiaomi just release it with their flagships