HiSilicon Kirin 980 is the world's first 7nm chipset, 37% faster than its predecessor

31 August 2018
It's also the first chipset support 2133MHz LPDDR4X memory and gets the brand new Mali-G76 GPU.

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  • Shaqib

mema, 25 Sep 2018apple A12 bionic claims that they improve their chipset by ... moreNot better than snapdragon 845 which I was expecting to be and arm mali G76-MP10 is not better than andreno 630
I will not purchase a honor phone again
Honor 8 pro FAREWELL

  • Mazzaz

S Yu, 02 Sep 2018I stand corrected, Huawei really claimed an 178% increase o... moreProbably in relation related to the earlier chip-generations increase of efficiency.

Of course an 178% is in pure logic rather impossible :)

  • mema

apple A12 bionic claims that they improve their chipset by 50% faster perfomance than A11 so i compute their antutu benchmark score, A11 has 246,000 score, so I multiply it by 1.5 then the result is 369,000 near at 363,000 score, and this kirin 980 claim a 37% faster in its predesesor, the score of antutu of 970 is 210,000 so i multiply it by 1.37 and the result is 287,000, therfore i conclude its not faster than A12 bionic in terms of performance, but faster in other feature like, WIFI, modem etc...

  • Anonymous

.alpha, 31 Aug 2018Kirin 980 is the 1st announced but A12 would be the 1st ava... morehey smart boy, tell me how much will cost this new Huawei phone with Kirin980? will it be $400? i doubt that.
even with Kirin970 you have phones more than $1000.
pocophone have latest and very nice SoC from Qualcomm - SD845 and its $300-400.
before you call someone "idiot", think twice or look at the mirror.

I really hope this outpreforms A12 made by crapple but i dont think so.
That fake disguised as a mobile phone company still robbers its customers selling 4-5 times as high as the manufacturing costs.

Definitely impressive. Good, rumours there wrong and we got g76 instead of aging g72 with more cores, only slight problem is, that Kirin 980 would be dethroned by sd 855 and next exynos iteration, but at least it is now caught up with competition and differences would be not so obvious, cause usually Kirin could only match or be worse than current generation chips from SD or Exynos with next iterations wiping a floor with Kirin. But now it has a lead over current gen, and would be interesting to see how much differences would be in power against next gen SD and Exynos, at last I can say good job Huawei

  • Anonymous

r33fd, 01 Sep 2018Funny thing is Adreno 630 is still the theoretically superi... moreHuawei is smart to know that in mobile space CPU speed is more important than GPU speed.. The CPU is easily maxed out its capacity when juggling with multiple heavy apps but the GPU only used its full capacity in benchmarks.. All mobile games are designed to suit to the mainstream gpu performance which is the midrange tier.. Having an above average gpu performance is enough for ALL games and having the bleeding edge like the Adreno 630 is only for bragging benchmark results but all it does is take the toll on battery life.. Like using a bulldozer to cut your grass.. Wasted..

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm Killer

S Yu, 01 Sep 2018It can't "save 178% more power", ffs you can't save more th... moreI stand corrected, Huawei really claimed an 178% increase of power efficiency, not 78%, though that claim itself is too suspicious. We'll be able to verify it if Anandtech gets down to testing it, nobody else will.

  • Bewildered

cool SOC, 31 Aug 2018the best ist you do not need a battey anymore becouse the G... moreThe paragraph you refer to has be edited incorrectly
" As graphics in mobile games have become more and more sophisticated in recent years, Huawei has integrated the Mali-G76 GPU into the Kirin 980 to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. Debuting with the Kirin 980, Mali-G76 offers 46 percent greater graphics processing power at 178 percent improved power efficiency over the previous generation"

Not a saving nearly twice as good

  • NewWorldOdor

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2018Chipset of the year for android = Kirin 980but only for phones that can't be unlocked, thus I say thanks but no thanks.

Josh, 01 Sep 2018So in simple terms, the point that i was driving home is th... moreSomething like that in other words. Yes. ^^

Kiyasuriin, 31 Aug 2018I am an MA in Software Engineering (well. ALMOST an MA, sti... moreSo in simple terms, the point that i was driving home is that let's leave the technicalities to the experts. What i know is that Qualcom SD 845 will have to catch Huaweis Kirin 980 in their next chipset maybe, and the trend will continue again where Kirin 980 will have to catch to the new Qualcom chipset again!!

Brazen Beef, 01 Sep 2018You'd wanna Google how much Samsung spends on R&D.Quite a lot. That's for sure. Beyond 14b$

Indian, 01 Sep 2018Just google how much huawei spends on r&d... Am not sur... moreYou'd wanna Google how much Samsung spends on R&D.

"Well, Huawei points out that the Kirin 980 outperforms the 10nm chips by 20% and it's 40% more efficient at the same time without mentioning the Snapdragon 845 name in particular."

So this is basically the node advantage and little else, way to go TSMC?

"Huawei calls the latter "Dual-Brain Power" and can help recognize up to 4,500 images per minute, which is around 120% faster than last year's single NPU chip on the Kirin 970 SoC."

Actually Huawei's slide was shown compared against SD845, it specifically said in two charts unless they were both wrong, and if this is the case then it's very disappointing performance as dedicated NPU should easily be many times as efficient as generic hardware on the SD845, and we could bet that the SD855 also on 7nm could match Kirin 980's image recognition performance even without dedicated hardware, since the DSP will also receive an upgrade.

It can't "save 178% more power", ffs you can't save more than 100% power!
It's called 78% higher or x1.78 power efficiency! Even the first half of the sentence has proper usage of "the GPU outperforms the previous generation by 46%" then why is the power efficiency messed up!

Manhurt, 01 Sep 2018Snapdragon,Exynos and Kirin Flagship too mainstream. Lookin... moreThe only mediatek Flagship I am anticipating is the X40. And I doubt it'll beat even the 835 despite having rumored full tri cluster 12 cores asset. Sure. Excellent multicore score. But single core?

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018They will still lag behind apple in terms of chipset power.... moreJust in CPU peak processing prowess. (Which basically meansGeekbench)
Snapdragon 845 has just 57% of the peak preformance. But can stay at 100% load for MUCH longer than the A11.

jefire411, 31 Aug 2018they don't make slight successors to CPUs anymore, now it's... moreWhat?