Another phone with camera slider showcased, this time from Lenovo

31 August 2018
It also features an under-display fingerprint reader.

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Lenovo... known for false statements and/or leading on their customers and poor build quality... there's soo much that can go wrong with this one.

- Would not buy!

Hmmm seems good!

Lenovo at its best when it comes to trolling people HAHAHAHA

no matter what, its still way better than the ugly notch, but with Lenovo's build quality i won't go for it

Now this is a trend i can get behind and like... so much hate for the notch -_-

  • Anonymous

don't forget about Lenovo Z5

  • green

look on the bright side, imagine how much easier it would be to repair/replace the display if it isnt attached to main board. just something to think about.

  • M2k

Lenovo are a bunch of false advertising lying basterds. Never believe in what they they trying to sell u. Never owned a Lenovo product and thankfully never will. Don't waste your time folks.

  • Anonymous

Angry Gelato, 01 Sep 2018copy of an iphone? hahahaahWhy are you laughing, you ignorant ? This is not iphone copy. It has not a notch, it is slider.

  • Anonymous

Something disappointing once again.

By the time this come out it's gonna be a flip phone. Lenovo and their web of lies

  • Angry Gelato

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018Anotha chinee copycopy of an iphone? hahahaah

  • Bewildered

Gandalfdenvite, 31 Aug 2018Mechanically moving parts are never good, they break! I prefer a... moreI couldn't agree with you more
First I just looked up the specs of very first phone with selfie camera the Nokia 6680

This phone had a mechanical lens cover which you pulled down to activate the main camera, and then you selected single shot, video or selfie camera

I can't tell if in this case the slide up is mechanical or touched screen activated
Second and mist importantly this will negate dust proof and waterproofing will it not?

This appears to be an industry self imposed wound where bezels are bad and display area is good.
Prior this NOTCH debacle the largest rectangular display was "fitted" on the phone, now to STEAL more display area the space either side of the selfie camera and earpiece was added (instead of pop up why didn't they just move them to the rear of the phone?

We are talking about 7mm in height that somehow must be sacrificed to return to rectangular features

This is stupidity fo stupidities sake, off the top of my head a door in a room, you don't measure the area in the arc behind the door, so get rid of the door and install a slide open door.

In order to have pop up makes the phone thicker in addition to the loss of IP67 & IP68 mentioned above
Just make the phone 7mm taller and leave the selfie camera / earpiece alone

I'm not going to fall for this Lenovo bullshit again!!!

  • Anonymous

La La La, Lie Lie Lie.


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  • Anonymous

From last experience, no need to shows something like this

  • Jimmy Hopkins

frickin lienovo at their finest

what? another bamboozle like z5?

  • Salah

The main feature of the phone will be ''progressive bezels'' they grow bigger every time you look at the phone.

Well this is a bit too funny to answer... From them I can already imagine some kind of old crank like those used to start the cars in the 50s, and use it to lift the camera or a volume-style wheel of the aged radios. Something economically practical. For resistance to water the ads will sell you IP68, but later reading the user manual they will tell you to buy an airtight bag suitable for use in freezers and if it fails to claim the guarantee to the manufacturer of bags .... XD