Another phone with camera slider showcased, this time from Lenovo

31 August 2018
It also features an under-display fingerprint reader.

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  • Joe

This should've been the Z5. I'm surprised that Lenovo has shown a lot of interesting smartphone prototypes over the years (Smartwatch-phone thingy and flexible display devices, there was even a transparent phone prototype by ZUK) but never released them.

  • Anonymous

Sparkxster, 31 Aug 2018We'll see Lenovo hope your not pulling a Z5 on us again.Thye will, Lenovo is Hopeless

  • Anonymous

Thab33f, 31 Aug 2018*launches with 2cm of bezel on each side*with an extra 4cm on each side

We'll see Lenovo hope your not pulling a Z5 on us again.

I won't be surprised if it turns out to be a pressure cooker instead

  • yy

Lenovo z5 once more?

  • Anonymous

1 year later... Lenovo "unfound XD" released with one hundred meter deep notch, 60% screen to body ratio, 256 mB RAM and under camera finger print reader for 999$. No thanks, not this time Lenovo, we are not buying it this time :D

Just put a top bezel on the phone that's not to big and call it a day. No notch no stupid trick cameras that destroy the phones ability to resist dust and moisture.

  • q8peace

great to see innovation they get rid of the notch / now apple will copy that and then everyone will say apple do it first

Let me guess.... It has growing bezels which would be unveiled at the launch.

*launches with 2cm of bezel on each side*

Yeah, I'll believe it when i see it. Don't trust Lienovo anymore!