Huawei Mate 20 Pro appears in the wild with fingerprint scanner on the back

04 September 2018
The Pro variant will have curved edges on the front panel, the regular Mate 20 will stay flat.

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Anonymous, 04 Sep 2018Just don`t trust Huaway benchmark results... https://www.a... moreHawaii*

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    • Anonymous
    • 3Hi
    • 05 Sep 2018

    Curved screen .... Nooooooooo!

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      • Anonymous
      • JCx
      • 04 Sep 2018

      Good to see the Jack back, but curves are not for me. Hope that is the only difference b3tween the pro and other one.

        Would've preferred a Mate RS look and style, but this isn't bad either

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          • Anonymous
          • pdH
          • 04 Sep 2018

          Just don`t trust Huaway benchmark results...

          They cheat a lot at this moment!

            I think its Mate 20 with back fingerprint and Pro will have UD and 3D face recognition or maybe will have two on back and one UD like Mate RS along with 3D face

              Looks like Huawei is doing great use of space on their phones. :)

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                • AnonD-632062
                • 3Yf
                • 04 Sep 2018

                Anonymous, 04 Sep 2018Just after HTC revive the headphone jack on U12 Life a few ... moreYeah, hopefully they will all come back to their senses and reverse this bad trend.

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                  • PGq
                  • 04 Sep 2018

                  AnonD-632062, 04 Sep 2018Yes! The 3.5 mm audio jack, will make a return to the Pro s... moreJust after HTC revive the headphone jack on U12 Life a few days ago. I am guessing Huawei has seen how HTC has brought back the jack, so they are inspired by HTC's example.

                    Kiyasuriin, 04 Sep 2018Okay. Let's say the Mate 20 PD won't be notched, where will... moreWell if there's no notch, bezels could be there. Or some exotic periscope solution like in the NEXs

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                      • hhha
                      • ibX
                      • 04 Sep 2018

                      a notch just with a new name lo
                      haha and that curved with a notch is ugly
                      no new design anymore

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                        • Dude
                        • 3Kf
                        • 04 Sep 2018

                        notch means next

                          maybe dual finger print?? back and in display lol

                          if true congrats!!

                            Asphalt-nation, 04 Sep 2018A notch is unforgivable, doesn't matter how small it is, it... moreOkay. Let's say the Mate 20 PD won't be notched, where will we locate the front camera? Underdisplay Camera is not yet existent.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mx{
                              • 04 Sep 2018

                              Deffo gonna be the new kings of Android once they release...

                              The Mate 20 with its waterdrop screen is the better choice in terms of looks

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                                • TB1
                                • mEv
                                • 04 Sep 2018

                                nooo Huawei.. where is in-display? figerprint scanner? mmm :/

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                                  • srry
                                  • tue
                                  • 04 Sep 2018

                                  if the final unit have a headphone jack, then it is really a courage decision made by the company. . good job for listening and giving what consumer want!

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                                    • gsgdgsgfas
                                    • J7K
                                    • 04 Sep 2018

                                    Mate 20 and Mate 20 pro being differentiated due to complains last time that the mate 10 and mate 10 pro were hard to differentiate and choose.

                                      Namelesss, 04 Sep 2018It's hugeNo, it's just a tiny hand

                                        Love the Community, 04 Sep 2018The notch is justifiable because look at the panels, their ... moreA notch is unforgivable, doesn't matter how small it is, it will make the phone look purely generic from the front, and that's not nice.
                                        Hopefully, Porsche Design will be against that and the Porsche Design variant won't be notched, like for the Mate RS and the P20P.