Weekly poll: vivo V11, love it or hate it?

09 September 2018
It brings a teardrop notch and an in-display fingerprint reader .

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Kiyasuriin, 17 Sep 2018//eye-twitch I am fine with 6.4inch in 18.5:9 ratio. I fin... moreI was a sammy note user since the beginning and untill note 5, then i buy a zenfone 3 ultra. and then this year i try to buy my self a note again, the note 8, but sold it after 1 week, it was to small for me since the new 18:9 was here.
So now im used for big phones its hard to downgrade to a small keyboard now, and the the new format to omg. lol, life is a bitch...

    BigDisplay, 17 Sep 2018Would like to get a 6,8 inch in the old 16:9 format like my... more//eye-twitch
    I am fine with 6.4inch in 18.5:9 ratio. I find it perfectly sized.
    (Honestly? I'd go max 6inches if I could in this aspect ratio or 5.2 16:9, but I am a note user, so I learnt to live with slightly-ish large screen and I am actually fine with it)

      Kiyasuriin, 16 Sep 2018How large do you want your display??? O_oWould like to get a 6,8 inch in the old 16:9 format like my old zenfone 3 ultra.
      But i got the mi max 3 when it was released and in last week i order Honor 8x max and Honor note 10, those size can do it well to i think :-D

        BigDisplay, 10 Sep 2018Dont love it, dont hate it, but i set my v in the "hate it"... moreHow large do you want your display??? O_o

          • Syel
          • D0b
          • 10 Sep 2018

          It's really awesome to see the innovative in-screen tech is being made available at such a budget price! Great job vivo! Love the phone!

            "Pushing against that trend" - *still has a notch*

            ...logic... not that there's something wrong with notch, but I do understand how it might not be aestethically pleasing to some people.

              This BS with any kind of notch should stop. No, we no need any notches and no one likes it, leave it to Apple lovers, keep Android clean from shitty decisions

                • A
                • Alien
                • 3RM
                • 10 Sep 2018

                Keep it!
                I'd rather pay more and get the original, not the wannabe replica.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • y$e
                  • 10 Sep 2018

                  I hate OPPO and vivo because they always spam ads and missleading their costumer. For example My friend has vivo Y81 with SD425 because they say (vivo Sales) it is good for gaming (WHAT?? SERIOUSLY???) and they say Xiaomi has much ad on their UI (but it is just for unofficial guarantee Xiaomi phones and DISS pther smartphone) At same price, you can buy Redmi 5 that has better gaming with SD 450 + HD display so doesnt too affect perform the SD450. Oh God Why.

                    Raresmalinschi21, 09 Sep 2018Well guess what i have a LG G4 which has Micro-USB port , i... moreI'm not finished yet.

                    FunTouch OS is a big turn off too!

                      Dont love it, dont hate it, but i set my v in the "hate it" because i dont "like" it.
                      Micro usb for me is a no go, and the phone is to tiny for me.
                      The notch, i really dont care that much, again, dont love it, dont hate it, but i better like the notch the the big bezel.
                      But if i could chose, i will kill the front camera, result... no notch, no bezel. And then i will kill the new long and small format to and call for the 16:9 format (y).

                        Hate it most for that stupid UI that the phone has. Also hate it for the plastic build and the micro USB.

                          Signed "Hated it" because of notch existence. I can survive a MicroUSB charger though. ^_^;

                            Screen size is getting larger and larger which I don't like. I look under 6 inches phone which is sweet and easy carry-able and useable with one hand. 5.5 inches is enough for me.

                              Geric.770, 09 Sep 2018Great phone untill "microUSB"... -_- Please at least USB C!Well guess what i have a LG G4 which has Micro-USB port , it's not a dealbreaker for me why because i have Phone Charges with Micro-USB cable on it so why can't you enjoy it please or else Mr Micro-USB will be angry at you

                                • 1
                                • 124C4+1
                                • r2N
                                • 09 Sep 2018

                                They need to add a third choice cause I love it overall but that huge screen size is a deal breaker for me.

                                  I have seen its reviews... The gimmick UD Fingerprint Scanner doesn't works well... Also it has Micro USB... Network connectivity is very poor faces call drops alot... The back is not glass its plastic which scratches pretty easily...

                                    • K
                                    • Kangal
                                    • RN8
                                    • 09 Sep 2018

                                    Personally, I'm not impressed.
                                    What would compel me to get one of these instead of an older OnePlus 6, or a Xiaomi A2, or an LG G7one? It's either too late, or not doing enough (frankly I think its both).

                                    Not to mention that we're now/soon getting the OnePlus 6t, Razer Phone2, Huawei Mate20, iPhone 11, and Google Pixel Ultra. The competitors are just that much better, or cheaper in the form of the POCOfONE.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 8uN
                                      • 09 Sep 2018

                                      Very good phone but price should be around 20k

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-632062
                                        • 3Yc
                                        • 09 Sep 2018

                                        It's nice that phones these days are (literally) pushing back against the notch!