Another Palm press render leaks

06 September 2018
The image is clearer than the previous one, appears to lose the camera bump.

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Anonymous, 06 Sep 2018XZ2C has the same width as all the previous Compacts, calli... moreI called it plus because it's plus phone sized, which kind of says a lot about the state of this industry when nobody makes regular sized handsets with decent specs anymore and even Sony's "compact" range have entered plus phone sizes :(

For reference 5" and up is plus, 6" and up is phablet.

  • Anonymous

COOL! I do hope Palm makes their own OS once again. They are the best when it comes to user experience even Apple and Android have to copy/learn from them.

Also it they should cram in a 4.3" screen instead of 3.3". That's way too small even the original iPhone had a 3.5" screen...

  • Anonymous

dudecool, 07 Sep 2018id buy one straight away with those specs... only reason co... moreExactly. Add a good camera, headphone jack and at least a midranged cpu and it would be a great device. I miss the days when phones were made of plastic with lighter weight, good grip, battery easy to swap and hidden sim and memeory card slots. I’m not a fumbling oath so I never had durability issues.

  • Anonymous

...but the originals looks way better and way more modern than this crappy work

6inch or bigger, 06 Sep 2018the one that b*tching about 6 inch are too big,bla bla blaOh those toddlers

ppczouz, 06 Sep 2018No to beat on the same horse, but I'd love the phone with a... moresmh this is reminds me with that 21:9 4" LG BL40

  • dudecool

suman0, 06 Sep 2018How many people? Like 5-6 ?id buy one straight away with those specs... only reason compact phones dont get bought by people that like small phones is because they are mostly all low end specs.

  • Oflife

So, 20 years or so after the awesome Palm Pilot, we have a device that is really way way less innovative, useful, well designed (ergonomically - not even a stylus!) so like Kodak, Polaroid, Blaupunkt, a once great brand has had a PDF of their logo purchased by a wealthy Chinaman and cheap crap sold in it's place. How sad and lacking imagination.

  • sergiogjr

ppczouz, 06 Sep 2018No to beat on the same horse, but I'd love the phone with a... moreGet the Sony Compact ones. Flagship with small form factor.

No to beat on the same horse, but I'd love the phone with a slightly bigger screen. a 4" 2:1 screen would have been awesome and would offer an excellent alternative to the sharp-edged iPhone SE. (Plus I'm not a fan of iOS, so there's that).
I suppose they will leverage the excellent gestures the Pre had, no?

It needs like 4 inch screen in that same body and 2x the battery. Better camera too and it would be best seller for elderly people who just want a small box with what to make calls and sometimes pictures.

I have Nokia Lumia 520 as my backup phone, but it's camera isnt made for taking pictures :D
Would love to switch that 520 to something newer but it needs to have decent camera at least so it got more point then just small phone. If you already need to set that camera in that phone at least have a good one.

  • Korey

gejmate, 06 Sep 2018Honestly, this design looks a lot cooler than those iPhone ... moreDude, no it doesn't. It literally looks like an original iPhone

  • Anonymous

sm4rt4ss, 06 Sep 2018We need: Max 4.5" screen Bezeless design No notch SD ... moreThe Sony XZ2 Compact is close to your wish list. Battery is marginally smaller (2870 mAh) and a 5" 2:1 screen is the same width as a 4.6" 16:9 rather than the 4.5" you asked for, but otherwise it fits your specs.

I like it, but I doubt it's a top seller.

Several years ago.
Flagship such as Nokia 700 had 3.2" screen...

Even Lumia 1020 with its 4.5" seems small for now.

Which is sad.

Phone has evolved from communication device to multimedia device, and then now to serve as a showing off tools.

  • Anonymous

No volume buttons ? so.. how ?

  • Anonymous

namla, 06 Sep 2018wow.. it's nice to see a small one..Are you still talking about phones ;)

Cutest phone! However the bezels need to shrink. You can easily fit in 4inches here without creating a notch

  • lolsomany

Its1ds, 06 Sep 2018I wouldn't say 3.3" is sad, it is just for some people who ... morethe problem is battery is more smaller than nokia 3310

  • saif

this is the amazing size in the world

  • AnonD-632062

So refreshing! I like this design already!!!