Another Palm press render leaks

06 September 2018
The image is clearer than the previous one, appears to lose the camera bump.

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Unfortunatelly it is not what I was expecting. This one is cute, but there are a lot like this (thought with lower resolution screens) - huge frame around small screen. My hope was for something with physical keyboard such as Palm Pre. But still it is better than what we have on the market now. I understand that most of the people don't have computers anymore and they have to buy things from the Internet, so the big screen is what they must like to buy.
But I have computer, laptop, tablet. I have phone too, but I hate it since it has 6 inch screen and I mostly use first gen Galaxy A3 with 4.5 inch screen (which I hated when I bought it 4 years ago because it was big). I want small cute phone. I promise I will buy things on the Internet, please someone make normal phone.

Another "Nostalgia" move for a company who died before.

What is this, Nokia trend moments?

  • Anonymous

4" no bezels, mid range specs for ~450€$ - instabuy

  • mike

sm4rt4ss, 06 Sep 2018We need: Max 4.5" screen Bezeless design No notch SD ... moreThat's a $600 phone right there.

Midrange CPU with 4GB of RAM with 2500mah battery and some run of the mill Sony camera would do the job for $350. 720p LCD of course cause I want my whites to be white :)

Just for Nostalgia!

  • Dude

800mah is too small though... 1500-2000mah bare minimum

  • Dude

Maybe something for my mom...

  • 6inch or bigger

LG Superfan, 06 Sep 2018How can one possibly use such small thing?the one that b*tching about 6 inch are too big,bla bla bla

  • Anonymous

suman0, 06 Sep 2018How many people? Like 5-6 ?Make it 5-6 million if the software is android one.

sm4rt4ss, 06 Sep 2018We need: Max 4.5" screen Bezeless design No notch SD ... moreHow many people? Like 5-6 ?

  • Anonymous

Ubersonic, 06 Sep 2018If these are good they will have de facto dominance of the ... moreXZ2C has the same width as all the previous Compacts, calling it plus is weird.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

ZloiYuri, 06 Sep 2018HMD has ex-nokia employee (that was so bad in skills so nob... moreNokia is still the most durable brand! That is not a thicc brick.

  • YoloBS

I was hoping for a slide phone,very disappointed.
Why nobody making a qwerty phone with android go? Blackberry phone pricing is just awful.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

its so adorable!!! o3o

We need:

Max 4.5" screen
Bezeless design
No notch
SD 845/855
3000mAh battery

Instant buy. People will buy small Andorid phones. They just have to get it right.

  • Tonberry

It's so tiny and cute! I prefer large screens for myself, though. And I kind of hoped that a Palm phone will have some more interesting features (sliding keyboard?)

  • Anonymous

3.3"... It seems I will have to wait forever for a 4" phone with thin bezels.

  • gejmate

Honestly, this design looks a lot cooler than those iPhone X rip-offs.

If these are good they will have de facto dominance of the regular sized phone market as nobody makes them these days (Apple hasn't made one since the iPhone SE and Sony's last Compact was a plus phone).

  • Anonymous

People complaining about the screen size should remember that everything we have now was basically birthed by the iPhone 3 which boasted a whopping 3.5” display, holy cow!! And it wasn’t even widescreen.. what the?! But to this day it still offered the best experience of a handset as iOS was more refined back then and wasn’t chasing androids tail, and back then android was designed to be practical.. now days it’s design philosophy is more skitzo than anything else.

Had this been running a custom palm os it would have been better but we can’t have everything.. at least not all in one go :P