MediaTek has a new low-cost face unlocking that's just as secure as Apple's Face ID

06 September 2018
This could potentially bring secure facial recognition to the mid-range and entry-level smartphones.

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  • Anonymous

Mediatek showed a demo of the same at their IMC stall this year! It was quite interesting to see the comparison with an Apple device

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2018Experience with which model on which device? Entry mt6737 ... moreok no...see SD last longer...kirin last the longest...cpus wear out and slow down...however mediatek is the worst

  • saw089

probably even 3-4.5.6 times better!

  • Anonymous

SHAZAMM, 08 Sep 2018sadly but from my own experience the cpu's have not been go... moreExperience with which model on which device?
Entry mt6737 provides same experience as SD425.
Mt6750 same as SD435
Helio P20/23/25 same as 625/626

On first 64bits gen, SD410 and 615 were crap compare to 6732/6752

Manhurt, 07 Sep 2018Know about Mediatek P60? sadly but from my own experience the cpu's have not been good becasue of the inaccuracy of making it

  • Anonymous

Sounds good on paper as usual, in reality its just a crappy bokeh feature with rewritten software. Its good if it will work in low light and darkness but to authenticate financial services with this is risky. All customers of a bank is helping to pay when other customers fall victim to fraud, so in everyones interest these things should be banned from payment services. Its no coincidence that banks allow only Apple Pay and thats all, some credit cards companies allow their cards to be used on Garmin Pay but thats only because added security, where you have to reply text messages sent to a registered and approved number for example.
Cheapskate Chinese companies and dubious software developers must not be allowed access to peoples finances, and it seems banks are not allowing access to a certain Korean manufacturer half-baked services as well, lets just say its not a coincidence that Samsung Pay, or whatever its name is, is still unheard of in real life usage.

  • Anonymous

Unlike Qualcomm, MediaTek does NOT open source it's drivers, therefore leaving phones WITHOUT a major android upgrade unless it is FORCED by Google Android One's program which we saw on Nokia 3.

  • Anonymous

Geric.770, 07 Sep 2018Please fix those kernel issues, MediaCrap. Not to mention ... moreYou're present on all news about Mediatek...
Not to be informed...
Only to troll.

Shame on you

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 07 Sep 2018that is fake news! you are fake news! o3oI am a human.
Chill out, man.

What, you just can't deny the reality of MediaCrap SoCs?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Geric.770, 07 Sep 2018Please fix those kernel issues, MediaCrap. Not to mention ... morethat is fake news! you are fake news! o3o

SHAZAMM, 07 Sep 2018why mediatek still exist as a company...they cant even fix ... moreKnow about Mediatek P60?

  • Anonymous

Pay a little more and buy Snapdragon phone. Otherwise you will regret.

Please fix those kernel issues, MediaCrap.
Not to mention that heating issues are still on high.

  • Anonymous

sure boh about the iPhone..?

my twin can unlock my phone, despite we both not looking exactly identical...

I personally wouldn't buy anything from Mediatek.

why mediatek still exist as a company...they cant even fix their CPU's to be safe for a long period of time...ever destroyed the cpu of a phone..with out physically damaging it...likw throwing it or dropping it...then buy phones with mediatek processors

  • Marco

Blu has launched their Vivo XI+ phone in Brazil this week and their press material claim this phone has 3D face scanner just like iPhone X. Since it is powered by Helio P60, this could be the first phone lauched with the technology described in this article.

  • Bewildered

ThunderCrackR, 06 Sep 2018"Everyone knows that Apple's Face ID technology used in the... moreThis is for want of better phrase "real olds"

Biometrics in order to work require a SECOND level of security, so moving biometric security from a building to a phone is nonsensical

In short you enter a secure area and as a final level of security biometric fingerprints/ iris scanner / face id used in conjunction with physical or barrier security

The fallacy was demonstrated in an episode from the 2018, season of Homeland when X after being rendered unconscious, his unconscious finger was was placed on the iPhone and his phone opened

passwords may be slow, but can't be used if unconscious or when subconscious

  • Anonymous

Anonym, 06 Sep 2018It's also as OpenSource friendly as Apple...At least, Mediatek's products are multiple times cheaper than Apple's. They are more cost-effective, too.
I also think that not releasing source code is a very bad idea.

  • AnonD-82756

Go on my boys