Nokia demonstrates a phone with a flexible OLED display

27 October, 2011
Shown at Nokia World, the device lets you flex the it at different angles to control the UI.

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  • AnonD-55322

I think that Samsung present some kind of flexible display, not a flexible phone(eve prototype) so keep learning;)

  • Brain Dead

Fuji, 30 Oct 2011another useless & irrelevant invention of Nokia.That's what they said when Computers were invented. The best part is watching someone eat their own words. Just saying, you know.

  • Paul the Beautifull

I'd like to had one SmartPhone like this or a Wrist Phone like this.

  • Fuji

another useless & irrelevant invention of Nokia.

  • AnonD-11222

chat, 29 Oct 2011i have a china handset with function of flexible display . i ha... morewho cares.........LOL

  • Questions.

I remember that Nokias forst flexible prototype was invented when 3310 was a new hit phone. That is almost 10 years ago.

  • chat

i have a china handset with function of flexible display . i have this phone from last 6 months ....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-10443, 28 Oct 2011wow!nice!new thing invented by nokia!now samsung will begin copy... moreNokia gets the displays from Samsung fool!

  • rozay

the bending screens are actually manufactured by Samsung ....i saw this in April on trace tv ..... so Nokia does buy the product from the mighty Samsung

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2011you are crazy, appreciate what Nokia has done, and please know t... moresamsung were first to make flexible display

  • Anonymous

Samsung already invented the flexible display and showed in 2010­ngs-new-display-technologies-fpd-2010/ haters, they just make me laugh

Nokia perhaps shows a phon with flexible display for first, but since that samsung is the only company has a ability of mass manufacturing the oled displays, I'm freaking sure Samsung made that flexible displays for nokia.

I will note again Samsung has 90% share in OLED display market(not TV).

  • Kiran

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2011you are crazy, appreciate what Nokia has done, and please know t... moreAnd you're right, samsung made one months ago....and it's much thinner with a brighter display. It's called Flexible AMOLED by Samsung. Here's a demonstration on youtube:

  • saw089

Nokia Morph, watch that on youtube, :)

  • Anonymous

you are crazy, appreciate what Nokia has done, and please know that it is not easy to concoct something like that, if not Samsung and Apple would have long invented it.

  • raJ

kurotsuki .. somehow agree with you.

  • aru

Samsung won't copy any thing it rocks how it is k

  • stef

gorilla glass bends, why didn't they use that..

  • kurotsuki

Umar, 28 Oct 2011The fact is nokia is over all out of peoples mind as they really... morewell ... sorry for being dumb. But in my reasoning, when a device in single core processor still faster than a device using dual cores, the dual cores one is the dumber than the single core. If you call me stupid for this reasoning, then apparently I'm really stupid ... at least in your world ... that is.

  • kurotsuki

Riez_11, 28 Oct 2011Ure kidding me??? Apple never steal ideas from other phones... i... moreiOS 5's notification area, on the top status bar, where when the user slide it down they can see the notifications' detail .... that's goes on froyo before iOS 5 even came out to public. That's not copying? Oh ... right ... you said Apple never steal .... they just simply copy .... so Apple's just ... a good artist?! (referring to good artist copy, great artist steal jargon)

  • Anonymous

is it touchscreen? i,ve seen a video about it on youtube, there is a time when someone played with it then he actually touched the screen and nothing happened. would it be such a waste if a screen that big doesn't have touchscreen capabilities