Apple iPhone XS and XS Max announced with 5.8" and 6.5" OLED screens

12 September 2018
They refine the iPhone X design, bring new storage options and double down on the notch and Face ID.

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Anonymous, 17 Sep 2018LOL. Aaaahaahaaah. Hey hey people look look! This guy said xz3 ... moreA stupid notch the divide notification bar compare a protective Aluminium 7000 series notch for the USB port, I definitely love the practical more than the stupidly trends!

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Predictive memorys, 13 Sep 2018Such a minimum improvement with insane price. The design also lo... moreLOL. Aaaahaahaaah.
Hey hey people look look! This guy said xz3 has the best design but he hates samsng so much.

OMG.. this is funny.. you all know Xz3 copies galaxy s8's design.
So this guy "indirectly" said that samsung also has the best design.

last year. stupid notch design
this year, stupid notch design + stupid product name -_-

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018It's called regulation. Regulations are different to restriction... moreSo android and windows are not regulated enough to comply with copyright laws? When you have regulation as strict as Apple's that only cater to businesses, acrificing user's ownership rights. How do you describe that type of regulation? Strict regulation! How do you describe the user experience? Restrictive. Anyway you explain it, iOS is a restrictive, limited mobile OS. You just got used to the restrictions that's why you don't see them as such --- or you probably work for Apple or some big media company that once upon a time lobbied congress to disallow even making back up copies of one's aging CD's and DVD's. Corporate greed. That's what makes Apple a trillion dollar company. :D

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018And to add to your argument, you also don't call it a limitation... moreIt's called regulation. Regulations are different to restrictions.
iOS is regulated to make it fair for everyone, while android is less regulated, thus allowing the tools to do illegal stuff like pirating music, movies, and apps. Allowing tools which can and are used to carry illegal actions is not a feature. The android OS is actually missing regulations to make it better, that's all. :)

And yes, it is entirely normal to pay for everything that the creator is asking money for. Even if you have old CDs and you rip them, when technology evolves you might need to re-purchase the same music all over again and new equipment to play it.
Same thing happened when the world started switching from vinyls to tape players. And then from tape players to CDs/DVDs. And now the same, when switching from physical copies of music to entirely digital copies. And we are ditching the audio jack for example, in favour of the next best thing which is wireless headphones. (no worries, wireless headphones will be so advanced in the next one to two years, that they will match current high fidelity, wired headphones)

So there you have it again, current technology explained.

P.S. in former times, you could have installed a piece of software without having to be bothered with software protection installation keys, etc. and if there were installation keys involved, you could have used them without any limits in terms of the number of computers you were installing the software/games on. Everything was easy, you could have shared software with other people by just lending them the installation files and keys. What a magical land, where everything was hard to regulate and everyone was doing the stuff they wanted.

But then came the internet and you now have online activations and are allowed to use a piece of software on just one device or for how many device uses you have paid for. And what do you know, developer incomes have gone up and they are getting paid for what they've worked for.

Same as with transferring music files, movies, and so on. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the correct thing to do is to regulate these things in order to get the creators paid for their work.

So no, iOS is not restrictive, it is just regulated, and thus more advanced in the technological world. Both because it enables creators and developers to get paid every time their content is used and because it provides more security and privacy to the end user.

Just as you rate iOS in terms of how well it handles non-regulated music, movies and apps, because you need those non-regulated transfers and installs, you can also rate android on how well regulated it is and how much security and privacy it is offering its users and how much money developers and artists are losing because users can freely transfer and use music/movies/apps.

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And to add to your argument, you also don't call it a limitation of iOS. Meaning, iOS is capable but it doesn't allow it. So we're back to iOS being restrictve. :) But you say it's not a limitation nor a restriction. What is it then when even older operating systems (Symbian) allow?
Apple's version of fascism/communism? :)

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Well, you don't see an end to this because you just want to be r... moreYes. Finally you got it and admit it, albeit, indirectly. :D
Although that thing about asking a fish to climb up a tree seems asking too much from a mobile operating system. :)

It's very clever of you to cite it as an example because you make it appear Windows and Android users have unreasonable or impossible demands, when all they want is listening to their own FLAC music collection or having some of those as their custom ringtone.

Windows and even the much older Symbian system allow for music transfers and customizations like using a personal ringtone. Apple doesn't allow anything you don't pay for or get from iTunes. (Do I sense greed?) Apple doesn't allow also so many other things android and windows allow, but it's not a restriction according to your dictionary because Apple knows what sounds, looks and feels good and convenient for everybody. Nice, just nice. :)

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018You have a way of twisting definitions really and I don't see an... moreWell, you don't see an end to this because you just want to be right, even though it was explained to you that you judge the other camp entirely subjective, with only taking your needs and wants into account. And nothing wrong with that, as we all need to look after our needs and wants, but we also have to take the greater picture into consideration.

Besides, changing the launcher, icon packs, icon layouts, etc. implies that the default one is not good enough. You might mistaken this as freedom to make it look whatever you want it to look, but it is just an idea that android is customisable, but you can never get the interface to look perfectly right and have a 100% consistent design language. If you actually were to do all the things you mentioned, you will know that you are going to constantly (every few days, every couple of weeks, and so on) going to modify/edit the layout, use different launchers, different icons, different themes, etc. all because you are not content with the one you are currently using. And this is also just fuel for adhd as it allows you to fidget indefinitely and with no real end result whatsoever. It is a nice dream, but in practice it's just not attainable. Pipe dream.

Same with choosing default browsers and apps and such - this is all because it would compromise the device's security, as Apple cannot inspect or do security tests on said apps each time a new version comes out. Apple is all about security and privacy, so by allowing users to choose different default apps, they would also open the gates for potential malware/exploits coming from around the web.

As someone smart said: if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you will think that it's an idiotic and useless creature. :)

Stuff to think of the next time you judge something based on your needs alone.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Totally missing the point. See the analogy regarding traffic rul... moreYou have a way of twisting definitions really and I don't see an end to this discourse. Here's a way to simplify it so you'll understand. If android allows you to sideload music and apps, allow you to change the launcher, which in turn allows you to change the grid, resize the apps, add or remove the app drawer, multiply the dock, use a dark theme, change the ringtone to your personal music, select your favorite browser, music, maps and other non stock apps as default, and Apple does not let you do any of those things, would you agree that iOS is a restrictive system? If not, what is it then? a limited system? Please don't call it simply as 'rules' because you are implying android doesn't follow rules especially as regards copyrighted material because it allows sideloading. To put it simply, iOS is a restrictive/limited or would you rather call it a fascist system?

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Wow, another long and winded post and it's still about justifyin... moreTotally missing the point. See the analogy regarding traffic rules. It’s either you have rules and regulations or everyone is going to do whatever they want out there. (and it’s not a good outcome in traffic if there are no rules and regulations to follow)
And yes, a parking restriction is called “restriction” but it’s not an actual restriction - it just makes sure you don’t block the path for the rest of the cars on the road. Being “forced” to wait at a traffic red light even though there are only a few cars on the road and you could make it across the intersection before they even come close to it, is still not a restriction. It is a regulation working in your favour.

Your parent(s) telling you not to eat so many sweets is not a restriction, it’s a regulation for your wellbeing. By eating as many sweets as you would probably want to, your teeth would get cavities and you also might get diabetes.

No matter how you turn and try to twist it, iOS is not restricted - it is regulated for the wellbeing of everybody, for the greater good. And android is less regulated, thus allowing users to do whatever they want with it. But this does not mean it’s a good thing at all.
Yes, it allows you to use your flac files and sideload apps, but at the cost of allowing piracy and compromising security and privacy. If you judge it based on these requirements, then the results are what you say the are (restrictive); but if you judge it based on a whole and based on the whole world, it’s just regulated for the wellbeing of everyone.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Oh, now I see why the comparisons with communism - it’s because... moreWow, another long and winded post and it's still about justifying and defending Apple's policies and practices, claiming iOS/Apple is 'not restrictive' at all. You are essentially telling me, the 'restriction' is just all in my mind, that I can't have lossless FLAC files on my phone because it's best I pay for lossy mp3 files instead, and that I have to re-download a 20GB FREE app over and over again --- ALL because Apple wants to 'save the world' from piracy or theft. Well tell that to the marines. It's such a lame excuse to stifle one's ownership rights. It's a facade, a lame justification for corporate greed. Paid apps in Android do not run when the account holder's email is not logged in the phone. Even free apps occasionally check for updates and do not run at all unless you update. A communist will always say abolition of private property ownership is the best approach; but a democracy advocate will always say otherwise. Apple users like you will always say iOS is a beautiful walled garden that isn't restrictive. I and most android users on the other hand call it a suffocating prison. Well to each his own. It's up to you if you don't call it restrictive but whether you accept it or not, it's restrictive by the very definition of the word. Even older Nokia phones running on Symbian allowed custom ringtones and file transfers including FLAC. Even windows PC's allow media and other file transfers. So there, it's Apple's way or the highway. And still, Apple users like you call it 'rules' rather than 'restrictions'. How naive.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018To further clarify, I am not saying Apple is communist. What I'm... moreOh, now I see why the comparisons with communism - it’s because you only know the surface of it. Communism is VERY restrictive, but in more ways that you know of. But it’s a different kind of restrictive, not what you have in these operating systems. I was wondering why you were making that comparison and to be honest I thought it was just a trolling feat, but now I see that you vision of communism is not accurate. The communist regime cannot be compared to operating systems.

What we are talking about here are rules to preevent theft. Yes, I was an audiophile myself and I understand your frustration when talking about using your own music files. I don’t like it either, but this is for the greater good - it is to prevent theft. And yes, because of the great number of people who would just pirate music/movies/apps, a few good people will have to go the extra mile to do their own legal stuff.

There is a difference between restricting and between having common rules in place. The former takes away stuff that should normally be there, while the latter makes sure it does not give thieves the options to steal. And yes, the better people will find it annoying to deal with extra stuff because of others who are doing illegal stuff. But then again, if you are to leave the gates open to do whatever, 90% of them will, for example, just copy music from one device to another, they will share it with friends, they will get new music files from friends and other sources and that would become the de facto in sharing and getting music. Thus artists will be money starved and will not be able to get their deserved retribution from all the people who are listening to their songs.

Same with apps and everything else that can be bought and shared. This only opens the gates for cracked apps and apps infected with malware - see fortnite’s problem with fake fortnite installs available over the internet. If people were to be fair, they would only use the official download website. But as they are not and they want to get some cheats going on to help them win or they want to find a way to get free credits, they start installing all kinds of dodgy apps from all over the internet, thus installing malware, keyloggers, etc. which extract personal data from them, they spy on them, and eventually they can steal their accounts, emails, passwords, and so on, all because people are not fair.

And yes, having to download that 20gb enciclopedia on each of your devices whenever you get a new device indeed sucks, but it’s not like you have to do anything to get it. You can leave it to install over in the background. Yes, it will take a long time to download, but ultimately you do not have to put any effort into it. You can leave it to install overnight or something.

You must remember that even though you do not do anything illegal and you do not plan to either, most other people are not like that and they will take the first opportunity to get their hands on music/movies/apps without paing a dime. With android, people still send each other all these media files or they download them over torrents, etc. and they use them without any regulations. It’s easy, fast and convenient, so people take advantage of it.

And it’s perfectly understandable why android is right for you. If I was still using flac or high bitrate music files, I would still use android. But just because iOS has these general use regulations who ask for everyone to go 100% legal, it does not make it restrictive. It just doesn’t provide the tools which would allow people to pirate music/movies/apps. That is not restrictive, it is just fair. You wouldn’t call traffic rules restrictive, wouldn’t you? Just because you can’t make a left turn whenever you want to or you cannot stop and park wherever you want to, it does not mean it is a restrictive regime. Traffic rules are there to make sure everyone is safe and they don’t block the path for other drivers. This is why traffic is mostly fluid - if there were no regulations and everyone drove the way they wanted, jus imagine how traffic would look like then.

Until everyone educates themselves and we all learn to be fair at all times, we all still need rules and regulations.

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Trueheart, 16 Sep 2018Why does Apple hide their notch in all their promo photos with a... moreTo make it appear the more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max look more premium than the cheaper iPhone XR which, surprisingly, had a different wallpaper that didn't hide the notch (at least in Apple's ads). Apple is like telling buyers, "Hey look, the XR looks visually cheaper and looks uglier than the other two, why not spend more so you'll get the more premium looking XS / XS Max?" That's Apple. The XR is actually Apple's back up plan, an afterthought to avoid the same failure as the iPhone X was to produce another 'supercycle' for Apple. The iPhone X was supposed to be a highly anticipated iPhone that would create another supercycle for Apple just like the iPhone 6 did when Apple had a major screen size and exterior design change. The anniversary edition iPhone X failed. Apple's market share continued to decline, (not like during the iPhone 6 launch which produced the most Android switchers).

Given the iPhone X was a failure despite copying the recipe of success of the previous iPhone 6 supercycle, Apple prepared a back up plan - the cheaper iPhone XR. And to ensure the XR doesn't cannibalize iPhone XS and XS Max sales, Apple naturally had to release the XR, much longer and much later than the other two, and give its users lame excuses for the delay. How clever! Apple is master of milking its hapless users to paying so much more for something that's only marginally better and in some ways, inferior.

That's what makes Apple a trillion dollar company - mastering the art of monetizing everything from not including accessories, to locking up its system so you have to pay for everything over and over again including those you already own. And it does that with so much finesse and talent: it uses celebrities to promote its phones and overpriced accessories so that its users don't notice that they are being milked in the process. Oh Apple, you're such a shrewed company even Google, Samsung and Huawei are having a hard time copying your sales strategy.

Why does Apple hide their notch in all their promo photos with a curve planet(or whatever the heck that is)?

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To further clarify, I am not saying Apple is communist. What I'm simply saying is that its practices are overly restrictive. No one can deny that FACT / TRUTH. You cannot simply tell a phone user "it's simply a matter of perception" or "getting used to". And no, I don't have to buy an iPhone to be able to make judgment as to its restrictive policies. If that were the case, you are essentially telling those who live in democratic countries to go to communist countries first and experience them fully before concluding ownership practices there are restrictive.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Not quite. You cannot call something restrictive just because it... moreI appreciate your long and winded explanation as an Apple fan. You can argue all you want and justify Apple's restrictions as 'for the good of the user' or 'for the good of the developers'. But have you ever thought that the same restriction is due to Apple's vested interests in selling something users already own and for lack of bettter word, corporate greed? As an example, why should a user be prevented from copying music and other media files from PC to iPhone? I rip music from my CD's and convert them to lossless FLAC format. It's the best audio quality any music lover can ever have and puts to shame what iTunes and Spotify can offer. Why prevent it? Just because it might be a venue to pirate stuff? That is patently wrong or at the very least, abuse if discretion and stifling of ownership rights! And that's 'restrictive' whatever dictionary you use. Same with sideloading apps. Why prevent it? It saves time and data not having to download the apps again. And how dare Apple restrict that too, just because it thinks all users are out to 'steal' apps? I have a 20GB offline encyclopedia app. It's a free app! Does that mean I have to download it again in all my other devices just because Apple thinks I might steal the free App? You don't call those practices 'anti-consumer'? You don't call them 'restrictive'? You can't change the definition of the word. You can only change the perception and not the TRUTH about it. Communists think the right to private property is bad for the country that's why you can't own anything. Ask any communist and he/she will say that's perfectly OK with them. Well it's the same with Apple users as evidenced by your responses.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018I'm sorry your analogy is seriously wrong. :) You are like sayin... moreNot quite. You cannot call something restrictive just because it does not allow you to do illegal things. Installing unsigned and cracked apps or installing custom ROMs does nothing but open up possibilities to get access to ill-gotten content or to infect the device with malware and compromise the device’s security. That is not restrictive in any way.

When you do not like something about something it only means you have a preference for something else. But then again that is personal preference, nothing else. If you don’t like sports cars, it does not mean that sports cars are bad and the cars you prefer (maybe pickup trucks) are better just because they are more useful in your day-to-day life.

Also, you need to have used both in order to form an opinion about them, and use them for their intended purpose. I am referring to phones and operating systems as an 8 years user of mostly flagship androids and 8 months user of an iPhone. Apart from installing custom ROMs on my androids, I did all possible customizations, tested my own apps, managed my website server, had a slew of macros to use with my smart devices at home. But, as always with android, all this flexibility made the OS unstable at times, apps were sometimes crashing or hanging up so force closes were needed, device restarts needed 1-2 times a week, the user interface and user experience not being consistent across all areas of the OS, the usual stuff android comes with and that we normally experience.

But since I started using an iPhone as an experiment, I saw that things can be done better in terms of smartphones, user experience, and user interface. Everything looks right, navigating the phone, apps, galleries, everything with gestures feels more natural and intuitive than using navigation buttons. Fidgeting with launchers, icon packs and widgets is not needed anymore, as everything looks perfectly fine right from the bat. Besides, all those customizations have no real actual use, as you are using the phone for its apps and not for staring at the home screen, admiring some new icons or layouts for hours. Time spent on apps and doing actual stuff wih your phone. Hard to explain the feeling in words, but it feels better - the whole user experience that is.

If you actually get to use it the way it was intended to be used and learn all its quirks and features, it all forms a tight and solid package that feels like a finished product from hardware to software to user support, start to finish, all areas. Of course, if you try to use it exactly like you would use android, things might not work as you are used to see them working. And vice-versa, if you try to use android as you would use iOS, things might not work as you would expect them to work.

The iPhones just make you think differently and they simplify your finger movements on the screen, reduce the number of taps and swipes, make everything pop up at the right time just when you need it, all while not overloading the screen with information you do not need at any given moment. Minimalism vs clutter; simple vs composed; a block of polished granite vs a “block” of bricks and mortar; same basic functionality but a different feeling and technique. Same as with sports cars and pickup truck: they both get you from point A to point B, but the truck is meant to be useful as it allows you to transport 5 people and carry stuff in the back, while the sports car is meant to just give you pleasure from driving it.

Only by testing these and using them the way they were meant to be used you can understand them. Once you try and use one the way you would use the other, work it will not and frustrated you will become. :)

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018That is because those are not truths. They are personal preferen... moreI'm sorry your analogy is seriously wrong. :) You are like saying communism is not restrictive, that it's the same as free as a democracy, that it's just a perception, and that the statement that it's restrictive is just a matter of preference. :D

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018For as long as you won't dispute the truths I mentioned about ho... moreThat is because those are not truths. They are personal preferences on devices and operating systems.
Which is fine nevertheless - we should all use the devices that suit as best. But just because you are not able to carry your furniture to a new apartment with a Ferrari, that absolutely does not mean that it’s a bad car. It just means that you need a pickup truck, that’s all.

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Anonymous, 14 Sep 2018I applaud your trolling attempts. I really do. :D But no matter... moreFor as long as you won't dispute the truths I mentioned about how restrictive, limited, and backward/outdated the iphone is in terms of customization, expandable storage, file sharing/file management and screen sharing capability, then that's enough for me. No more rebuttals and comments from me. ;)

In addition, for as long as you don't assume all android users are poor, stealing pirates who want apps, music and other copyrighted materials for free, then we're good. Peace! :D