Apple iPhone XR has a tall 6.1" LCD with a notch, single camera on the back

12 September 2018
This is the successor to both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018How does Italian supercar manufacturers get away with its pricin... moreItalian supercar manufacturers don't get away with its pricing cuz they indeed provide with best and most powerful specs/features which is costly! Thats why supercars..not regular sedan config which is ok but definetly not as comfy/powerful.

But this is insane.."their specs lists are underwhelming but the experience is too awesome" listen to yourself killing logic tryina justifying apple!

When you already accept they don't provide highend specs or features..what justifies the supercar cost for such mediocrity? Please don't say "ooOptimiiizzeedd"

Grats asking 850euros for a LCD phone with specs of an average midranger.

  • kkpp

nokia 5 which is a 2017 model has better specs &stuff thanthis costs less than 1/5th of that of ifone xr

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RIP Home Button. Seriously, what's wrong with buttons?! They are useful in an emergency situation.

XR likely won't get a successor like the 5c and SE. Apple wants high profit margins. Not selling us budget phones. That only cannibalizes their top ends.

If earliest, during when the s-models drops. R & S need to be together. If iPhone 11R is released next year, what will 2020 have? 11RS?

This could be a one-time deal, folks. But it's still going to be one of the best selling iPhones ever as it targets Asian countries with dual-sim.

iPhone 5c = no successor
iPhone SE = no successor
iPhone Xr = no successor?

Again, you need to think like Apple. Not as a consumer. All about profit margins. Not really about volume sales.

iPhone 5 - discontinued after a year for the 5s/5c

iPhone X - discontinued after 10 months for the Xs/Xr

The iPhone 10R won't be released until October 26 which is the same month the Pixel 3 / 3 XL and OnePlus 6T gets released. I think the timing is perfect for me. I can pay off my entire balance next week of $150. Then either have a choice between the 6T or 10R on T-Mobile.

I will only end up spending $4 more than my usual bill because the Samsung S7 edge ($600) was $25 per month extra. Now if the 10R gets sold out like crazy, this might push the 6T's prices to go down. Imagine Black Friday deals for either phones?

Deep down, I'm not really crazy about either one. My $224 Essential Phone is already the perfect phone for me. Perfect height. It actually works well on T-Mobile where I work. But if the right price comes along like the 6T gets me $200 off or the 10R can get me $300 off, why not?

Grew up idolizing Michael Jordan as a Chicago Bull. Black and red is my favorite color combination. Never owned a red smartphone before. Could be the first time with either Ferrari red phones.

This will probably be oneof best selling iPhones. I mean come on! If you have nothing against LCD and single camera is not a dealbreaker - this phone is a beast. The A12 chipset has insane power. That should be considered.

  • Pupli

I'll wait more rather than buying this mobile.
# welcome oneplus 6T

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018How does Italian supercar manufacturers get away with its pricin... moreface it: no one drives a supercar > special; everyone has an iphone > nothing special.

I actually like this phone a lot from a technological point of view.
It resembles the way some flagship killer got their reputation:
Sacrifice some non essential features for a better price.
The sacrifices were pretty well thought and allows this phone to retain a core flagship experience I think : fast performance, great camera etc.

The only problem I see for this phone is that It's in the wrong price segment.
It should be placed to compete against OnePlus and Xiaomi, not Samsung.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Youre right, they are after the money you dont have. Lets be hon... moreKindly buy a fast charger for me, if you are a millionaire.

RED 10R (128 GB), $799

Save $200. Double storage than a $999 10S with only 64 GB. LCDs do last longer than OLEDs with less burn-in. Willing to not have Telephoto, 1 GB less RAM, less ppi for the hottest color available that looks better than the 10S in any color.

Gingers are beautiful. They're kissed by fire. Red it is. Think Ferrari red, Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island, and Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Love red carpet.

MKBHD loves red. An LA Clippers fan like me.

  • Thomas

Goodbye iPhone 8 , 12 Sep 2018Did anyone seen the unpacked event ? They just mentioned using r... moreThey'll make even more profits by buying their own scrap and recycling it. Even more profit margins. Faggot led Apple is extremely greedy. We knew this environmentalist thinking will be exploited for even greater profits. People will pay reparations towards "mother nature" as taxes or be psychologically forced into choosing recycled trash. Are phones water or air, that recycled stuff is now used? Purely greedy move.

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Kishansingh0611, 13 Sep 2018Really not impressive. They called Iphone XR built in Liquid LCD... moreYoure right, they are after the money you dont have. Lets be honest and admit that much, you are not in the market for a phone in this price range no matter what OS or specs it has.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018How does Apple get away with such pricing. It's insane.How does Italian supercar manufacturers get away with its pricing? Simple, they just do everything better, their specs lists are underwhelming but the experience is too awesome. I wonder more how budget phones get away with their pricing, like the P Smart at 200 euro, wow, its not even worth 50, so underwhelming and underperforming, complete disappointment at any price.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Not o ly that. Switching to a new phone is just an awful experie... moreHave done hundreds of Itunes/Icoud setups. you have to enter your password again for everything. Icloud one first, any email accounts, any social media apps, banking apps obviously.

It's literally identical on android

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Your eyes cannot distinguish ang resolution bigger than 326 ppi.... moreSorry but im with the androiders on this one, 326 ppi has always been the big drawback for iPhones.Even at 440 PPI (non-pentile displays) my average eyes can easily spot antialiasing in certain letters in small text, which i have proved by pointing out for people, then take a screenshot and magnify it so everyone could see it. 500 ppi is the minimum for a good experience.
326 is ACCEPTABLE at an arms length, thats what Retina is about, "clear enough at normal viewing distances" but most people use their phones at closer distances 90% of the time.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Apple has won the flagship wars, it's now attacking downwards in... moreHuh? The Xr isn't much cheaper than an 8 Plus!

The 7 is their midranger, theres no SE entry level now. And even then it's far more expensive than a true android midranger.

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How does Apple get away with such pricing. It's insane.

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why dont we just buy the phone that we like, regardless if its an iphone or samsung or other brand, its like im saying that you better buy ford coz honda or chevy blah blah blah, we are unique to our own liking and taste