Apple iPhone XR has a tall 6.1" LCD with a notch, single camera on the back

12 September 2018
This is the successor to both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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Rich peoples wouldn't care about specs.. that's all

    Full HD-, reminding me of some cheap, nearly unknown Chinese brands trying to enter 18:9 realm but cannot afford a strong enough SoC, so they decrease the width instead of increasing the height.

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      • AnonD-632062
      • 3Yc
      • 13 Sep 2018

      With the A12 and a lower resolution, expect the iPhone XR to set benchmarks on fire.

        Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Apple has won the flagship wars, it's now attacking downwar... moreattacking the mid-range ones? come on. a $750/€849/£749 phone looks mid-ranger to you? that's the cost of a flagship of android world. I wont call anything that costs more than €400/$450 a mid-ranger at all. Just because apple increases the price of phones doesn't mean we have to be iSheep to spend our money for that. they are beautiful for sure but only we the consumers can teach the fkin big greedy corporations a lesson.

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          • Anonym
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          • 13 Sep 2018

          Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Your eyes cannot distinguish ang resolution bigger than 326... moreSpeak for yourself you blind eff. At that size, it's very noticeable the larger pixel size even with mundane tasks such as browsing the web. I'm not even entering into VR, which is when 4K (actually UHD) is really put to use. Plus, just because the display is capable of UHD it doesn't mean everything has to be rendered at that resolution! One of the nicest things about UHD is that you can render FHD and display it without quality loss, as the one FHD pixel perfectly maps 4 pixels (2x2) of the 4K UHD display.

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            • 13 Sep 2018

            Apple has won the flagship wars, it's now attacking downwards into mid-range. No artificial limiting of performance is an excellent move.

            iPhone XR is incredible.

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              • Goodbye iphone 8
              • uIS
              • 13 Sep 2018

              DD, 12 Sep 2018Stop comparing cheap Chinese phones with Apple. Not even close.Don’t get me on this due, I worked in a aftersales mobile phone industry previously and I know how much these spare parts cost . It’s fairly cheap actually. Apple was once great during Steve’s time , but after his death. It’s nothig more than just a rip off company.

                DD, 12 Sep 2018Go buy what you want. No one's forcing you to buy Apple Pro... moreIt does not change fact, that it's legs and arms above Dr for same price

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                  • 13 Sep 2018

                  I can get phones with dual cameras at 1/5 this price... leaving the 2nd camera out, at this price point, is just to try to push people to buying the more expensive models...

                  But that's the way the sheep wants it.

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                    • v3B
                    • 13 Sep 2018

                    Seriously 326ppi on a massive 6.1” screen??!! Even iPhone plus with 5.5” have more pixels than this crap

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                      • Takashi
                      • P8q
                      • 13 Sep 2018

                      resolution is 822 x 1,1792px ???????

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                        • 3MN
                        • 13 Sep 2018

                        I honestly think its a nice phone. A single camera seems enough because I don’t use optical zoom anyways. It gets the latest chip and face id and lcd screen isnt the end of the world. Id prefer lcd anyways

                        But 800p resolution on a 6” screen!?!?! What were they thinking?

                        I mean theyre already greedy enough but a non fhd display in a big screen seems absolutely nuts

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                          • Your math teacher
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                          • 13 Sep 2018

                          Anonymous, 12 Sep 2018They said A12 chip is 40% more efficient and on other hand ... moreWell it depends on what variables efficiency represents. That percentage may account for processing power , steps in batch computing and so on. Power consumption is just one of the factors.

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                            • 13 Sep 2018

                            For a moment I thought it is Huawei Mate 10 lite. Same shade of blue. Very iNNOVATIVE.

                              Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Your eyes cannot distinguish ang resolution bigger than 326... more*facepalm*

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                                • 13 Sep 2018

                                liquid retina means you will cry seeing this

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                                  • Nath
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                                  • 13 Sep 2018

                                  Very very disappointed with pricing-vs-offering ratio. This "budget" iPhone is expected cost over 1000$ in India and will be more expensive then the Note-9.

                                  So, unless you badly want to own the "brand", I would suggest you to buy a Galaxy S9 instead at half the price.

                                  And seriously, 720p display in 2019 at over 1000 bucks? No thanks!

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                                    • Kishansingh0611
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                                    • 13 Sep 2018

                                    Really not impressive. They called Iphone XR built in Liquid LCD with notch but it is purely a market strategy because Iphone 8 is also has LCD screen and Vivo and oppo are example LCD with notch. They could do in iphone 8 last year. I explain...
                                    Iphone team has plan for next 2 years. They already innovated triple camera, no notch display, foldable mobiles, etc.
                                    They know how to bring innovation little step by step as per market specifically when iphone deem in market.
                                    They bring only one great feature in every next model and earn high revenue high profit. That's a story of trillion company.

                                      Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018Not o ly that. Switching to a new phone is just an awful ex... more1. There are literally tens of 1 touch backup apps that you can use to completely back up everything. Your google account holds most of your important information and don't get me started on "you have to sign in". You have to do the same in Apple devices.
                                      2. Add more home screen? Apple users don't get to complain about that. All your apps are literally on your home screen.
                                      3. You don't have optical fingerprint scanners. Only Face ID is a pretty unreliable security measure
                                      4. All the widgets not worth anything? This is nothing but your own opinion and trying to pass that off as facts makes you look stupid
                                      5. Every storage transfer you do, it has to go through itunes. I dunno about you but I find that pretty restrictive
                                      6. Atleast when a company purposefully slows down our phones we have a community and a bucketload of custom roms to fallback to since Android is opensource
                                      7. You don't even get all the accessories in box. Fast charger brick? Buy it. Even the thunderbolt to headphone adapter? Really dude?
                                      8. To the guy complaining about Note 9 - Android isn't just Samsung. The Android market is filled with competitors thus providing ample choice

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                                        • 13 Sep 2018

                                        techperson211, 13 Sep 2018Liquid retina and its revolutionary for just $750 you get t... moreYour eyes cannot distinguish ang resolution bigger than 326 ppi. Having 4K display on a 6 inch phone is just fancy and eats your battery.