Apple will no longer provide Lightning to 3.5mm adapter with the iPhone

12 September 2018
This also includes the older models.

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  • EllesBelles
  • Ji8
  • 25 Dec 2020

It’s annoying they have done this and supply the lightning EarPods because my ears are so small the pods don’t fit into my ears therefore I have earphones I cannot use and no adapter to use earphones I can use!

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    • Remover
    • UD{
    • 17 Sep 2018

    It's all about the money and less production cost of other apple products that will be discontinued but this is kinda like a d*ck move if people still needs those kinds of apple products in their phones.

      Hope android companies will follow no more jack and no mopre wired earphones included in box.
      Anyway htey were as usless as they could be.

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        • PGq
        • 14 Sep 2018

        Jimbob, 14 Sep 2018Good move, its 2018. Get with the times.This isn't about being in 2018 and getting with the times, iT**d. It is a middle finger to iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and below. For your info, 3.5mm jack is VASTLY SUPERIOR & VERSATILE.

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          • Jimbob
          • gKH
          • 14 Sep 2018

          Good move, its 2018. Get with the times.

            To be honest it's amazing that they have not removed the charger from the box too as they have removed everything other from the box. One more place to squeeze money from customers by not include even that 5W charger. Now that would be innovative from there part

              Apple forcing the customer to use those "AMAZING SPEAKERS". No one plays games or listens to their music on their speaker phone in a public setting. Also you cannot tell me that a measly one inch wire with two ports is worth NINE WHOLE DOLLARS. Yeesh.

                This is a d*ck move. Period.

                It's like DLCs.
                Want faster charging? Pay.
                Want to use wired earphones? Pay.
                Want wireless charging? Pay.
                As if the $1070 starting price of the cheapest variant (where I live) wasn't enough already.

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                  • Ghen e Khar
                  • IhG
                  • 13 Sep 2018

                  I'm sad.

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                    • Hoffmann
                    • MUa
                    • 13 Sep 2018

                    Apple is somehow forcing its fans, to buy the AirPods . LOL

                      I personally feels Apple should be beaten to dust one day due to being such greedy and for being such less cared about Customers... 

                      What they want is Profit and only Profit...

                        Wow. Most apple users are doormats and can't even afford the premiums but iPhones are kind of like Jordans. Gotta have 'em to fit in a socioeconomic status you couldn't buy otherwise. And Apple's marketing should be sued for false claims. The s*** I hear iOS users say about phone, tablet, software, cellular and IT are just incredible. Like flat Earth incredible. Education system has failed. Now this? We know what you want. They want you to go broke chasing profits margins so Apple can get to 2 trillion.

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                          • Noel
                          • Tfj
                          • 13 Sep 2018

                          U pay all that money for a phone (that already has abt 50% profit) and they can't even put that little accessory in the!! such greed.
                          No one asked them to take out the headphone jack...they are obligated to put that dongle in the box.

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                            • 2Au
                            • 13 Sep 2018

                            2030: front Camera and Battery will be sold separately

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                              • pVM
                              • 13 Sep 2018

                              Good. Time for people to get over the 3.5mm and start using USB c / lightning devices directly.

                                What a joke. A company that surpassed the 1 trillion dollar point last month now has to squeeze from wherever they can.
                                A 1000$ phone with an accessory with the price of 9$ sold separately.

                                Then fanboys saying how removing 3.5mm is perfectly acceptable for the sake of IP68? Are you kidding me? They took of the headphone jack from the iPad as well. You can't pin that on the size of the tablet, cause there is space.

                                It is foolish to ever follow corporations, companies, brands, chains. You forget and stop comprehending what you yourself, whether it be 3.5mm, IP68, screen size, camera, anything elsem..
                                All that is forgotten, but all the changes made "because Apple sure knows better" are accepted. it's wrong. and

                                The same rule holds in life in general. Do what you want, be what you want. Don't be a corporation's biaatch.

                                  Vegetaholic, 13 Sep 2018That's why Apple should be never considered user friendly a... moreThey would have still made money even with the jack, but just a bit less.
                                  But we have to realise that "first trillion dollar company" tag is better for a brand's image, than providing a few cheap essentials with an already exorbitantly priced device.
                                  We are talking about the greediest company in the world, who would fool even their most loyal fans (poor iSheeps) into bleeding every last penny that they are able to, into an already way, way overpriced device, and still make them bash other sane people who try to show the reality.

                                    Kangal, 13 Sep 2018Eh.... Google has killed the headphone jack too. They are ... moreDon't forget LG. They also keep the 3.5mm headphone jack :-)

                                      AnonD-794217, 13 Sep 2018Next iPhone: No chargerThat has essentially been the case for many years now, considering they only supply a lousy 5W charger.

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                                        • Sherlock Holmes
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                                        • 13 Sep 2018

                                        Melvyn, 13 Sep 20182025: Box packaging sold separately. 2026: iPhone logo... moreYou got it all wrong: 2025 Apple Logo, phone sold separately.