It's 2018 and Apple still doesn't provide fast charger with its iPhones

13 September 2018
All models come with the same 5W charger.

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  • 08 Oct 2018

So as far as I can see its still Apple vs world....Not a fanboy of either...but lets look at facts here(and yes I own an s9 and iphone7 plus)
Pros for me on apple side:iOS yes yes restriced closed etc etc but its virus free and when you got something you dont want on the web or for any1 to gain acces to its safe...Second cpu/gpu they are above android no matter what ppl say...3rd softweare supp(5 years is a long time,no android got that)...Cons:well the PRICES are skyrocketed at apple and even tho they say they inovated i dont see it
Now android:cheaper(but not that much cheaper note 9 is 999 so 1,1-999 is only 101 difference) comes with more accesorry can be used for 2-4 years depending on your budget and yes you dont pay extra for fast chargeing...not even if you pay its not 100 euros more...But as many ppl who acutly know what they are talking about clamin this is the best way to preserv battery on the long run...not sure if true of false but considering each comanpy realse 1-2/flag ship(s) phone(s) per year and ppl tend to swap out phone 2-3 years I dont see why not add the extra charger but than again $$ is still $$ no matter where it came from(dongels,cables,adaptors,chargers etc)
So over all apple is greedy there prices are high but there products are better(for now and not by much)
Android cheaper lesser longevity full bundles ...
So in the end you either buy a phones which can least up to 5years for 1k and add extra or buy a 600 phone which can least up to 3 the end its up to you

    May be wait till become iPhone XL will have extra large capacity of batt and with fast charge ...

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      • 21 Sep 2018

      Realistic1, 13 Sep 2018Right... and if Apple did include it then everyone would s... more(if Apple did include it then everyone would still hate them for either not doing so earlier). Dude that is the whole point in the conversation. Thay must include fast charger in the box for tha price.
      Support 5 years
      Useful features ZERO

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        • 20 Sep 2018

        hahahahahaha.....People pay 1k usd for smartphone and get standard charger. Come on people you have to end this circus. This year Apple gone to third place in mobile market. Lets make them to 10th place. Maybe then they will awake. And give us normal spec and normal price. Not only image and marketing. 80% companies are making same quality and better spec with half price.

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          • 18 Sep 2018

          I wont lower the price if even over price people still buy it lol

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            • 17 Sep 2018

            macky2green, 16 Sep 2018Hey, Apple! Might as well remove the slow charger in the b... moreu just gave apple their next innovative idea!!!! Iphone boxes starting at 500 bucks.

              Hey, Apple! Might as well remove the slow charger in the box. Throw away the cable as well. Why do you even put instruction manuals? And don't give us stickers no more. Why do you even put your iPhones in a box? Just give the buyers their iPhones. That's worth a freakin' One Thousand US Dollars already.

                What do you mean Apple doesn't provide fast charger? It's 2024, not 2018. You guys should check your calendar.....

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                  • 15 Sep 2018

                  Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018More subpixels than those so called 1080p phones actually u... moreCheckout YouTube videos comparing ipx, pixel2, N9 will shit the missing bite of your logo wen you see ipx is the most and oversaturated! Given the fact that its the latest innovation from crApple in the market..try justifying that with more crap..cute appleTurds! Lmao
                  Also u ranted smth about pixels(all ips have such low ppi!) and all and claim lcd better over oled? Apple themselves adopted oleds..lcd for ip xr for being low there goes ur other logic shattering justification. What fun do u iSheep herds get outta these Insane mind boggling apple logics!

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                    • 15 Sep 2018

                    FinnishInquisition, 15 Sep 2018It's pretty funny you think Apple will be the next Nokia, a... moreIts funny how you think apple's gonna stay that way. The way they are holding off every new tech of it times restricting user to its witty no shit given attitude..they will go down soon enough. Only a matter of time before the iSherp herds wake up..even though the rest of the world keeps mocking them for being so dumb bland..and they mistake it for hatred. What's their to hate? It doesn't qualify as a smartphone with its limited capabilities..its pity..for being fooled into believing the hype surrounding the mediocrity.

                      Amber Mehra India, 15 Sep 2018Apple is cheating to loyal customer who blindly bought thei... moreIt's pretty funny you think Apple will be the next Nokia, and saying it like it's a bad thing when:

                      A) Apple are so profitable they're now a trillion dollar company.
                      B) Nokia is back on the market in force, with an 800 % yearly growth.

                        someone, 14 Sep 2018Even I know plenty of people who complain that their phone ... moreHow come that everyone knows someone who complains on iOS lagging... and I yet did not have a chance to meet one of those people in person?

                        On contray - I met people who say that iOS never lagged in years!

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                          • 15 Sep 2018

                          Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018Best camera.. good joke, apple stopped having best cameras ... moreMore subpixels than those so called 1080p phones actually using Pentile subpixel stripe.

                          It is the subpixels what gives the screen clarity, not pixels. Educate yourself. Latslty it is better for gaming.

                          iPhones pictures are the best despite the worse than best camera. It has a lot to do with not being over saturated and using natural colors. Many buy iphones for their superior post processing (again due to having the best SoC in the world).

                          Enjoy using cr**dragon. Only now is matching iphone's single core performance from 2 years ago. What a joke.

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                            • 15 Sep 2018

                            jtrogr, 15 Sep 2018A 720p screen ond a 2018 phone for that money? No fast char... moreFirst it's between 720p and 1080p.
                            Second it's above 300 PPI. Any higher than that and you get into the point of diminishing returns.

                            Third it is using full RGB stripe meaning that its number of subpixels is similar to iPhone X.

                            Fourth lower pixel account is actually useful for gaming without losing anything important (again higher PPI over 300 is mostly useless)

                            Fifth. You still have a 3.5mm jack. The adapters are dirt cheap. You have one always attached to your sound device and you never even have to think about it . like ever. It is a non issue that only fanboys blow it over its proportion...

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                              • Amber Mehra India
                              • fIZ
                              • 15 Sep 2018

                              Apple is cheating to loyal customer who blindly bought their products but after steve jobs they loose innovation and focus on eating money , They offer apple iphone in india almost double of the price from US , India is not developed country but still they are selling at high level, I am big fan of apple product but my confidence is loosing day by day, They stopped Apple X smartly and launch Xs just to make simple changes, Why stopped X because not much difference ..Apple should wake up other wise it will be next Nokia..

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                                • 15 Sep 2018

                                Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018Best camera.. good joke, apple stopped having best cameras ... more4 years back still lumia 1020 era

                                  I think the reason for this is simple: Fast charging reduces battery life somewhat. By supplying a slow charger Apple realises most people won't change it (they don't read the websites) and that will reduce battery replacement under warranty costs.

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                                    • 15 Sep 2018

                                    Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018Yeah those Samsung fans are something else. As for this ... moreBest camera.. good joke, apple stopped having best cameras 3-4 years back
                                    And talking about that sub full HD display, how's 1080p video on that 750 USD LCD phone?
                                    How good is the big screen for taking notes with apple pencil?
                                    And how's the best passive recognition which can be fooled by a child or a twin?
                                    How is the fingerprint scanner which can be mapped to do different things at command?
                                    Enjoying a telephoto lens.. oh wait that costs 250 USD extra on top of 750
                                    Keep enjoying that Hitler's moustache on a sub full HD display while saying it's vfm

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                                      • 15 Sep 2018

                                      Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018Yeah those Samsung fans are something else. As for this ... moreA 720p screen ond a 2018 phone for that money? No fast charger? No headphone jack? Come on, you cant be serious. Believe it or not, other phones also work for years and get resold and still manage to live over 3-4 some even 5 years.

                                        Never in my life I wanted to charge slower with slow charger. Only thing I could possible want to charge slower is EV because of price per one as its not brought almost every year. I also wonder if slow charging with almost full battery in sony works just in night or anytime, you could basically take battery capacity as 90% because thats how much time one have to charge if he do not want to sleep next to it. But thats only top 10%, apple does it whole time, don't want to imagine that.