Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) announced - triple camera and Super AMOLED display

20 September 2018
It's the company's first triple camera smartphone.

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Kiyasuriin, 21 Sep 2018S9. S9+ And note 9 has a good position. The 8 had horrible. LolI wont say horrible. its good enough once you get used to. yeah you end up smudging the camera lens. But once you get used, works blazing fast. people with large fingers might need more time to get used to.

anyways, iris works perfect.

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    • X%L
    • 26 Sep 2018

    Good Move Samsung, all you have to do is be little aggressive in pricing. 24K is good amount for a mid-ranger, especially with heavy competition.

    Samsung software easily beats the likes of Mi, Oppo, Vivo, 1+

      Perhaps they want to pick LG phone user interest (such as me). The super wide angle camera is a very helpful tools for my daily work.

        Kiyasuriin, 21 Sep 2018S9. S9+ And note 9 has a good position. The 8 had horrible. LolYeah. I smudged my note8's camera lens just about everytime I unlock my phone with my finger. The iris scanner on a bright sunny day sometimes won't work at all and I have to resort to the good 'ol pattern unlock lol.

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          • jack
          • u7V
          • 23 Sep 2018

          waiting to have A series with 10 cameras

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            • y$H
            • 22 Sep 2018

            Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Android hog needs 64 not 8 cores to run on web.Baseless, I had compared my Mi Max and friend's iPhone 6s ~2 years ago. My Max slightly faster when browsing. I did respect apple to make fluid animation's effect. Well its only effect, there shouldn't be major differences in performance.

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              • sxr
              • 21 Sep 2018

              This is phone is far from being midrange in price. Where I live it's as expensive as last year's flagships.

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                • Slayer
                • bam
                • 21 Sep 2018

                i just Don't get why using a 3 camera would make a difference! hope it goes well so we can have more features on celphones!

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                  • slam-dunk
                  • KiF
                  • 21 Sep 2018

                  I dumped A8+ because of it's mediocre camera.
                  This could be the right reason for comeback to sammy...

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                    • Dan
                    • 2Wn
                    • 21 Sep 2018

                    Let's see how good a job they did in copying Huawei

                      Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Yeah as if a midranger from Samsung was completely out of r... moreMidrange? Try upper lower class phone. Bought it for $330 AUD.

                        Looks like Samsung serious about taking Midrange market back :)

                          Jamesschwarz987, 21 Sep 2018Tfw their midrange phone has better fingerprint positioning... moreS9. S9+ And note 9 has a good position. The 8 had horrible. Lol

                            Kiyasuriin, 20 Sep 2018XDDDDDD Same reaction as well, I was like: "Err... hold o... moreTfw their midrange phone has better fingerprint positioning than their flagships lol

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                              • HX5
                              • 21 Sep 2018

                              Samsung Galaxy A lineup is so confusing now.
                              First we have the A6, which is just a J phone with higher price.
                              Then we have the A8, supposedly the actual successor of 2017 A phones, but priced even higher.
                              Now this? The number is A7, so supposedly lower than the A8, but has higher spec and price?

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                                • L8M
                                • 21 Sep 2018

                                Furiounx, 20 Sep 2018My J7 Prime (2016) has been used by me for almost a year an... moreYeah as if a midranger from Samsung was completely out of reach for the average person. Delusional.

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                                  • Ibx
                                  • 21 Sep 2018

                                  Anonymous, 20 Sep 2018Perfect original phone.Android hog needs 64 not 8 cores to run on web.

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                                    • Lehuga
                                    • 0p}
                                    • 21 Sep 2018

                                    Next, They put 4, one other for black and white only.

                                      So technically, there's only 2 usable cameras.
                                      I want to see the 3 sensors work together all at the same time in capturing one image, just as how the P20 Pro does when it takes a 3x or 5x zoomed image.

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                                        • uZa
                                        • 20 Sep 2018

                                        Perfect original phone.