Asus ROG Phone late-October shipping date listed

20 September 2018
Finnish carrier Telia took pre-orders with a promise to ship in mid-September, but that didn't pan out.

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  • 10 Oct 2018

Kangal, 24 Sep 2018True. But its a slow phone, now that we have the Apple A11... morethis phone have had better benchmark scores than the A11 bionic
so faster than the current iphoneX , still don't know about the A12 bionic though
or the comparison with 855 …
with that said ROG phones and the Pixel /XL release at this time every year (end of a cycle)
I believe this is a disadvantage to them but people still buy them because of how great these phones are
U have to add the fact that a lot of people buying this phone are gamers or tech enthusiasts , with the added benefit of customization , meaning they would prefer this phone over any iPhone anytime even future releases ..

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    • 07 Oct 2018

    Remove the 3, move the decimal point 1 over to the left, I will think about it. These people are nuts

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      • 24 Sep 2018

      AnonD-632062, 20 Sep 2018Irrespective of price, I think it is the best so-called gam... moreTrue.
      But its a slow phone, now that we have the Apple A11-Bionic, let alone the new A12, Huawei Kirin 980, and the soon to be released Qualcomm Snapdragon (855 ?) and Samsung Exynos (9910 ?).

      So while I agree the RoG is a phenomenal phone for 2017, its simply not impressive in 2019....which is where it is going to be actually competing as production slowly ramps up over Q4 2018/Q1 2019.

      Had this been released in March, that over-inflated asking price would've been easier to swallow. As it is now, its just not good. Only Apple can price like this and get away with it because they actually created the value in the software/ecosystem for the iPhone Xr/Max.

        Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018In Finland it is about 25% so the without that it is near 1... moreNo overly that expensive like others. MSI gaming pretty much same on PC or Gigabyte.
        Well i look the prices of parts in PC.
        And yeah well in your country at least if there is something discount then it's a discount and not like your neighbor country your little brother where discount is same price and just the original price is made up and is bigger then on the release date even.

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          • 21 Sep 2018

          pl2rts, 20 Sep 2018If i look it from EU maybe they have that 20% tax on them. ... moreIn Finland it is about 25% so the without that it is near 1000€... Still guite a lot of money, but asus Gaming products Are expensive Also in PC world so nothing new in there.

            Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Emulators will run on this anyway and you cannot pocket a l... moreTell me about it, to have dedicated gaming phone to play flash games it is more than idiotic. If you really want to play video games on the go just buy switch and be happy

              90hz oled screen? Most useless feature on a phone for iPhone XS Max prices, good luck people wasting money for nothing :)

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                • 21 Sep 2018

                Anonymous, 20 Sep 2018Why not buy a laptop for that much and play real games Emulators will run on this anyway and you cannot pocket a laptop.

                But it is hilarious since most of mobile games these days are just yesterdays flash games with added paywalls and timegates.

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                  • 21 Sep 2018

                  Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Its possible to lower the price IF not all accessories inc... morethats a good idea, i dont need all accessories i just the phone and activecooler to match with my rog laptop

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                    • 21 Sep 2018

                    Its possible to lower the price IF not all accessories included. possible by breaking the options or make it like bundles eg

                    basic bundle: phone + active cooler = 600$
                    wigig rig bundle: phone + wigig = 700$

                    you get what i mean

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                      • 21 Sep 2018

                      Yes offence but i don't think a android phone should have this price. Asus phone didnt have run on exclusive os or have any exclusive game or gaming pad at all. This phone like moto z you need to buy add-on .
                      Gaming phone just a gimmick,but at lest they don't have stupid notch thing.

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                        • 21 Sep 2018

                        Keep your money. Patiently wait for 5G PHones + foldable ones.

                          FromChinaWithLove, 20 Sep 2018I don't know about clothing. But for phones, they're sellin... moreWell gearbest dont have lots of choises too. When i bought my redmi note 5 ai i bought it from Aliexpress cause of the lowest price i found. I dont know about geekbuying cause i dont use it. TBH i dont want to register to every site and then buy 1 item a year from one cause i have them 10 or more sites. Gearbest have had better pricing then Aliexpress to on some phones. I usually dont buy cloths from online as you need to try them on but it's for pants and shoes. Hoodies and t-shirts are easy. Just buy biggest number on that site cause i am something 190cm tall and even with biggest number sometimes these hoodies come to small. That the short people of Asians so these sites are full of these numbers :D

                            pl2rts, 20 Sep 2018If i look it from EU maybe they have that 20% tax on them. ... moreI don't know about clothing. But for phones, they're selling them higher than geekbuying.
                            Honor note 10 is 750 to 8xx at gearbest while others already down to 450 to 500.
                            Most of the phones that you're seeing now that shows case on GSMarena, they're all higher pricing at gearbest than anywhere!

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                              • 20 Sep 2018

                              I guess $1500 means nothing now a days. A product I will use maybe for 2 years or so and pay that much!?? No wonder Chinese phones are selling like hot cake.

                                FullmetalJun, 20 Sep 2018I'll buy a ps4 pro, Nintendo Switch & aboutot 20 games ... moreHTC at least has some sense. Hell at that price, you might as well get the iPhone XS Max. Jesus Asus, I was rooting for you. I know there's a lot of innovation in this, but it's your first gaming phone. Baby steps first

                                  I remember before when no one talked about refresh rate on smartphone display. I tried to google information about phone refresh rates, but there weren't any results. Mediatek has released SoC in mid 2014, that was able to support 120Hz display, but that technology was implemented several years later.

                                  I had Samsung Galaxy Ace+. Its display had 85Hz, 320x480. I had another Samsung phone with 240x320 display, 90Hz. Despite having high refresh rates, display quality was really bad.

                                    Wow, that price is way up there. They could've dropped it in the Razer phone territory or added to the HTC U12+ territory of pricing to make it more competitive.

                                      I'll buy a ps4 pro, Nintendo Switch & aboutot 20 games with that money!
                                      It should be priced not more than $750.
                                      A big failure from Asus then. Are they following HTC with these prices?

                                        FromChinaWithLove, 20 Sep 2018I find most phone ( even the Chinese one, high end or budge... moreIf i look it from EU maybe they have that 20% tax on them. But i dont know i have bought some hoodies from there and one under 100 euro phone that i used half a year and then resold it with half the price :D