Counterclockwise: the Apple iPhone makes history, Part 2

23 September 2018
Double the bits, double the cameras, double the speakers, things really took of for the iPhone after the 5. 

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  • gtr

3D Touch feature
is what made the iPhone smooth
The iPhone 4 was a bad device with the iPhone 5 if you compare with what you could get...
But yeah especially in the beginning it was good mby better than the others but after 8 months its lagish no ram no good fr hard use!!!

  • S6 User

Android Truther, 23 Sep 2018"The iPhone 7 took away the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving t... moreI think you're referring to Scotty Allen: iPhone hacker puts headphone jack back (29 Aug 2018):

!Definitely do NOT try the previous method from 2016, it was a hoax:
Is anyone really drilling earphone jacks into their iPhone?

  • Kangal

Honestly, I've been doing some thinking and I do NOT think its worth (from a value perspective) to get an iPhone or a Pixel because of the argument that you get longer software support.

I now actually recommend people to upgrade yearly, but do so on Android Flagships, while staying a generation behind which still means great hardware and upto date software.
Say you start off with a Nexus 4 (QSD 600) in Nov 2012 (its great, cheap, long-term support)
Upgrade to NOTE 3 (QSD 800) in November 2014
Upgrade to NOTE 4 (Exy 5433) in September 2015
Upgrade to SGS 7 (Exy 8890) in April 2017
Upgrade to SGS 8+ (QSD 835) in April 2018
...and in the future (probably April 2019) we can upgrade to the SGS 9+ (Exy 9810)

That way you are possibly getting a great experience, and update in the software without having to spend as much money:
Initial spend EUR 600
Buy NOTE 3 for EUR 400, sold Nexus 4 for EUR 200
Buy NOTE 4 for EUR 400, sold NOTE 3 for EUR 300
Buy S7 for EUR 400, sold NOTE 4 for EUR 200
Buy S8+ for EUR 500, sold S7 for EUR 300 cost so far: EU2,300 - EU1,000 = EUR 1,300 (from 2012 - 2018)
...or roughly EU 235 per year, or EU 20 per month, or EU 4.61 per week, or 0.66EU per day

You would have actually spent more money if you instead got an iPhone 5, stuck with it for many years, then sold it to upgrade to an iPhone 6 Plus, then also upgraded that to an iPhone 8 Plus in 2018. (EU700 + 900 + 1100 - EU200 - 400 = EU 2,100). Overall, I love the appeal of the iOS Ecosystem, and how they actually care about their customers over a the lifespan of the device.... BUT!
Just running the numbers, and we can see that sticking to Android and upgrading yearly is much much cheaper and so value for money. However, if we tried the long-term approach on Android it wouldn't work because the devices get unsupported quickly. And if we actually got the latest Android device and upgraded them yearly, it would be MORE EXPENSIVE than the iPhone. So yeah, you do get better value with iPhone over Android, but you get even more value going with a last-year's flagship in Android and upgrading yearly.

PS: I used EU/Germany because they have the best median prices. Its not as unrealistically cheap as USA and China, and its not as unrealistically expensive as say Brazil and Bulgaria, although also acceptable markets alongside Germany would've been Hong Kong and Mexico (but they're quite affected by their neighbours).

Its same issue like with Nokia.
A very good brand died to be reborn.
Tim Crook killed Apple and now its waiting to be reborn under someone who can use his brain.

Chris Apple, 23 Sep 2018A few years from now, you'll say: In the following year App... moreNice forecast, although I still feel its unlikely Apple will launch 4 phones within 6 months.
We can also add Air 9.7, 9.7in ipad with A12 internals and ipad mini chasis. And pencil support.

Nice consice history. There's a lot things other OEMs can learn from Apple

  • AnonyMouse

I salute Apple's PR team! They're so good in making low tech stuff look so cool.

  • Anonymous

Android Truther, 23 Sep 2018"The iPhone 7 took away the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving t... moreAnd make you burst into tears again? Nah bud, I'll let it slide :). I know how sensitive you fandroids can be. I get that rubbishing Apple helps you guys sleep better at night...

"The iPhone 7 took away the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving the Lightning jack as the only wired input or output. Apple claimed that it needed the extra internal volume for the Taptic Engine, which simulated the feeling of a button press."

(Cr)Apple's claim by Tim C(r)ook is bs at best. There is space for the 3.5mm jack as demonstrated by someone on YouTube (go check it out guys) who manually drilled a 3.5mm hole on the bottom left and put in the components by opening the insides to create sound output on the wired headphones which has way DECENT sound quality than C***Pods. :D

Of course, having said all that, I know one user (you know who you are) will "a***ck" me soon. To the user (you know who you are), I wish you very good luck.

Chris Apple, 23 Sep 2018A few years from now, you'll say: In the following year App... moreMaybe, though I don't see MicroLED being implemented just yet, even in 2020

  • Anonymous

"What matters is that this move threw Qualcomm into panic, causing it to release the infamous Snapdragon 810, just so it can offer a 64-bit chipset."

I remember how Apple's sumo to a 64-bit SoC in 2013 was a big surprise... And how the executives at Qualcomm laughed and made disparaging remarks about the idea of a 64-bit processor... And how it took Qualcomm 2 years to catch up with their first 64-bit processor (but they weren't laughing at themselves for producing a 64-bit processor too).

Chris Apple, 23 Sep 2018A few years from now, you'll say: In the following year App... moreAir 4.7" had an 4.67" OLED with 19.5:9 screen to body ratio with a resolution of 1384 by 640, and density of 326ppi. It had a smaller cutout and no Face ID.

it was iPhone Air 4.7" not Air 5.1"
Specs are verifiable... after 3 years

  • Arsani

I am dissapointed there is no compact flagship phones from apple anymore. I hate big phones and the iphone X is too expensive. Apple is really stupid they discontinued the cheaper small phones.

A few years from now, you'll say: In the following year Apple launched iPhone Pro 5.8", iPhone Pro 6.5" and Air 6.1" were the first smartphones to ship without any port of all kind, and the first iPhones with the new naming scheme. Apple choose to get rid of Lightning connector in favor of wireless charging, instead of the much rumoured Type-C 3.1 USB. This helped Apple achieve a new IP rating, the IP69K, another first in the history of smartphones. iPhone Pro and Air series included Apple-designed A13 Cyber chip, the first 8 core chip in the history of Apple and the first 5 nm manufactured chip with 2 powerful performance cores and 6 efficiency cores. iPhone family used new design language, similar to iPhone 5 and 5s series with sharper edges, rather than rounded ones. This design shrunk the footprint while maintaining the same screen as previous generation. Pro models used for the first time in the history of smartphones Apple-made microLED screens of 5.8" and 6.5", while Pro 6.1" had Samsung-made OLED, different from the Xr LCD 6.1" screen. In the march of 2020, 7 months from the launch of XI series, Apple launched through a special event for the first time in two years a phone with a screen smaller than 5.8", the Air 5.1". It had the internals of Xs, the body of iPhone SE and the new all-display OLED 5.1" screen. The new naming scheme differentiated expensive phones via Pro moniker while cheaper ones got Air moniker.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2018Next iphone will use DNA scanner instead under display fing... moreIf they do, I'll call it next level innovation.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2018The iPhone X(s) is what you are searching for. Seriously, t... moreSo you think that after 5 years your hand are double the size they are now ?

  • Anonymous

Geric.770, 23 Sep 2018Maybe next time, an ultimate biometric security...Next iphone will use DNA scanner instead under display fingerprint reader

  • AnonD-632062

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2018I don't get what you have against 3D Touch. It is completel... moreThat's exactly what was wrong with it. It is completely optional and almost unnecessary. Yet they touted it like a great, new, must-have, innovative killer-feature. And now it has suffered a quiet death.

What can be replicated by a simple long press, now required an very crude "Forcible" touch and along with additional screen hardware pushing up the already inflated iPhone prices.

And the worst part is that the Chinese copycat phones are just waiting to blindly ape the features of the iPhone without thinking.

  • Anonymous

sadh, 23 Sep 2018I will still hate Apple until they come with SE2, same desi... moreThe iPhone X(s) is what you are searching for. Seriously, the X is still comfortable to use, it even fits my relatively small, 17 year old hands

  • Anonymous

AnonD-632062, 23 Sep 2018I called 3D Touch an unnecessary flop, right when it was un... moreI don't get what you have against 3D Touch. It is completely optional. If you don't want it, don't use it, easy as that. It's like saying "The Galaxy Note 9 has a pen, that is so unnecessary I won't buy the Note 9 but rather the S9+ which is missing it"