Dual display Nubia Z18S pops up on TENAA

22 September 2018
The certification authority hasn't published photos yet, but has clearly listed two panels in the handset's specs.

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  • 24 Sep 2018

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2018Guess you won't be able to put a case on this phonecan just put transparent TPU case for the phone

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    • 24 Sep 2018

    Don't ever buy a ZTE phone. They still have not updated the Axon 7 despite promising to do so over a year ago and they turned off all customer support.

      Kula, 23 Sep 2018It's stated right there that it is 8.65mm. Read my friend, In case of 5.800 mAh battery!? (My dream~!)

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        • 23 Sep 2018

        Kiyasuriin, 23 Sep 2018Nah~. 10.05mm is the expected thicjnessIt's stated right there that it is 8.65mm. Read my friend,

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          • 23 Sep 2018

          Guess you won't be able to put a case on this phone

            A clever solution. Maybe. At first I thought this dual display Nubia Z18S was a solution in search of a problem until I considered the ability of this second display to eliminate the need for a selfie camera(s). All of the phone's cameras and sensors can be placed on the side with the smaller display leaving the other side with an edge to edge full phone display.

            In addition to notches and motorized pop up cameras, this dual display feature provides yet another approach to achieving a bezel less display. The cost of this, however, will be paid in added thickness and weight, if not also added cost for the second display.

              Kiyasuriin, 23 Sep 2018Nah~. 10.05mm is the expected thicjnessDamn, thicc boi from ZTE

                Walter C. Dornez, 22 Sep 2018Wouldn't that be too thick though?Nah~. 10.05mm is the expected thicjness

                  Dual display is the perfect solution to achieving a completely bezelless phone. On one side you have a bezelless display without any camera, and on the other you have a smaller display with 1/2/3 whatever amount of cameras you want. You use that smaller display to take selfies with the main cameras (that also means higher quality selfies). Honestly, i want to see this become the next trend after the current notch trend which is not good to be honest.

                    Kiyasuriin, 22 Sep 2018With Two displays, I believe it should have closer to 5800 ... moreWouldn't that be too thick though?

                      orklid, 22 Sep 2018Why on earth would anyone need this? It is better than having a notch. You will get big screen over whole front side.

                      Back camera has much higher quality than front (because it has bigger sensor and optical stabilisation).

                      Also, back screen wont reduce battery life because it doesn't need to be active all time. It won't be expensive, probably under 30$.

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                        • 22 Sep 2018

                        The point of this is you no longer need a selfie cam. Use the main camera to do both which leaves more room for screen on the front. Also they could put the ear piece on the back but they didn’t. You can also have 2 apps open like schedule and calculater without switching apps. It’s handy if used properly.

                          Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018Don't worry if apple will copy this then it makes a trend o... moreBezel-full screen because you want notch-less? They killed jack, and that was smaller and more meaningful.

                            AnonD-558092, 22 Sep 2018You can have up to 5 floating apps with Samsung. But I don'... moreHm.... Productivity I guess, like calculating something to pay for an event, while searching in google the location, with the phone app ready, and... Writing notes? That"s one scenario of having 5 apps simultaneously. ^_^;

                              GSMARENA, u forgot to mention that there's a side-mounted fingerprint sensor on the Nubia

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                                • 22 Sep 2018

                                Kiyasuriin, 22 Sep 2018Imo? It's using two apps in the same time. Hahaha! I know ... moreYou can have up to 5 floating apps with Samsung. But I don't really see why

                                  This is better idea for selfies than notched screens. Also durability should be higher than oppo find X

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                                    • 22 Sep 2018

                                    Nice, another d-ck measuring contest. Pointless in every single way.

                                      AnonD-558092, 22 Sep 2018Seriously what's the point.Imo? It's using two apps in the same time. Hahaha!
                                      I know Android can use this in split screen from Android 7 natively. But with TWO screens, you can have 4 Apls! O3O

                                        Geric.770, 22 Sep 2018Eh, I prefer the idea from Meizu though.It's cute Idea! ^^ one drawback is the mediatek chipsets... I still have the lesser one P25 after switching X30 pro 7 for the Mi 6X HME