Nokia kills the Nokia 600, no need to call the CSI team

01 November, 2011
The Symbian Belle-running Nokia 600 was cancelled for unknown reasons before it even reached the market.

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  • TruthSeekr

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011Windows was never successful in the PDA or smartphone market. Th... moreIf you're talking about the old Windows Mobile 6.5, yes you're right it was a mess.

But WP7 (7.5 actually, Mango) is quite a good OS. The reason Android is so popular is because a) they had a head start and b) carriers weren't keen to promote it due to a higher cost of phones.

I wish so many ppl didn't think "Windows Phone" is the same "Windows Mobile" from 2004!!!

  • TruthSeekr

AnonD-7043, 02 Nov 2011Nokia pulled out 600 frm market and sent it back to the factory.... moreAgreed. I would actually be happy if Nokia made this into a Lumia 600.
Seems such a shame to put NFC on a dead OS like Symbian.

  • TruthSeekr

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011this sounds like nokia committing suiside. symbian is dead. wi... moreWP7 is a joke?
You're kidding right? Mango is the most fluid mobile OS out there, with the best-looking UI I've seen on a phone.
Yes the live tiles need getting used to, but not everything has to be an icon in order to work.

  • R K C

Neon, 01 Nov 2011How many time should we mention that buying Nokia products is wa... moreYou just can not write off a company sized NOKIA. It was the only smartphone company before arrival of iOS and Android. May be they are lagging behind by the sudden change in the market scenario, but I believe and so should everybody that LEGENDS never succumb to situations as they fightback to their glory someday.

  • AnonD-7043

Nokia pulled out 600 frm market and sent it back to the factory. Little tweaking, tune up and voila, WP7 MANGO Phone ready.
"LUMIA 600"

  • AnonD-26818

Good they cancel it otherwise they will lose more money because Symbian is dead
If only Nokia quit and change their major and start in making phone designs which what they are doing now... Most of their parts... I mean all of them come from Foxconn and printed on them Nokia

  • Anonymous

This is the second Nokia phone that got cancelled after the Nokia 7700 in 2004. Nokia 600 design is sooo simple and it is so boring!!!

  • Ghibli

I wouldn't be surprised if they loaded WP7 onto it and re-launched it, just like the 603 became the 710 (although the 603 wasn't cancelled).

  • Anonymous

this sounds like nokia committing suiside.
symbian is dead. window mobile is a joke. meego is hopeless.

why not nokia. why not to join the android allowance and we can fight together against the evil empire A.

  • AnonD-28640

Nokia becomes desperate nowadays with the android hitting all cylinders, nokia just don't know what to do anymore, its a sad and shame news for once crown the king of phones...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011the disappointing sale of nokia 700 and 701 could be a major fac... moreDisappointing sale of 700 and 701? Really? Do you have any data or evidence or any link to support your claim? Lol!

  • max

one of the worst decision ever nokia...

  • saket

Still on youtube can see Nokia 600, checkout:­eature=related

What I think on killing this phone is related with ongoing patent fights..Nokia was worried on using some of Apple patents..

  • Anonymous

If only Nokia tried Android...

  • Babu

Wtf !! We wait so long for this phone. Hope for new phone like nokia 601 with all feature like 600 plus also a video call camera:-)

  • Symbian

Nokia?? what`s that??

  • Anonymous

the disappointing sale of nokia 700 and 701 could be a major factor. There used to be excitement whenever a new phone from nokia is coming out but time has change and the disappointing sale of 700 and 701 may have contributed to nokia's decision to cancel this model.

  • Kai En

Probably the price point for Nokia 600 contradicts with the price point offered by the most expensive asha range.

  • Lex

It would've got destroyed by Xperia Ray from Sony which is already a good seller

  • AnonD-281

cold blooded murder , some one call the cbi , nowwww ..