New iPhones' storage upgrades generate a lot of revenue at a small production cost

24 September 2018
Also, charging $1,099 for a 64GB phone is outrageous.

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  • 25 Sep 2018

Does it really matter?
Everytime some people complain that Apple this and that, still their phone selling like hot cake. I think at this premium range of products, we (the median person who use OnePlus/XiaoMi) just couldnt understand the logical :-)

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    • 25 Sep 2018

    If you see book and movie you will see apple have done this loong2 time ago but at that time if apple fall there are still jobs life in that era i do not know if nowadays. I hope apple do not have to fall

      starison, 24 Sep 2018Why does 64 GB version even exist? Who would use them in 20... moreyour kind of people who have not enough for 64GB is 0.0000001% maybe.
      I have 32GB version of phone on what i have something 20GB maybe for free space.

      It's more then enough for me as i dont live in my phone and i dont take pictures and videos all day long to fill the phone with them.

      If you take 20+ pictures just to get one that is good then why have these 19 in your phone and not deleted to save space ? But well i have no problem with my brain to buy over priced junk too and i dont hate money to spend it as soon as i get it in my pocket.

        nik.007, 24 Sep 2018This is like, "you don't even have a headphone jack" -"Tha... more(Y)

          RamAngeli, 24 Sep 2018That’s why the have iTunes backup.This is like, "you don't even have a headphone jack"
          -"That's what the dongle is for"

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            • 24 Sep 2018

            Ofcourse they'll overcharge their customers because all they care about is how to maximize the profit for their shareholders. People who knows the value of money and how hard it is to earn don't fall for this trap. Kids who live off their parent's hard earned money are the one who falls for this. Obviously rich people buy these phones but who knows what is their source of money. Average person buying these phones don't have a clue of how to survive.

              Whackcar, 24 Sep 2018Apple's whole business model resolves around overcharging t... moreit could go even worse. not even including the earpods with lightning port and charging them 30$ to enjoy listening with earphones! lol
              Or even worse. No charger included, Go buy a charger, Bam, 50$. XD
              So, In theory if they indeed go for that ridiculous option: that's a x9 revenue on basic accessories. lmao

                Haidy, 24 Sep 2018I concur with you.Thank you

                  starison, 24 Sep 2018Why does 64 GB version even exist? Who would use them in 20... moreThat’s why the have iTunes backup.

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                    • 24 Sep 2018

                    i really like this reality slaps coming from gsmarena. thank you guys

                      Walter C. Dornez, 24 Sep 2018Like I said, I like the phone, I like the products, I hate ... moreI concur with you.

                        Literally everyone knows tht they overcharge but still...
                        People have a lot of money came from invalid sources so they don't care where this money is going.
                        If someone has enough money to buy an iPhone X/XS i would recommemd him to buy an alternate like Note9 or whtever suits to him and give the remaining money to someone who needs it.
                        It's better to give this money to him rather than to some greedy thief, burglar company.

                          Like I said, I like the phone, I like the products, I hate the company behind those two

                            Just like Apple will keep increasing their already ridiculously huge margins because sheeps are always ready to buy them, same way GSMA will continue publishing 2 Apple related articles a day even weeks after launch, because people (including me) are always gonna click on them

                              Why does 64 GB version even exist? Who would use them in 2018? A simple three days of vacation would fill that space up with photos and videos. And it is not like iPhone users can simply swap their microSD and insert a new one when they are running low on memory. For that price, all iPhones this year should come with 512 GB.

                                for that price 12gb should b the norm

                                  Note 9 charges significantly lower than Apple when it comes to memory upgrade, $250 from 128 to 512 gigs!

                                    Apple's whole business model resolves around overcharging their customers for everything. There's a reason why iPhones don't support SD card slot, and that's because Apple sees no profit in that.

                                    Also, this year they fell to a new low by not including a lightning to 3.5mm adapter in the box, they want that additional $10 from every customer. Pathetic!