Apple acknowledges battery life issue in iOS 5, promises a fix

03 November, 2011
Meanwhile, Apple has seeded iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers, that fixes the battery life issue, among other things.

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  • Beanbag

Listen Guys and girls. Everyone has their own opinion. I sell phone for a living in the uk. When you mention the apple pricing to people not many people look overly impressed to be honest! Its over priced for what it is. Apple just market their handsets better than anyone else to create the hype. People who research before buying go for a non-apple phone as they get the same if not better specs at a lower price.
And as far as an n8 goes all the best, glad your living the dream!
That is all

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]this is true because n8 doesnt have enough apps to spend battery...all it does is text, call, take pictures, surfing the new with mini opera...those are things of the snake and IOS phones can play 3d games...and n8 has a very tiny lcd compared to galaxy s2, iphones, xperia x10 and smartphones.

  • AnonD-1131

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2011n8 is antique compared to galaxy s2...n8 is using stupid OS. N8 ... more You were blinded by Google and you don't know a good smartphone when you see one. The SGS 2 may have a lot of features but that's it. It can't even use its dual-core optimally and the Android OS is fundamentally flawed. Malwares and security flaws are at an all-time high and it's growing exponentially.

WP will start eating at Android's marketshare next year and Android will be on its decline. WP will own Android.

  • Ted

nothing i wanna comment about iOS and Android but it is really out of character for Apple to openly admit their faults.... though they took 2 weeks to admit it, but it's a good change i guess.... unlike the antennagate! lolz!

  • mmmm

[deleted post]you ever tried to use a windows phone they are an absolute nightmare, the mass market will never go for this unless they make some huge changes, fact, when we got the first round in i sold 1 to every 30 of other handset makers in fact i think i sold about 5 in 6 months until we stopped selling them, nokia dead, windows dead, sony ericsson dead, they need some serious head bangings if they want to be competitve in 2012

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2011Android fanboys better enjoy as much as they can, because 2012 i... moreManufacturers are unhappy!!! What exactly are you smoking?

So samsung mobile division is unhappy with the sales of sgs2? Is sony ericsson so unhappy that they have chosen android as their sole platform and not wp7? Is LG annoyed that their android smartphones outsell their other phones? If you remember there was an article on gsm-arena quoting one lg official saying wp7 sales were disastrous. Htc also survives on android.

And why would anyone be bothered by the motorway deal. Google knows that android is popular with several oems as it is free. Locking android to one oem is suicidal.

  • AnonD-1131

AnonD-24438, 03 Nov 2011of course you love your n8..all you can do in n8 is text and cal... moreI can do everything that can be done on an Android phone on my N8. It's even better and I don't have to worry about security flaws and malwares which are exclusive to Android. I can actually get things done without having to worry about battery life.

Android fans are so used to Android, they thought that malwares and security flaws are value added features and they have to install anti-virus/anti-malware to feel safer. They equate having to tweak and fix their devices to make it work properly as "customization".

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1082, 03 Nov 2011I agree with him. The Galaxy S 2 were overhyped by geeks but tha... moren8 is antique compared to galaxy s2...n8 is using stupid OS. N8 is good and nice paperweight though

  • Anonymous

I'm very entertained reading comments from gsm arena,

i cant stop giggle when i read all the bashing comments from iOS & android fans.

their comments are very extreme and bias most of the time. mindlessly condemning the other OS.

well, for me i'm an android fan. but i dont hate apple. in fact i feel its the motivation for android improvement.

same goes for apple, without android, it wont be as good as it is today.

look back at the first gen android and iphone. android 1.6 is ugly and lag like crap. iphone 1 had a fix focus cam and no vid recording. now the sgs2 and many other android look sleek and gorgeous. ICS is fantastic as well. the iOS5 is quite an improvement, and the ip4s has excellent camera and CPU GPU combination.

both of them are improving and competing.
apple will definately start to make bigger screen phones, android side will start to make a better CPU GPU combination to match the ip4s, both will start to add more feature, get what i mean.

example apple introduce siri, soon after, android has iris.

my point is, the competition is good.
whether you are iOS or android lovers, just be glad about your phone and be happy about it. no point hating the other side. :-)

  • Anonymous

Android fanboys better enjoy as much as they can, because 2012 is not going to be such a good year for you as WP7 is definitely going to take all your market share, and this is coming from me, an iOS fan.

This is based on logical deduction, the state of Android today, how manufacturers are fedup with Google, especially after the Motorola deal, the success of the Nokia Microsoft partnership, and iPhone pretty much going a steady course.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-13744, 03 Nov 2011its very hard to believe that people state they use android befo... moreabsolutely true

  • AnonD-13744

of course you'll lose battery life when you add android functions such as the notification tab. It just means that the apple os is closer to the full android os

  • SJ

AnonD-28894, 03 Nov 2011to prove apple superiority.... Android Phones-Lots of Model-o... moreThere are many choices of Android to choose from, almost every week there is a new model you can consider, so do you think there is a need for rush or overnight queue?

There is only 1 iPhone launch in a year, everyone have to wait so long for it, so isn't it clear why all the overnight wait?

Look at other great products from Apple (eg: MacBook), do you see such passionate consumers? No, because there are several models in a year to choose from.

  • AnonD-24438

[deleted post]of course you love your n8..all you can do in n8 is text and call what do you expect it will have longer battery life because there is no application to use..oh i forget you can play snakes on that phone...

  • SJ

ALonZo, 03 Nov 2011For a better phone of course :) I mean clearly you have never ex... moreAndroid user don't need to use more than 3 screens because the apps in each folders are not restricted like IOS......just imagine if you have 60 games under the same category how many folders you need to create on your IOS

IOS is really for simplicity easy use

Android have many option for you to customize how you like your phone to look like

BTW I'm typing this message on an iPad 2 and I also have SGS2

  • me

AnonD-1082, 03 Nov 2011I agree with him. The Galaxy S 2 were overhyped by geeks but tha... moreyou are funny

  • AnonD-13744

its very hard to believe that people state they use android before but like apple more afterwards.. There is nothing the apple could do that the android can't. While the android have an upper hand on a lot of things. Easy Customizability, flashing your own rom, flash, watching raw videos that are straight from downloads...yea I don't have to convert the goddamn file before being able to watch. Android also holds a more user friendly ui, if not you can customize it to be.

of course apple fans enjoy it when they buy a device that restricts them from doing anything they want. O that's not even the enjoy it when apple dictates what want or not want you to do.

If you are to jailbreak your phone ...why not just get an android ... Your jailbreaking it to be more android anyways.

  • dadasda

ALonZo, 03 Nov 2011I wouldnt worry about Apple's future either, they have record sa... moresomething is seriously wrong with you. You should check it

  • D79_

GalaxyS II rocks, case closed.

Ps. Try not to drop ur precious iphones loooool

  • Anonymous

Just returned my ip4s, enough is enough..