OnePlus 6T press images reveal all about design, waterdrop notch exposed

02 October 2018
The phone will have at least two color options - Mirror Black and Midnight Black.

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2018Who are you? An expert in phone design? Do you know the d... moreI'm no expert in phone design but I have a subjective eye for design, my opinion is not that of one person, many people hate the notch and curved corner screens with an extreme curve radius, but feel free to dismiss my opinion whilst offering no alternative views or anything to add to the debate and hide behind your anonymous name! Damned oneplus fan boys

  • Kress

Dave, 03 Oct 2018No headphone jack = No buyExactly. Pei is a biggest hipocryte of all liars.

  • BLS NE

I could live with the notch and no headphone jack but why can't a big screen flagship phone have a 5000mAh battery? There are budget phones with 4000/5000 mAh batteries. Flagship should have AT LEAST that.

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018"Paying 500 more for curved screen jack and SD Slot also IP... moreWell i dont see.
Its 2018 and J series from 2015 have only one software update instead of 2.
And for security patches they have a 2 years of security patches instead of 3.
Many of my customers have Samsung with up to 200 euros of price.
So what you telling is lie.
Not everybody can afford 500 euros for a samsung midranger.
In some countries like here in Slovakia you get 600 euros a month from whiich you spend 40-70% the money on bills and rent.

  • Dave

No headphone jack = No buy

  • Nealz

Why is an under display finger print scanner so important that the 3.5mm headphone jack has to be sacrificed, just so we can get one? It's slower than an actual physical finger print scanner and is driving up the cost of the phone. "It's new tech" is a baseless argument if said new tech doesn't really offer any real advantage over the old one.

  • kemerat

vivo is that you? very ugly but expensive phone

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 02 Oct 2018Expensive and copycat??? Then Samsung is what??? Paying 50... more"Paying 500 more for curved screen jack and SD Slot also IP rating well no thanks. These pieces of crap have not that value.
Samsung have not that value. Expensive lack of updates always last with them and a mediocr equality."

It is not a piece of crap. Why don't you appreciate CHOICES on a typical smartphone? It is not mediocre either. And Samsung has been catching up with software updates if you didn't know about it.

  • Anonymous

why dont have triple camera?

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2018Looks like a drooping eye.. rip one plus.. no headphone jac... moreRIP OnePlus (2014-2018)

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 02 Oct 2018I wish more brands were like OnePlus and gave us an option ... moreThere is no metal back, it's just a mate color for the glass back panel. It's like the OnePlus 6.


come fast BABY
waiting for long time

I wish more brands were like OnePlus and gave us an option to choose between a glass or metal back.

  • Anonymous

Looks like a drooping eye.. rip one plus.. no headphone jack lack luster 1080p display.. and people wonder why its cheap...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2018Guess what. When I used SGS7, I rinsed it every other day u... moreWhat are you smoking? Just get a cloth with alcohol so all the bacteria on your phone die. Cleaning it in tap water will not kill the germs but instead make them feel refresh because you give them a bath! HAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

suarez92, 02 Oct 2018I hoped that OP will improve battery life, keep a 3,5mm hea... moreyou changed phones very often than changing your undies! HAHAHA!

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy, 02 Oct 2018Oneplus 5T is the best from OneplusI agree! it is slim, had 3.5mm jack, usb-c, fast charge, impressive battery life that last the whole day with heavy usage, small forehead and chin bezels and still fast after a year! what else we can ask more?

  • Anonymous

Crackling Doom, 02 Oct 2018-has no headphone jack -still claims they don't settle LOLLOL yep, just like North Korea still insists it's a "democracy". Gotta love modern f(uc)akery and "up is down" (Or...more like "down is up", cause everything bad is presented as great) crap.

-has no headphone jack
-still claims they don't settle


  • Anonymus

I will confirm the specs of this device I have seen and played with the device.

Snapdragon 845
No Headphone jack
Fast Charger (No longer gonna be called Dash charging)
Teardrop notch.
3700 maH battery
6-8gb of ram
I don't know the storage options as the one I got-to play with had 256gb and 8gb ram
Oppo R17 screen
Midnight Black color, and the same colors as the current OnePlus 6
In display fingerprint scanner.
2nd camera on back has a special feature I am not allowed to disclosed due to signing an NDA
and a few other things again I can not say.