HTC reveals list of handsets that will get Ice Cream Sandwich

07 November, 2011
Mostly includes the high-end dual-core phones that were launched after the HTC Sensation.

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  • nomo

m using amaze 4g running gingerbread and software update shows it upto date no icecream sandwich upgrade avalible....why....?

  • Anonymous

wingman, 28 Mar 2012Hy , I have recently updated my htc sensation xe to android ... moreyes, same thing happened to me, i regret getting the update, much slower browsing through settings, etc. also had 1000 songs deleted from my phone as they said it was "temporary files" , and opening apps is slower and not some apps are compatible with ics so i cant use them anymore, im pissed at HTC

  • Anonymous

i am using htc Salsa and i really want to know if my phone will get a upgrade to ICS???

  • wingman

Hy ,

I have recently updated my htc sensation xe to android 4.0.3 and i am very disapointed , lots of bugs , after instaling the photo gallery could'n find any photos or videon on my sd card , i had to restart the phone 2 times. And browsing the phone for new features i have found a thing that i thought that was usefull: In Settings -->storage--> SD storage -- make more space i have found a new feature ( Temporary files ) " Temporary files from HTC Apps " what acctualy did , deleted all my music from my device. Since when the music is an temporary file from htc apps ???

  • simple

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2012I have Htc Salsa.. will it get an ics update?no dear there is no update for desie hd

  • YawaR

Will the Inspire 4g and the desire HD get the Ice Cream sandwich?

  • Anonymous

I have Htc Salsa.. will it get an ics update?

  • Ankit Shah

Rejoice all Desire S owners :­s_android_ics_in_late_march-news-3802.php

HTC EVO 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD updates are also in the works and will be released later this year.

  • Anonymous

Yes, Please give desire s Ice Cream Sandwich

  • RocKmAn

I have Desire S, this is my first HTC phone, and I really hope they give ICS.

  • beats_guy1983

Well as an HTC user I'm pleased with my resound. Amazing screen quality and competition worthy audio. Needless to ics and sense dont mesh, nothing meshes with sense. So root your devices and then do ics you'll be alot more pleased with performance

  • rjw

does know anyone know exactly when in early 2012 will ics will come out.. been waiiting quite a bit now for because senses is lagging a lil bit and need a update asap

  • AnonD-8954

Could they please be a bit more specific than early 2012? Whilst I am reasonably happy with my Sensation I would be a lot happier with android 4.0 onboard

  • james

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2011Does it include the sensation 4g ??no!

just kidding, I guess is any htc pyramid (sensations)

  • AnonD-12395

In my opinion this list makes Samsung Note #1 buy recommendation.

Robert L

  • logixisbad

I just upgraded to the Inspire last March. < 1 year ago and the stuff I've seen leads me to believe that the Inspire is no longer in support by the carries and HTC.
I may be over-reacting but this is a load of crap. I want everyone to get of their AT&T accounts and their Android (read Intel/Microsoft)smartphones. We should go back to motorola analog phones and stick it to the man!
I only hope someday that AT&T and Android need something from me that only I can provide.

  • Anonymous

Does it include the sensation 4g ??

  • anonymous

Kevin Dcosta, 10 Nov 2011Hey What about the HTC Desire HD Phone...I got the Gingerbread 2... morehere you go. seems like they just announced it with the sense3.0 UI update. and also 2.3.5

  • kazemi

why incredible not to list?
At least I will not be updated or not. Date not known.
Clear duty to update them.

  • ela

why incredible s, desire s on the list??