Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2, Surface Headphones

02 October 2018
The Pro 6 and Laptop 2 come in matte black, the Studio 2 is expensive, and the Headphones are Microsoft's first stab at that market.

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I wish i could have SP6 this year. Good package for my work. Versatile..

Shame about that band3 fate, wish they would come with watch containing dial too. For bow only from samsung..

can you guys please kill them bezels and give me a 15in all screen surface? thanks

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018It is not better, it‘s just a different design. Microsoft p... moreLook I'm into the hardware aspect but both are same and capable of delivering a great experience. But in the last years, Apple isn't doing a thing on the hardware side on their computers. On the software they're on the same page.
But Microsoft did better things and what they offer is better than Apple.
Also the Microsoft is better and I never used Apple to see how good the people say they are but I know Microsoft is better and the hardware comes with different OEMs like Dell, HP, Vaio, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and more so, and what they offer gives them better things with Microsoft OS

  • daniilxbykov

The idea of noise suppression is remarkable! Cortana doesn't seem to have a competitive advantage. Blockchain give an opportunity to launch any software on any device including the software for voice assistants. Like, for example SOVA does. Though they still develop their platform, they sound promising

Ching, 03 Oct 2018Pricing also way better than Apple products.Amin to that :)

ILoveSmartphones, 03 Oct 2018Well said brother... Microsoft killed it. Thanks brother and yeah they killed it.
I never ever expected that Microsoft would do their own hardware computers.
Right now, Microsoft's computers look more beautiful, luxurious and stylish than Apple

  • Anonymous

Glue filled irrepairable trash. Good luck with that.

mukhi, 03 Oct 2018IMHO, putting a more powerful CPU may not be easy as it req... moreThe 6-core laptop i7 from the 8th gen have the same TDP (45W). That means you don't need better cooling.

  • AnonD-632062

Super-Slick, Sweet ads from Microsoft as usual. Love it!

But, why such less fanfare? No teasers and No hype building. I hope Microsoft hasn't lost hope in itself.

  • Anonymous

KamAbdi, 03 Oct 2018Honestly these products and hardware material looks better ... moreIt is not better, it‘s just a different design. Microsoft products are sharp, they have a very distinct industrial design and so are their ads and OS. With Apple, it‘s more like everything should be flaw- and meatless, it‘s like the design is flowing, I mean just take a look at the moving wallpapers of iPhone X, Xs and Apple Watch Series 4.

You seem to prefer Microsoft’s take, but just because you prefer it, doesn‘t mean it is ultimately better. It‘s like comparing an Audi to a Mercedes, pretty much the same exact contrast of sharp design with edges and „flowing“ design with curves. I like both tbh.

  • Mark

IMO they are not worth the price tag!

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018Agree about USB-C part. But what do you mean "no interchang... moreLike in PCs, switching the CPU when I want. In Cintiq I can do it.

  • Ching

ILoveSmartphones, 03 Oct 2018Well said brother... Microsoft killed it. Pricing also way better than Apple products.

KamAbdi, 03 Oct 2018Honestly these products and hardware material looks better ... moreWell said brother... Microsoft killed it.

Everyone copying Apple by making gandgets shiny with almost no significant improvement in experience yet trying to charge as luxury items.... Not to say, Surface Pro and Surface Books are bad, but I could get two laptops with excellent specs for $900 - $1400 unless one wants to go for the top end Gaming machines...which can go beyond $2000

Naah. Even Dell's Inspiron 7000 series laptops have far better value than this.

ProJames, 03 Oct 2018Everything shown here is so overpriced. And still no Window... moreEven gaming desktops cost cheaper than that to be honest

Ghostwolf87, 03 Oct 2018No USB-C? Really MS? Just how stupid are your marketing p... moreWhich processors are u expecting Microsoft to put inside their Surface devices instead of latest and greatest Intels?

premium products no doubt, love surface laptop