Counterclockwise: Oppo's short history of making phones is filled with innovation

07 October 2018
Oppo has many display, camera and battery innovations to its name. The success of OnePlus is also strongly tied to Oppo.

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N3 was one of the best phones I had the camera was the entire selling point

  • Omega

Oppo/Vivo/BBK are absolutely innovative, don't get me wrong... the only problem I have with them would be their phones build quality, I don't expect their phones to last 3+ years.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2018I thought Vivo was the first QHD they were

  • S6 User

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2018Need we mention that they also dared to slap a 2 years warr... moreAll Samsung phones have 2 years warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship as standard in the U.K. & I think also the rest of Europe, Idk about the rest of the World though.

Well they are chinese and many more known brands just copy them and presnt as theirs.
Go go go OPPOOOOOOOOO Yupi yaaa yeeey.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Small Philippine companies did the rotating cam thing long ago... OwO

[deleted post]Um......sure......[insert unsure emoji here]. Consider me what you want but I still don't like Oppo. I was just waiting for you to arrive to this article because I knew you'd be jumping at the sight of an Oppo related article. But at the end of the day we each have our own opinions, so I'm not going to bash your views and thoughts.

  • mudman

Lesson to learn here is be witty and it dosen't matter the spelling because something we are in hurry to type words and we didn't check so no need for you to tel go to school maybe you'll be the one go to school and learn some manner or respect to other. what important here is people understand what other saying. because if you have correct spelling and people doesn't understand it's useless. because some people are not good in English. opo is very good company they don't give up easily they fought to other company and look at now opo release some flagship are gorgeous. But for me steel NOKIA is the best.

They used to make great and unique phones till N3. After that, everything looks generic. I remember those phones, N1 & N3 with rotating camera, they were great!

Is flashing a f------ "hazard light" every single time you turn on the Developer Options (not to mention having to punch a CAPTCHA code when you try to open it for the first time) part of Oppo's "innovations" as well?

  • DD

I don't see any innovations here

  • SmartS

Kiyasuriin, 07 Oct 2018"Bad" OS is a whole new OS? or just a skin of android? ;PIt's uh umm yeah a skin goddamnit! XD

Mr. Apple, 07 Oct 2018I thought Apple was always first... Sure, at insanity they are.

  • Anonymous

Need we mention that they also dared to slap a 2 years warranty as standard, which to date seemed to only be offered by some other Chinese brands only, such as Huawei and Vivo...
I have not seen any common brands offering that...

  • Anonymous

Carol, 07 Oct 2018I see no hate in my comments, but thanks for your recomanda... moreIsn't it recommendation? GO TO SCHOOL and learn spelling!

  • that apple guy

naah.. apple is the first ! innovation = apple !! apple created phones. Period.

  • Lccy

It’s a disappointment they’ve abandoned QHD screens, it’s for that reason one plus has never appealed to me.

I still remember getting my LG g3 many years ago, I was unsure as the contrast of the LCD isn’t great and whether a Oled would be better, but on use I was absolutely blown away by the screen resolution, I remember how detailed the photos were on Facebook messenger chat heads.

I now have a Nokia 7 plus as I feel phones have gotten too expensive, and I really miss the resolution of my LG screen, at first I thought I could get used to it, but every time I use my LG again, the resolution wows me.

Unfortunately the Chinese manufacturers like Oppo and Xiaomi are not keen on QHD screens, it’s just the Koreans, HTC and the Xperia XZ3, but with the exception of the HTC, they all use sub-pixel rendering which reduces sharpness and real resolution.

The XZ premium line mostly render in 1080p and the screen coating reduces sharpness.

I feel like we have regressed regarding phone screen resolutions which is really sad, the display should be the most important as that’s what we look at.

  • Carol

gohelvishalp, 07 Oct 2018Well I'm bright I'm in team with a custom rom developer eve... moreIf you say so...

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2018All comment I read from you are all hate! GO and manufactur... moreI see no hate in my comments, but thanks for your recomandation, you probably need it.

  • Anonymous

If they make a list of stuff brought by Samsung, the most recent will be creation of first Note.
Since it, tons of copied stuff from other.