White Nokia N9 is now available for preorder, will cost you 699

08 November, 2011
The preorder price is for the 64GB version of the Nokia N9, but the release date is still unknown.

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  • Anonymous

GSM ARENA you are hypocrite!

699 is freaking $1000. Consider its specs and OS(which will be killed by Tizen and abandoned by Nokia in near year), it is obviously overpriced.

Where is your guts? C'mon like as you have done to other brands, mock them already!

Again, i understand Nokia is the last European(but mostly made in Asia lol) company in the industry now Ericsson is out of the picture, but seriously be fair!

  • Mark

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2011for 700 euros I can buy a car or a brand new huge tv..... or IP4... moreIt is the 64Gb version though, iPhone4S @ 64Gb is way more.

  • AnonD-26975

auch that is expensive... even more than iphone... but n9 its a piece of art, no a mass consumer crapy oriented phone. i dont really need much apps (did you need those apps on 2005? dont think so) but its allways good to find something to spend your time with, but i dont like to pay for a little piece of software that i dont really need. if i dont need it, i dont get it. AH, and to the android Trools, Eat your flash!!! buajajajajajaja

  • jundgreatone


  • Anonymous

for 700 euros I can buy a car or a brand new huge tv..... or IP4s...its a good phone but why so overpriced????

  • AnonD-425

& here i thought Apple products were overpriced...LOL!

  • Anonymous

meh 700E seems a bit over the top, lets wait till the dust settles around 500

  • Chewy

Well I have to say I'm not really a fan of Nokia, but that phone is sexy :D

  • Anonymous

well at least Nokia is made in Korea(Nokia TMC) instead of China like iphone.

  • nickname

and only 620 for everyone at Orange Moldova http://www.orange.md/?c=6&sc=691&pid=5&a­mp;id=86&t=2 ;)

  • ravi

its too expensive compared to an i phone.

  • rebel


  • Mark

Tom, 08 Nov 2011Where is the Camera hardware key you engineers and designers !? ... moreAre my eyes deceiving me or is this the return the Tom Helge! Woohoo!

This is so funny for Android fanboys: Your single browser advantage just disappeared.

Adobe is stopping mobile flash development for Android. What is left now is a browser with flash as its strongpoint, that will not do flash. And is worse at HTML5 than the N9 browser, WP browser or iOS browser.

Hilarious! :)

  • Anonymous

700E. lmao!

  • Anonymous

i was craving for a black N9, thought it looked good...but OMG the white is gorgeous!!

  • dany

AnonD-26818, 08 Nov 2011I don't have to tint my hand and use Nokia to tell you about it ... moreyou clearly don't have any clue about what you talking about :). I have a N9 and I can tell you: It's gorgeous; does not lag, is fast and beautiful. I didn't get my hands on an SG2, but I've seen it and I can tell you that is not much difference in performance. Meego/Harmattan is very well designed and do it's job perfectly: you can play (even 3d), navigate on internet, send mail etc (anything that a modern smartphone do); all that without a single trace of lag (I played gof2 with about 8-10 other apps in bg and worked very well).
So if you want to comment about a phone, try it first, then make the comment.
N9 really don't need that dual core which is on GS2 (and other phone): just like in computer area, the amount of RAM will make the difference (and N9 has plenty :D)

  • AnonD-21921

I love the way people discussed other phone companies over others,continue that guys so that they'll make more useful and cheaper phones:)

  • Lavi

Almost free :))

  • Jeff

Jeff, 09 Nov 2011You are so clueless on so many levels... MeeGo that the N9 ru... moreSorry instead of saying:
"MeeGo proper recently got a boost thanks to the NEMO & Tizen projects."

I meant to say:
"MeeGo proper recently got a boost thanks to the MeR/NEMO & Tizen projects."

  • AnonD-5449

Lol... Verkkokauppa is always expensive! Everywhere else you look at the prices are cheaper. With a contract this phone will propably cost only around 450-550