BlackBerry KEY2 LE now available for preorder in the US via Amazon

05 October 2018
The Light Edition BlackBerry is only coming in Slate and Champagne in the US. But what about the Atomic?

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We can find flagship phones in this price range - India Market.. BB if your selling point is security then why cant you try with stock android with little customization like Oneplus.

At least you should given SD 845 with better camera - Poco Style.

Please come out with full touch screen which includes flagship processor, camera & battery @ affordable price.

Come on BB you need to rearrange your prices , these phones cost way too much , there are much better options for that price in the market ...

I have been waiting for a modern affordable Blackberry model, especially in a flashy plastic body (I used to have the Red Q5)
But I really (really really) like the the capacitive keyboard on the Key2, as I am used to swipe in the bottom half of the screen to scroll content.
So with that gone, there is no real bargain for me :(
For those who don't care about the capacitive keyboard, good for you... you have one amazing option to buy.

Yeah, these prices aren't at all fair.

  • AnnG

will the unlocked version work outside US? Say Singapore?

Blackberry should realize their brand value has depreciated a lot over the years. They need to adjust their prices accordingly, otherwise they'll find few buyers.

  • ML

really wanna get the red one!

Ridiculous pricing. Physical keyboards does not really worth all this money, considering phone itself is average at best.

Champagne is 599$?